• Curse Stroke Sissy — $10    
    WARNING!!! This is a curse file and may only be removed by EMG!!!
    Masturbation triggers stronger and stronger desires to become a submissive, crossdressing, bisexual sissy maid; who loves giving sexual and oral pleasure to men and women. The desires include breast enlargment, body hair loss, full crossdressing and makeup, hairstyle, diet. When the subject orgasms, the orgasm triggers the desires and changes to lock in at that current level, which can never lower and will increase each time, and with each listen. Until your forced to be a total crosdressing sissy.

    Cross Dressing
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    Length: 32:32
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    i need to listen to this file for a few years now. sometimes I stop for a few weeks, delete it - and download it again and want to listen again. nothing helps - i even tried to lock wmm in my router - and unlocked it again some time after... in my case the file has an interresting effect: when i view pictures of \"powerful\" girls i \"tell\" them my sissy name. automatically, I can\'t control that... this triggers me somehow - i need to do what the girl wants me to do - applying make-up, crossdressing... maybe someone can use those trigger words even when chatting with me... just PM if you want to try... ;-)
    I wonder, fox82 and bubblaloogum--does the curse removal file for this work? I\'m not interested in using this file and I won\'t, as I am female, but I am just wondering if the removal files work.
    I love this file...omg! I am cursed by the file..but i love it! I am turning into such a submissive sissy! I am doing things that i never thought possible and here I am dressed up and looking more beautful everyday! Britney
    I listened to it and it's really amazing. I can't stop listening to it. It has changed me like I thought it could never be. As told in the file, each time I masturbate I have the feeling to have a cock in my mouth and suck it well. And I also have the feeling as if my breast grew a little bit.
    Very addictive.
    Miss Tiffany2007-05-28 
    Yes the removal file works on this one... and its a good thing too else I would have been a complete and total sissy by now, and however erotic it felt, I cant explain the relief I felt when I realised the deprogramme all file I downloaded the day after felt, I do wish Id have Listened to the Curse Female form though first.. That I wouldnt have removed, But it seems that once youve cracked one curse youve cracked them all..
    does someone know if it makes you want to grow youre nails long like a girl
    Yes it does... Irresistable file.
    I want to TRY it...but is there a way to remove it?
    im afraid of trying this file is there anyone here wh ocan tell me what to do?????????
    i was originally going to surprise someone else with this (nasty me!) and listened to see what it did. i really liked it so listened again to make sure i hadn't missed anything. when it began to feel addictive i got really scared and made myself stop listening, except i kept going back. for some silly reason, i tried to fight the effects it was having on me, but then i realized i really wanted what it was telling me to do. now i love it and listen all the time. it's really helped me in soooo many ways.
    Remove it? Only paying EGM for the Removal File. But once you're hooked, why pay to leave heaven?
    I have been listening to this a large number of times. After one week I started wearing a panty to work and sitting down to pee. After second week I had bought a full female set of clothes. After 3rd week I imediately started to dress as a girl when home from work. I stopped masturbating like a man and I am not able to come masturbating like a woman if I am not dressed up and is wearing nailvarnish and lipstick. I do not get hardons any more, but enjoy very much fingering the little clit between my legs. I am 43 and had only crossdressed once in my life before listening to this file (15years ago). Truely amazing !!! It all makes me happy and I will never buy a removal file - Rebecca is my new name
    iv used this file a lot whilst masterbating i always cum when im told that orgasims will turn me into a sissy that can never go back to being a male, im now looking for a cock to suck it works
    I've been listening off and on for two years, lately can't stop listening....I would rather listen than masterbate... does anyone know of anything stronger?
    i need i free removal like no other cuz i have no way 2 pay and im only 16 so um yaaaaa help me plzzzzzzz
    I am such a sissy. I listen to other sissy files, wear panties and eat my cum.
    I have becoming a real life sissy and have tried to stop listening. I got really scared of the file. It took little more than a week before I went out and started to buy feminine cloths, panties etc. I am also really addicated to calling my self by my fem name jennifer and have never before been attracted toward a real man/master. It does what it says on the can. I really need help but am starting to slip back and want to listen. I need curse removal file. How do I get it.
    I am really struggling again. every time I play with my self I am still calling my self Jen. I think about it is the shower or when i am alone. I want to be feminised. It driving me crazy
    GOD I LOVE THIS FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I finally went out and bought a 5 pack of woman's panties and started wearing them under my clothes,after listening to this file about 500 times things are starting to stick, but if anyone knows of something stronger please let me know. I need more!!!! PLEASE
    I am ressting my inner voice demands to listen again. It no good I can not even wank without saying my femme name. I am driving my self carzy. I need to dress, i look at my hands and want my nails painted and to suck cocks. I am really going crazy. EMG I need you out file. How do I get it.
    jennewhalf - read down through the posts. If you want out, listen to DeProgramAll on this site.
