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    This is a story about electrical stimulation to the lateral hypothalamus. It can motivate clients to do those things they keep putting off. For instance, the book I keep ignoring. This is a story about Judy, the girl who came to my house, shocked my brain and set me straight. Feedback appreciated, as you must know by now.

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    I really enjoyed your story simh. My favorite of you stories so far. I have been working with a tist exploring continuous, blissful, arousal and pleasure sensations and I seemed to relate well to your character being given pleasure as motivation - I even had a slight increase of arousal myself just listening to the story!
    Hey, this is great! Knowing your other material, I was expecting something really erotic, but this is just pure fun and games! Thank you, and I would love to hear more stories.
    Thanks :) I post them here now and then, though usually get minimal feedback. Read more at www.mcstories.com under the author name Pause88.
    I am going to download this now & will leave feedback as fast as possible . thank you for making this a free file :D
    Great story that shows that proper mind manipulation can have lasting effects that control how you think. Even to the point of doing something you don't want to do - and yet love it at the same time. If this is possible, anything is possible.