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    About: Diapers are a real, great way to relax - but often times, especially in public places, it has the opposite effect. The aim of this file is to have that talk with the part of your noggin that tends to make you self-conscious, and get it to relax. This file will install a permanent trigger tied to wetting, as well as some other permanent changes, but all of these will help get you to where you want to be - secure in diapers, no matter where the little guy is!

    Notes: This file was originally commissioned by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. After getting their express permission, I decided to make my debut into Pay files using this commission. I will never stop making free files though, don't worry! But if you ever get a little too impatient, or you're wanting something rather specific, you can commission me by clicking here! Want a girls, or gender neutral file? Let me know in the comments - I'd be happy to accomodate ya!

    Downloads: Starting now, in order to stop flooding the site with unnecessary files of the same kind, I'm going to start bundling Raw and Enhanced audio together under one WMM file. Keep on reading to learn what each donwload link means (for my files at least), and pick which one works just right for you.

    Click MP3 to get the golden standard I use for all my files - it includes mainly ambience and a few key sound effects. Click Body for the raw file. This link will get you a file with no added sounds or effects, only voice. Click Binaural for 3D simulated sounds using stereo audio that may help aide your trance, alongside any sound effects and ambience I place in the file. Click Script for a text document containing the audio transcript of the file. Click Video for an MP4 containing both the audio and a spiral to watch. Finally, if I ever decide to make one, you can click Subliminal for a loopable audio file that reptitiously implants ideas or suggestions subtly while you sleep or are focused on another task.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 38:35
    Downloads: 37
    Permanent(when safe)
    Please make one for girls!
    Heard loud and clear! I'll get around to to it as soon as I can Andy!
    First time I’ve ever bought a file and I was not disappointed! Might have to hit you up for like a diaper workout hypno