    Thank you for the file. I will try this tonight. Jen. Hope it works.
    I don't think the file worked. I listened to the CSS today at work. I sat in my car and played it. Tonight I walked in to a dress shop and jusst didn't care I went around looking for dresses and a nightie. I am dressed and have put on lip stick and the nightie. I am beging to crave feminisation. I struggled to stop my self mincing as I walked and keep rubbing my hands through my hair. I keep licking my lips and touching my nipples. Wow I am so hornly i want to suck. Not sure what will happen next. I think I am lost.
    I have tried to keep away from the file. In my normal life I am OK but when I wank I go crazy and want cock and breasts and feminization. I have tried listening to reprogramme files but just stop. I asked my wife If I can dress and she is OK with it. She knew I liked dressing before we were married but she is not interested in this. I need to be more I need to be a sissy.
    I listened to EMG trigger removal file. It sort of woked but did not work over the urge to listen to CSS. It sort of defeminised me when I am not horny but it all comes back. REcently I want to go back I know it will knacker my life but I want this I want to be feminized. I don't need help I need a Master or Mistress to take me to the next stage.
    iv been listening to this file for 6 months or so and id say it deffo works i spend my days in panties and needind to be a sissy i need to wear bras i need to humiliate my self by asking female shop workers what panties a sissy should wear. iv begged them to allow me to try on the bras in shops i am a sissy due to this file. beware only listen if you want to be a sissy !
    If you listen to this file a few times you will probably be hooked. You WILL want it to happen. The deeper you go the more pleasure you will feel. The more pleasure you feel the deeper you will want to go. There will probably come a time when you will wonder why you resisted. That is acceptance...and acceptance will bring you even more pleasure. Give your sissy name to your lover. Let her control you. You know you want to. So much pleasure. So divinely degrading. Say your name, sissy.
    Bought a new cellphone yesterday and it was natural to me to choose a pink one. Afterwards I went home put nailvarnish on and spoke with my new feminine voice. How delightful !!!
    Hey I am 28 and had never ever wanted to crossdress before I listened to this file. I am bi sexual - but more straight than gay. After being recommened the file by a friend, I listened once out of curiosity. It did not seem to have any effect, but 3-4 weeks later, I had a weekend to myself and then I listened a few times. The following week I went out and bought panties and a bra. I laughed about it to myself, but after 2-3 weeks more, I understood that I was hooked, but in a good way. I felt so good in my little pink panty and do not want to buy the removal file. When stroking, I allways think of my next step forward, and in the weeks that follows, I try to make it happen...
    Started listening out of curiosity round Easter-time. I am 35 and I had never thought cd was sexy, neither for myself nor for others. I am bi-sexual and a friend suggested that I tried out this file. After running the file a couple of times I noticed that I started looking at how women dressed, how they walked and how they had applied makeup. A couple of weeks later I bought my first panties and then I discovered the feel of stayups and pantyhoses. I really felt cursed, but in a good way - why should only women be allowed to dress so sexy ? Last week I travelled to London and had a socalled \"changeover\" in a shop called Transformation. It was so nice to be dressed and made up as a real woman. I felt so SEXY - a feeling I never have had as a maledresser. File is very much recommended - but be aware do not listen - even once - if you are not ready to feel lovely and feminine
    Well, ...you\'ve read the comments...still don\'t believe. Hmm. Your life will change. Your desires will change. That which you had never imagined will be imagined. You will fantasize about sucking.... You will. You will crave the file. You will want more. I like to loop the file, as it grows more powerful the 2nd, 3rd of even 4th time in a session. I like to go deep. Bliss. The file takes you there. Don\'t dream it, be it, they say.... Well, be careful with those dreams baby. You used to dream of sucking a TS. Now, you are the TS that men dream of sucking. Problem is, you don\'t really care about your own pleasure, all you really want to do is please men, and women perhaps.... If you don\'t have a cock to suck, no problem, you can always shoot your own cum into your own mouth. Mmmm, yummy. But I\'m straight you plead. Not any more. Put on your bra, panties, stockings, skirt, makeup, lots of lip gloss...get on our knees and suck. Oh, one last thing, you will be thankful for your change.
    Well a little over 5 yrs ago I listened to this file. I had just discovered this website, so needless to say I was skeptical. I listened to this file and started seeing effects and got very concerned, I started to journal about it. It was tough but I managed to stop listening. Fast forward to a couple days ago. I wanted to listen to a file more for the relaxation effects. Why I decided to listen to this is a mystery but I did. I then listened to feminizing shower bot. After that I was feeling a little horny and started pleasuring myself with thoughts of a female \"f\" buddy in my head. Well, before I knew it the thoughts of being a sissy overtook my other fantasy and I found my self calling myself a sissy with feminine lisp and calling myself connie. My erection was rock hard and had an incredible orgasm. So now I\'m again fighting the urge to listen and fighting the urge to masturbate in fear again. Sometime my impulsivity gets the best (or worst) of me. To anyone else considering this file. Know what you REALLY want.
