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    This curse file will turn your penis into a teeny weenie and shrink your balls. This file just keeps on working. See comments for additional details.

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    Do not be deceived by the title. There is nothing small about this curse, except what it leaves behind. Listen and receive the curse. This curse will turn your penis into a teeny weenie and shrink your balls. Your weenie and balls are cursed to shrink when you listen to my voice, shrink when you play with your weenie, shrink when you rub your nipples, shrink when you get aroused and shrink when you sleep. This file just keeps on working. Your teeny weenie will not get hard, but it will become more sensitive as all the nerves will be concentrated into a much smaller area. Your weenie and balls will become so small that they shrink back into your abdomen. The center and focus of your sexual pleasure will move from your genitals to your nipples. As this happens you will begin to have extended nipple orgasms that will build in pleasure, intensity and tension, but to relieve the tension you will need to play with your teeny weenie and have a weenie orgasm. You become obsessed with listening to my voice, rubbing your nipples, and playing with your teeny weenie. You feel compelled to do so at least twice a day. Hearing my voice, rubbing your nipples, playing with your teeny weenie, and sleeping are the triggers that cause your balls and weenie to continue to shrink. Each time you do one of these things your balls and weenie shrink a little more until your balls and weenie are so small they have pulled back inside your body and the visible external part of your teeny weenie will be no more than a small wrinkled protrusion of foreskin. The effects of this file are cumulative and irreversible. As your balls and weenie shrink the pleasure of your nipple orgasms increase. The nipple orgasms become so pleasurable that all you desire is for your balls and weenie to shrink even more in the hope of maximizing the pleasure and duration of your nipple orgasms. \n
    God this is a great file. Sarnogo really has a freaky outlook. Listened to it on loop last night
    I\'m wondering if it is him on the organ... (BTW, I have answers for the rhetorical question about where shadows go, but there isn\'t enough room here to write them out.)
    I did not think this worked. Listened about 15 times over a week and a half. Then I started noticing that when my dick was small it was smaller than usual. Over the next days my hardons were not as hard as they used be. Then one morning when I wanted a good wank, it simply did not get stiff at all. The following days were a bit on and off, but it never got really hard. Now I have just given up. Bought myself a couple of micro girls g-strings and rub myself to orgasm. No bulge anymore which I like...
    Amanslave...did effect include more sensitive nipples?
    Hi - this onec works - be careful. Suddenly my wife saw me in the shower and said \"Think that dickie of yours is getting smaller and smaller...\". She was right as usual. Before listening I licked her to orgasm about half the time - now it is all the time. Still wake up with an erection, but cannot get one later in the day. For the first two weeks I could get a hardon thinking about the file, but not any more...
    I am going to listen to this file over and over, i truely hope it works, it would be a dream come true it my cock and balls get so small that i have nothing showing between by legs but the smallest amount of forskin. Man i really hope this works
    I hope it works because all I want is a teeny weenie
    The visual and tactile changes are not illusion. This curse will change you and will hook you to not stay away. \n\nI dare a guy that doesn\'t believe to listen to this. Your body is about to change.
    And I\'m back.
    I can\'t get enough of this and I\'m back for more. Thank you for creating this wicked, humiliating curse.
    This worked great. My cock was 8 1/2 inches and thick as a can of Redbull. Now it is under an inch long. I didn\'t think it would get that tiny but it did. There is almost nothing left. Great file.
    I would like a file that shrinks the penis to the size of a babie\'s dick and balls but not retract into the abdomen and no nipple orgasms. .
