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    This files encourages your desire to be pregnant. The binaural version also contains subliminal messages from the file His Girl. Your desire for your partner increases even as you make more of an effort to arouse and persuade him to cum inside you every time. Your desire to be pregnant can become an obsession. As always, votes and comments are appreciated. You can also contact me directly at pause88@yahoo.com. Thanks for listening.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (17)
    Length: 16:15
    Downloads: 2804
    It drives me nuts when people vote without comments. What do I need to do to improve? Without this information, the only thing an average score of 2.6667 tells me is that I shouldn\'t even bother.
    Well now that the file is free, maybe you\'ll get comments from more people. I don\'t think you should give up, this file is a great idea. i just wish I had someone to try it on. Then I\'d let you know.
    absolutely delicious. i listen to this at least 8 hours a day.
    Well, just so you know... free cum available... :)
    I\'m going to listen to this (even though I lack a manifest womb) and then vote. Talk about WMM!
    This file is amazing. It\'s one if my go to on my playlist. It\'s short takes you under deep fast and is great when you don\'t have a lot of time but wanna be in that deep trance state before doing, other things. Whoever gave a 3 is tripping. This was an amazing short. I feel horny when i listen and after i still feel like i wanna have my lovers children. Would love more short ones like this from you.
    Really worked even after just the first listen it started effecting my behaviors, thoughts, and dreams. Now if only you could add something to help me \"forget\" to take my birth control pill.
    This is the type of file I\'ve been looking for as I\'ve been too cowardly to take the steps to get pregnant. Definitely going to give this one a number of listens and then report back here after.
    I would love to see version for men as well.
    Dewy99 - Baby Mama is the version for men.
    This really works. Can someone get me pregnant, please!