• Chemistry of a Good Idea    
    Driving and trancing is reckless, so listen to erotic mind control stories instead. This story was written by me and read by Princess Surrender. Joanna agrees to try an experimental mind control drug so that her nerdy friends can get girlfriends. Things go terribly wrong. The experiment becomes less about does this work, and more, what are Joanna's boundaries and how far can we push them? Please leave comments. Also, check out my website at www.slutinmyhead.com. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this story.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (13)
    Length: 26:09
    Downloads: 3092
    Only while under
    This is one of the hottest stories around! I read it before downloading it, and the erotically charged state of consciousness was thick and heavy. Very good writing.
    Very nicely done. Very enjoyable. I was sorry to hear it end.
    Yes, very hot!
    This is a very hottt story. I felt like I could see everything clearly & in detail in my mind. I felt like I was in the story. It was very very erotic & enjoyable. The womens voice reading it was nice too.
    Great story that isn\'t only a story, the later chapters seem to draw YOU in deeper to the story itself... probably not safe for driving.
    An awesome story. I feel like her over and over. The story sorta stuck onto my mind and I would have to re listen over again. Very enjoyable.
    Amazing story!