    Worked for me and I didn\'t even masturbate. I\'m in chastity 24/7 and this file helped me a lot. My belt fits a lot better now and I never have to worry about any attempt at an erection because its too small to do that now
    I thought this was a joke, I didn\'t believe in hypnosis! I didn\'t even listen to whole thing! After listening to this.....i-it\'s gone...my once proud 9 inch cock has been reduced to a little nub! When it got shrunk to 6 inches, I was so fucking angry and scared, but now... It\'s now a little hyper sensitive nub with tiny balls that hide inside my body, my nipple orgasms are so intense and powerful...I love it!!!! I\'ve never had sex before and now I\'m actually very happy and excited that I never ever will!!!<3<3<3\n\n<3<3<3<3<3<3<3Thank you Sarnoga!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    is there a way to lift the curse\ni was hypnotised and then made to listen to it
    Can\'t help but think of the song \"itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini\" when I hear this. :) So far no effects because in the induction Sarnoga says you don\'t have to close your eyes, so I simply don\'t, therefor I don\'t enter trance. Therefor no effect (yet). Listening to it idly while playing computer chess, surfing youtube vids, and other sites. Reminds me of the mind wandering when you\'re listening to a minster/priest giving a sermon at church. I believe in hypnotism but not curses (as there is absolutely no scientific evidence for the existence of magic or curses so my mind refuses to believe in them). However.. I will try with an open mind. So far though the suggestions are not working at all (i.e. play with nipples, etc.) Edited: quitting now after 3rd \"listen\"... no harmful effects. For hypnosis to work you have to believe - I do not believe you can \"think\" yourself into smaller body parts. I am still open minded though - waiting for tangible proof (before and after photos would convince me). Otherwise it is a very entertaining notion. Hypnosis is real. Hypnotic suggestion into true body transformation is something I have never heard scientifically exists. You can definately fool yourself into believing you are transformed via hypnosis but physically... where\'s the proof? Aside from the comments here, I could post \"hey, this video turned me into superman! it really, really did\" and who would honestly believe me? Sarnoga, you have a great voice and great induction methods but I would have to say that reverse psychology entrancement isn\'t working on me (i.e. close your eyes IF you want). If you took control of the session and said \"sleep now\" you\'d have probably hooked me but if you give me the choice of concentrating on you or not, I\'m not going to do so and I have never experienced an eyes wide wakeful trance to my knowledge. Only eyes wide shut. ;)
    Wait a minute... it don\'t get hard. WTF???
    I\'ve only recently started listening to this file, in conjunction with the Mistress Squirrel (squirrel75) Penis Humiliation file. While the results haven\'t been as dramatic as others I\'ve read about, I\'m definitely noticing less erections and a lot more nipple sensitivity.\n\nSadly, I have limited opportunity to listen to trance files, so I\'m lucky to listen to either of their files more than once a day or even every other day. Will keep at it though, hopefully the effect will grow (and something else shrink)!
    sagista - you can think yourself into some physical effects. The most obvious would be to alter your eating or exercise patterns. But the penis and breasts can be altered to some degree, too. The penis and your PC muscle is a use-it-or-lose-it setup. The less frequently you have blood in your penis, the more atrophied it gets. Likewise, the PC muscle needs exercise or it gets weak. If it gets too weak you can have numerous issues with the functionality of your genitals. The penis is like a balloon... if you do not exercise the rubber, it cannot blow up as large. Likewise think of the hardening of arteries in your cardiovascular system ... if the arteries become inflexible then your blood flow is diminished. I am not suggesting this file will harden your arteries... just using that as a metaphor.\n\nFinally - getting an erection - even aside from lack of use, weak PC muscle, bad blood flow ... if all of that is not an issue, getting an erection can still be _easily_ foiled by hypnosis that gives you performance anxiety. The nasty bit is, especially for men... if you even vaguely worry at all that listening to a limp-causing file may have worked, and then one time you do have performance anxiety of some sort (because of the file or otherwise) it becomes something you worry about more the next time you want to perform... which can cause a chain reaction and leave you simply unable to perform. The male ego\'s ties to penile performance are both tight, and fragile.\n\nIn short - a curse can work even if you only barely believe it. It is not magic or faith or spirituality. It is poisoning your mind with a \"what if\" that does not go away. So now that you\'ve listened to this file multiple times... good luck. Maybe the curse will not take full hold and will fade from your mind. But who knows?
    Hi - this file changed me completely. Have not had even a stiffy in nearly 2 years.
    Dear Sarnoga I am hopping your Curse dose work I also hope the bed wetting one dose as well you are my favourite and have a few of your MP3 down loads, it would be nice if you could do one a long the lines of that the more I look at hard cocks the smaller my balls and cock will get I know my male friend would like to see this happen, so you can see why I hope the curse work on this one why any one would like to reverse it I don\'t take this as a game. thank you once again.
    I don\'t quite know how to say this , but I am well and truely addicted to Sarnoga\'s voice and this file in particular. When I don\'t have enough time, or privacy to listen to this file I find myself listening to his Hear Me file obsessively. I am excited to have my 7in cock shrunk so tiny it can\'t cast a shadow!
    so if I\'m understanding this, this file and the non curse are set up to give you a flat crotch?
    That is correct Wildsprite.
    1st day nothing Day 2 nothing. Still getting hard thinking about not getting hard.
