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    I've been learning! In my own hypno journey, I've discovered the effectiveness of Ericksonian language and inductions. 

    Based on Blink's Basic Induction with some slightly changed stories, and inspired by Professor Pig's "Helpless to Hypno Curse", I've developed a new file that intends to make the listener accept ALL suggestions given in trance from trusted files and tists. Now, this could be a bit dangerous if you're not responsible with how you play with hypno (let anybody trance you, listen to any files without screening the suggestions first, etc); then again, that IS some people's kink! The file programs the listener to accept any and all suggestions given while in a trance and for those suggestions to become permanent and instantly effective. It also programs the listener to become more and more sexually aroused as they are given suggestions in trance. Finally, it focuses on increasing the feeling of helpless compliance to suggestion, so even if you don't want to do it, you will do it and you will feel helplessly forced. The file does mention male genitalia in the arousal suggestions, so it may not be suitable for those without a penis... unless you're good at glossing over that sort of thing.

    The induction style is very metaphorical and uses Blink's script for the most part, with some changed storytelling elements to be about a different person with a preamble about changes to my own induction style, and has a hand-over to the body. Blink gets full credit for the effectiveness of this induction. The body is based on Professor Pig's file, but as I progressed in modifying the script, it diverged greatly from that file, but there are still a few bones from there to be found, but I would say is primarily my own creation. 

    Binaural frequencies updated to reflect the more scientifically-established 7.5Hz level. Background updated to meditative music I found online for free. 

    Contains trance trigger in case we ever talk for further work!

    Be responsible with this and enjoy!

    Note: Body file does not contain music or binaurals as I render these elements upon completing the full file, but if you want to use your own induction and experience the benefits of the file, it's available!

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    Length: 40:43
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    Honestly a really effective file. Congratulations on taking two ideas and transforming it into something really new and effective. Looking forward to trying this over the next few weeks