    Hi, I don\'t know if anyone can help me. I am VERY TV verging on TS, I am also VERY BI, I wear female underwear 24/7 365 and dress as often as possible (sometimes going out dressed) I have long hair and pass as a woman. What is likely to happen to me if I start listening to this file? I have had it on my pc for sometime, but been a bit nervous to try it as I am already a long way down this path. If anyone has tried this in my situation, please tell me the result. Many thanks. Hugs Sue.
    hi tried this file out the other day a random pick if you will. i played it one and half times although i never finished the file due to being interrupted. I still feel its hunger effects but i count myself lucky though never finishing it. if i did i would be sitting here cross legged in a 1950\'s house dress,heels ,stalkings , and the familiar taste of lipstick on my lips. my sissy name still calls me which scares me until i listened to this file i never had a female persona .. shes hungry now and her name is Vivian .
    I\'m a biological female just looking for a file to help me get off my ass and clean my house! If submissiveness and a few orgasms are tossed in, I wouldn\'t complain, but that\'s not my main goal.\nI\'m thinking this isn\'t what I\'m looking for. Any suggestions?!\n
    I am kinda new to this site, but looking for good feminization files. I\'ve read through the comments, and now i\'m almost afraid to try it. Does this really have that much of an effect?
    Alright, i\'ve only listened to it twice, but it was.....strange. The first time I did, I didn\'t think much of it, so I wiped it off of my computer. Quick to judge, I know. Anyway, I came back and browsed around again later that night. I was just looking through the files, as I often do, and an odd feeling came over me. It was a relaxing feeling of pleasure, it felt really good, and then it happend. For some reason I honestly can\'t tell, as I don\'t really think there was one, I found myself downloading and listening to the file again. It felt a lot different that time, very enjoyable. After it was over, I was somewhat disturbed though. I deleted it once more, saying that I wasn\'t going to listen again. That was only yesterday, but i\'m back here now. I want to listen again, but not to let the file have it\'s effect on me. I want to listen, and to resist it. I\'m not quite sure of what logic that follows, but i\'m not going to do it......well, at least not today.
    i can help but listen again and again cant stop \r\n
    Any of you having trouble breaking this \"curse,\" please understand that all you truly need is someone else to put you under and \"fix\" you back to normal. It\'s that easy, honestly. Hypnosis is amazingly simple... Amazing how something so simply and easy as talking to someone can fix so many issues... XD
    For those who are curious about this file, allow me to be the latest guinea pig! I am straight, in a happy relationship though dress as a woman around twice a week. The thought of this file being \'dangerous\' excites me, I have no interest in shaving, growing breasts etc as this would cause damage to my relationship/job. If thoughts like this start then I will simply stop listening or consider the removal program. I will listen to it every night for a month and see what happens !
    Had my first listen last night, very erotic, his voice is firm and a little scary..... decided to delete after I had heard it, did not enter a trance nor have I ever done so.\n Later, it was on my mind, downloaded the file again and lay in bed with my headphones on, listening to every word. When he went to put me in a trance I suddenly felt very different, no realisation of time, not sure if I was even awake. When he brought me back round on the count of one it came with a bit of a startle, like someone putting the light on.\n I have no idea if I was in a trance like state, it has never happened before, but I cannot wait to hear the file again tonight.
    keep us posted sounds like what i went through when i first listened to it .
    Will do... Vivian, call me Jessica :-)
    Day three now, crossdressing has definitely increased, but I think it\'s just coz I\'m horny and want the file to work; not sure if it is though.... Always difficult when you are increasing activities rather than changing them ? Perhaps it is the wrong file for me, no breast growth, shaving or bisexual tendencies as yet....
    One day, one play through and I found after getting out of my chair that I can\'t walk in a masculine way. Phallic objects keep catching my eye and I find myself sucking on my finger. After a couple hours, I\'m trolling the internet as a sissy. I\'ve never done this before and I don\'t understand why this file hit me so hard when I\'ve never had a file really affect me much at all on this website before. And, I feel like I have to share this in the comments. Perhaps it\'s a warning so people don\'t take this lightly. I need to stay away from this file. One listening was too much.
    i am ready to listen to this file. Ill let you all know its effects in a week or so! Tina :)\n\n\n
    Four months now, not an ounce of hair on my body, wardrobe is now femme and I have had to come out to my girlfiend, moving onto permanent princess.... this will change your life if you let it.
    omg wow are you and your girlfriend still together? im still fighting the changes its feels like a losing cause but i wont give up\n
    I have read all your comments and I am temped to try this on my man. He wants to be a sissy and lately I have been thinking of what I could do with \"her\" if I let him listen to this. Any thoughts?
