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    From the Voting Pages: "This file would make the female listener want to give head, take it in the ass, lick ass, suck balls, have and actively set up MFF threesomes with their boyfriend and another female. The listener will love it and feel as though they have just decided that they want to be more sexually adventurous of their own accord. The female listener would feel pleasure from pleasing their boyfriend. The files suggestions would be completely unnoticeable to the listener and seem as though they are just listening to sound/music while they are being conditioned subliminally."

    The subliminal script refers to the target of the listener's desires as "boyfriend", so this file will work on anyone who thinks of their significant other as their boyfriend, regardless of gender or orientation. So long as their focus is supposed to be on someone they might call their boyfriend, the suggestions will eventually take hold.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (5)
    Length: 08:27
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    I used Elgar\'s 1st Movement from his Serenade for Strings as background music for the subliminal loaded in the Main slot. The Body slot has my read of the script, while in the binaural slot you will find the 4-voiced chorus I used to make the subliminals. In the Subliminal slot is an ultrasonic version of the file using a method similar to the Silent Sound(TM) technique. And finally, in this site\'s Forum area is a place (http://www.warpmymind.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=7626&highlight=) to vote on what type of background YOU would like this file to have. In approximately two weeks I\'ll look at the results and maybe upload yet ANOTHER file. I hope you Enjoy.
    Based on input from the Forums, I have added a 25 minute \"Sunset over the Ocean\" track in the Custom slot. This track can be used with or without headphones, just like the musical Stealth Adventurous Girlfriend file, and would be suitable for use as a background file played behind a vocal track. NOTICE - Purchase of these files does NOT include rights for use in your own audio projects; such use requires One (1) purchase of the file per finished project, but this can easily be arranged through EMG, if desired. Again, hope You Enjoy it!
    WOW my file idea became a pay file! I\'m glad you liked it Calimore, so does that mean I get it for free? lol :)
    In the body slot you may now download a loop file with binaural effects (best used with headphones) which, as my voice can clearly be heard, would best be used in the last part of a subjects conditioning cycle. In the binaural slot you may now download a more traditional subliminal where the listener can hear my voice speaking but, at proper volume levels, should not be able to full make out what\'s being said. This file would best serve once the listener has acknowledge that they secretly want to be more sexually adventurous. \n\nThese should be the final versions of this file. If you wish to commission me to add this effect to a song of your choice, please be sure to have BOUGHT a copy of the song before PMing me, as I refuse to work with a illegal copies of anybodys files.
    Will a completely subliminal version of this file ever be available ?
    To wanttolear: Of course, yes! In the Subliminal slot, in the Main mp3 slot and in the Other slot are three separate subliminal files. The main Mp3 file is a Serenade by Elgar, a completely subliminal work in a fine classical piece. In the subliminal slot itself is an ultrasonic, Silent Sound(TM)-style file that is inaudible to most people in their late 20\'s or older so long as it\'s played at proper volumes. Finally, in the \"other\" slot is an Oceanside Sunset mp3 with the file subliminally and ultrasonically encoded. \n\nBTW: I normally don\'t explain how well a file I have made is working for me, but I must say that I have already experienced personal effects from playing this file for my wife. I play it almost every night for her while she sleeps and so far it does seem to be having the desired effect in my household.
    Sounds like it\'s exactly what i need !, i\'ve been playing a couple of other silent subliminals to her as she reads prior to sleeping and left them running for a hour or 2 once she has fallen asleep with no obvious effects at all. Hopefully this file will have the desired effect and improve my sex life !
    What is the best way to get your girl to listen to this? does it have to be played through headphones?
    I play the file in the Other slot at night as we both sleep. Just remember to remind yourself that the file you are playing is for her. The ultrasonic in the Subliminal slot can be played at low volume on your computer, as a CD on your stereo or even on a DVD player. The Binaural is good for just before bed but only at low volume unless you want her to memorize a mantra, in which case I would use the Body file. By the time she is ready for THAT you should be a pretty Happy Camper. :p
    I don\'t quite understand what you mean when you mention the different \'slots\'. Is it different formats / versions of the same file ?, kind of like separate tracks on a CD ?
    To the right of the files name it should say Additional types and then list several other files for download. Having not paid for the file, I cannot see if they are actually there but they /should/ be there - I uploaded them. If you pay for this file and cannot see the Additional types, please notify EMG as there is nothing I can do to fix it.
    I have now paid for this file, but it is only the straight mp3 with the classical music overlay that is available. I have notified EMG of this and hope he can resolve this for me as it is the silent subliminal that i am most interested in using.
    I switched the Silent Sound-style subliminal with the main MP3, so you should now be able to download it, wanttolearn. If anyone else has trouble downloading files other than the main MP3, please contact EMG first, then let me know as well via PM on-site here. Thanx.
    When I became a premium member all of the file types were immediately available. Don\'t know if this is required but it worked for me.
    Confusing? Yes. \n\nWorth it? Yes. \n\nThis files is one of my favorites and seems to download well but it, like many files here, hasn\'t gotten many votes. Please take a moment to vote on files as you download them. It lets file authors know if they should make similar files or update a particular file. Thanks and Enjoy!
    Sixfootstreet, where did you find a silent subliminal of Phalophilia?\n\nCalimore, thanks for these. I\'ll post again if I see the desired effects. A file that trains a closeted hypno-listener to gently \"seduce\" his female partner (through this and other means) to want to try erotic hypnosis at her initiative would be fun to try. Once she successfully tried an induction, he could be triggered to reveal his own exploits, triggering them both to experiment further together.
    I\'m at a total loss...it\'s probably obvious I\'m new here ! I have no idea of what \"slots\" are and how to use them. I\'m looking for a file/script to be used with my wife, not a subliminal but something she can clearly listen to. Soft background music is ok and so are subliminal suggestions as long as she can concentrate on the words in the file after an induction. Is that available in this purchase?
    Why is the Body slot not active after purchase? And where is the Subliminal slot?
    I can only find the high frequency file and the ocean sounds file. Are there any more and if so where are they?
    This sounds awesome
    Is this still valid or is outdated?
    Also I thought ultrasonic sounds don’t play due to hardware limitations if you try on your phone or computer speakers. Hope I’m wrong.