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    Needs growing? Finding yourself ruled by the needs and desires to touch and to be close to male sex? all this... and so much more homie!! Awesome sweet fun of bending your desires and warping them, making them worse and placing you deep in the midst of a ever growing want. huh. Fucking eh. Just the thing for you, right? Buy it and let it loop. 20.. 30 hrs. its a 21 min file as is most my work of late. So Let it loop for a few days and savor me getting in your head and helping you be the cock addict you know you are, huh? From your pal The Voice 666. Oh.. Let me add that this is another perfect tool for training a slave or for punishing them. Make \'em spend a few hrs listening as a way to fix their bad behavior.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (8)
    Length: 21:00
    Downloads: 504
    Oh yes! An excellent file - really complex layers of suggestions. Easy to listen to and get lost in it. Can I be addicted? I think it is safe to listen one more time....
    Easy to get lost in this and really 'see whats happening'. Great visualization is one of MP's great talents.
    Easy to fall into and loop over and over. So many layers, and they meld to creaste awesome effects.