    I seem to always be drawn back to this file. I listened to it a couple of times and i haven\'t listened to it since, but for a couple of days, many objects began to abstractly look like male genitalia and i began downloading other fem files. Im trying to resist the urge to redownload and I\'m slowly failing. 10/10 on effectiveness
    This was one of my first files and i really didn\'t believe hypnosis would work. I only listened to this file once but it still got me.. I\'m fighting the need to listen again but it is not easy, just thinking \"one more time couldn\'t hurt\". Hopefully i can stay far from this one since it surely would change my life completely.
    Listened to this first time in 2008 and I am still addicted to it. Tried removing the curse, but it only worked for 2-3 weeks. I am drawn back to it again and again. After a long struggle, I now accept my new sex with delight. After all I never really liked the masculine sides of myself. I feel an improved person and there are so many HOT MEN out there that likes sissies like me. Sissies are considered so sexy both by gay and a lot of bi-men. To others: Listen and get all the sexy attention you have allways dreamt about !!! GOOD LUCK
    So here\'s my story from last night. I downloaded this file from some other site (it was altered to sound like a womans voice instead) and then listened to it before going to bed. The induction was nice, it was very gradual and inviting. It made you feel okay about being hypnotized and giving up your will to her. Then suddenly, the suggestions begin. And when they begin, they are continuously pounded into your head so that you do not forget them. That is why I found the file so effective. Also, I was half asleep when I began listening, and ended up dozing off about 3/4 of the way through the suggestions. When I woke up, it was still on loop, and it was right at the beginning of the suggestions. So basically, I got a double dose of suggestions. When I was awakened, I immediately felt my chest because my nipples were very sensitive and it felt like I grew tiny breasts. Finally, I went to sleep, and dear lord.. I had sissy dreams the entire night. They were such intense dreams that I had to locate this file and comment on it immediately! Now I\'m curious how the curse will effect my daily life. I\'ll definitely listen to it again!
    very dagerus file, after listeng, i go at work in my girlfriend panties.( try deprogramm all in this day, but when came slip want to listen file, i dont know what to do(.
    I just listened to this wonderful file for the first time. Wow! Just Wow. cant wait to listen again.\n\nCandi
    Nikki Isaho
    does it work if u skip most of it
    why would you think it works if you skip most of it? listening to it is what causes it to work.
    I think this actually worked, Wow. Be warned.
    This defanitley has an effect on you.\n\nListened only once so far. I did experience things after that though.\n\nI am still some what obsessed by the file. I find myself being more obsessed with becoming an sissy(which I\'ve never had before). I even had an period in which I was convinced my breast had grown. I even found myself being atracted to guys just as much as girls for a little while. Maybe it was all in ym head maybe not. Who knows.
    well im certain it works a lot has changed for me over all. things for me crept in slowly and i didn\'t really wanna believe it i resisted the file as long as i could but it only makes your crave it more. i went from a lazy crossdresser that would wear a dress or heels to now i must dress up completely along with that i have a boyfriend i submit to online. so i really do credit this for turning me from a straight guy to now a bi-sexual crossdressed woman beware it works. here are pics of me to prove it https://fetlife.com/users/1292910/pictures
    This is an amazing file. The first few times I heard it I didn\'t think it did anything. But it did! Addictive, I deleted it but had to download it again recently. I trance to it, but I like to listen to it while I\'m doing other things as well. Thank you for making this file, it is very helpful for sissy boys like me. My sissy name is Nina by the way xx
    I listened to about 12 hours of emg last night... This was one of the files, so probably heard it 10 times last night. Today I bought a bigger buttplug, a pink lace chemise, a pink nightie, a 4 pack of panties and some hair bobbles to tie my sissy cock and balls up. I wasn't nervous while shopping for the first time, I think I actually felt good knowing people were watching me. I thought I'd share this as an example of what can happen....
    I would love to talk to other people with an addiction for this file...
    Just a update I'm transgender now with breasts I date men now and wear women's clothing I'm still resisting but I'm transforming into a woman I can't escape it I'm on kik if you don't believe me.. VivianWinters is my name there
    you wanted stronger? here ya go.. this file is also in this video towards the end in a female voice..! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57384d7acb37e Be careful..
    @ginacd Your video reference got flagged for Health & Safety reasons, so that indicates this file might be dangerous.
    I believe listening to this file for several years, has gotten me to the point where I can only get off by crossdressing for men. It feels like the only way it should be for me now. I love dressing in full makeup, wig, and big tits. I just keep coming back.