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    The Voice 666 Hypno Enhancer – Love me? Love my files? I know... Why do you think I pervert so many of you? Heh. It gets me fucking well off fucking you up. So... This was inspired by a live session I did recently making one of my RT subjects into a living sex puppet. All this does is make you more and more susceptible to my voice and my files. Heh. That's all it does. So if you're into my stuff now and you want to turn it up some, buy this and add it in to the mix. You... will be glad you did.... honest. You will... Your homie... The Voice.

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    Length: 12:00
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    woopee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i still want too!!!!!!please don\'t make me wait forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!first alan!!!! then you want this to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help i need someone!!!!will you be it????????????????/need someone to train me.....is it you?????????????????/or is it him????????????????????///