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    This file will curse you with a desire to become a eunuch slave. The desire to be owned and castrated will fill your thoughts and fantasies, it will consume you. Thoughts of being owned and castrated will start you masturbating and when you masturbate you will fantasize about being owned and castrated. The desire will be so strong that your mind and body will begin to carry out the castration causing your balls to begin to shrink and dissolve a little each day. You will become obsessed with finding someone to own you and finish the job while you still have some balls left to give them. This is a curse file.

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    Length: 49:00
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    My dream file that I cannot now afford.
    Sir, I now have a big desire to be castrated. I think it will be a real cool thing. I\'ve never had interest in castration, but I listened to Your \"Eunuch slave Curse\" and now the process has begun. When I listened to it, of course I fell quickly into trance, but as soon as I began seeking castration I began wrapping a rubber strap more tight around my balls than anything ever. When the file was over I instantly did a web search on castration for men and explored my new need. It takes about a full day for an extremely tight rubber band to castrate me, and other techniques suggest having someone to assist the procedure. Wow, that all happened fast. Like anyone would fear losing an arm or leg, I always feared losing my balls or cock, but now I\'m thinking this will be a good thing. It will be a whole new world. Hypnosis Master Sarnoga Rules!!!
    To All who read my previous comment on April 19th: Please note this file will not make you do anything drastic. Please base your knowledge of what\'s expected from this file by Sarnoga\'s description and not by my comment from April 19th. I am very extreme and experienced in many realms of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, SadoMasochism.) My balls have encountered a great deal of torture, abuse, exploration and experience. Years ago I even stretched my ballsack permanently so that the balls can hang/be stretched over 4 inches. That accomplishment took months of daily training to achieve. Sarnoga\'s file with not inspire you to physically take action upon your balls to cause self mutilation. My personal desires made me seek out immediate attack on my balls. I was still in light trance where I had control over myself enough that I was free to decide self actions. After a few minutes more of Sarnoga\'s words I surrendered full control, removed the strap and stopped thinking for myself as Sarnoga\'s control engulfed me.
    This is such a powerful file. I meant to listen to it just once, just to survey it, as I do with so many of Sarnoga\'s files. I did this knowing that there is an element of danger in this, due to the reliability with which he always puts me deep into trance and the surprising effects that his suggestions have on me. But flirting with that kind of danger is what makes this all so compelling to me in the first place. Anyhow, given how deeply I have fallen for my new partner, in how short a period of time, I cannot help but attribute some of that to suggestions in this file to find to whom you can give total control of your body and mind. It\'s really only been a month, and yet I\'m totally and happily owned. It isn\'t really possible for me to follow the instructions exactly as given in this file, but the permanent body modifications that I can make to please my owner are already in progress.
    This file works. I am totally under curse nowand seeking new partner
    I have an owner, a wife. I played the file once so far, can\'t tell you anything about it, Woke\r\nup leaking and happy. The 49 minutes simply vanished. Must do this again. Thanks Saranoga
    Everything about this file is the truth, I find time to play it several times a day beginning\r\nvery early in the mornings. I never before enjoyed hypnosis this much.
    I just adore sarnoga\'s files! They are all SO FABULOUS!
    Another truly excellent file from Sarnoga. It left me in absolutely no doubt that one day I would make the ultimate sacrifice and give up my balls. I know it might be a long journey to find my rightful owner, but I will make it happen. As I make progress, I shall share my journey here on WMM. It\'s just as well this was just a file and not a face to face session, because I would have gladly offered myself and my balls to Sarnoga at first listen, it\'s that insiduous. To Sarnoga: I would love to know how you feel, knowing that thanks to you, there will soon be a few more castrated eunuch slaves in the world.
    To answer your question, Django, it makes me smile. Balls are such a common comodity. There are so many \"men\" who neither need nor deserve them, in addition to a great many who do not want them. A herd only needs one bull. Increasing the ratio of steers to bulls in this world can\'t help but decrease problems.
    Remember that the sexual excitement attached to getting your balls detached will vanish completely once the detachment happens. No more will you feel any sexual excitement, never again will you be able to cum with any force. So make sure you jerk off first, and are not aroused, at the point you make this irreversible decision.
    I recently had an orchiectomy.
    My master is having me listen to this, he likes to tell me how im hung like a horse and will start to desire to be his gelding as part of my training. And sarnoga he would like you to send me humiliating pm's about this so I know that just because I am hung doesn't mean I am the alpha.