• SlutinmyHead - Give Her Away — $20    
    In this file, you are complicit in giving control of your girlfriend's mind to another man – your Master. He hypnotizes you both to worship and serve him. More and more, you are made gay until every gay man or guy who fucks your girlfriend becomes “Master.” Watch your girlfriend used by men at Master's instruction, conditioned increasingly horny, slutty and hot. First person is used in this file to simulate a hypnotized cuckold's thought process. =====> ALSO: Feedback is addictive. It encourages free files. Silence = pay files. More at www.slutinmyhead.com And thank you Calimore for use of your excellent binaural background.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 45:00
    Downloads: 275
    I got robbed by you sons of bitches, I orered this file and never received it. now you have my money and wont respond and wont reply. Youre greedy and fucked up and got your heads up your asses. FUCK YOU!
    I apoligize profusely to Slut in My Head! He made good on this file by sending it dirctly to my private adress and it is truly an excellent one! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! It is the SEXIEST file I have ever heard.