    Give it a bit more time Ashhsjhf
    Hey all, I\'ve downloaded, deleted and downloaded this so many times. I am a gay top/vers but the thought of being a constant bottom without the ability to fuck a guy is so horny. I just can\'t imagine an orgasm without pulling on my hard cock though. So tempted to give it a proper go....
    hey dude wheres the EMG deprogrammer for this? I don\'t like my small dick anymore. I wanted it to become a bit smaller but now its to small and i cant have good rock hard erections. It was the first hypnosis file i\'ve ever listened and was sceptical. What to do? (i just want to stop effects, not grow, well maybe a bit but not much and then it\'s perfect lol)
    Well x3mdude, a few people have tried to reverse this file. Other than stop listening and wait for the shrinking to stop their is not a lot you can do. Many have tried but this file seems to be to strong to reverse. If you do find something that works please post it. Alternatively you can keep listening and wait for the desire suggestions to kick in and you won\'t care you\'re small.
    I am seriously considering trying this file, and have been considering it for some time. I am a MTF crossdressing sissy bottom, who will hopefully be starting hormones soon, so I really have no use for my penis. I think the only thing that has held me back is that I kind of wish the file included anal orgasms as well as nipple orgasms. would be nice if that could be worked into the file, or if another file could be made to include that
    Harve did you ever listen to this file?
    Hey guys! Serious question here... I have listened about ten times and my cock is getting Smaller and smaller. I have had enough of it cos i am finding it hard to make myself cum and its impossible to do so without feeling my cock shrink and by playing with my nipples! I love wanking so it\'s becoming harder and harder. Gone from 9 inches hard to 4 inches hard! Where is the antidote file???
    Yup just measured and I was 8.7 inches hard and now I am 3.8 inches hard. When i am soft, it looks like a micro penis!!
    I\'m sorry to have to tell you but there is no antidote file. You made your decision when you listened to the file. The good news is if you keep listening the file will change what you want. So you\'ll eventually love the smaller you.
    Giving this file a go...I will post something on the forum with more info.
    Been listening to this file obsessively for over a week now, but sadly I\'m not seeing the shrinkage. My balls are a bit more pulled up, and my nipples are getting more sensitive, and I am falling more and more in love with the idea of having such a teeny weeny, but this morning I was dismayed to wake up harder than I have been for months. I love Sarnoga\'s voice, although maybe not the induction to this file, but I crave for my 9 inches to go down to something useless. something humiliating. Any suggestions?
    Just keep listening. The file will first make you more horny then it will change the way you get horny so you shrink. For most people both happen around the same time but for others one or the other can take a bit longer.
    Mister Sarnoga how to do it to have a litlle pénis
    Nah nah nah, my dick is getting too small. I like it but I am really embarrassed having a 3.5 inch hard on. Can somebody just post how to stop this or I am gonna end up with a baby sized cock!!!
    What is the difference between this version and the non-curse version? Also, this file really has worked for those who have tired it
    Tried it* Has anyone stopped to see if it would stop working?
    Oops, sorry for all the comments. It wasn't posting then boom it worked. >.<
    could someone please answer me or make a reversal file? My cock is tiny now like a fuckin babies and I can't get it back to the big cock I used to have. my balls are half retracted inside and I can barely wank without using my nipples. what should I do??
    chrisdl90, There is no antidote file or Curse Removal File for this Curse. Did you read the Description? Sarnoga's file Description said: See comments for additional details. Sarnoga's comment -- it's the first comment and was probably made when he uploaded the file -- included this advice for potential users to take into consideration before starting to listening to the file: The effects of this file are cumulative and irreversible. There is also a Success Stories Forum thread devoted to this file which was started on 24 September 2012. It has 1741 replies as of 2016-May-06. There was AVAILABLE INFORMATION warning that this file is PERMANENT and IRREVERSIBLE.
    I'm having some issues 1 iv deleted or an redownload it but it still pauses for a few seconds every so often. 2 I feel the curse in my head but iv listened for 2 days and I don't see any shrinkage. Message me if youv had similar issue an know how to fix it
    On a dare, I listened to this for a month (often multiple times a day) and transcribed the whole thing (which involved listening to it over and over as I typed it up). Each day, I was to take pics hard and soft. I wasn't sure whether it would work or not. Sadly, it works as well as you might think from reading the comment above (and some of those referenced where OxyFemboi's post pointed me)...which I did only after starting the dare. Alarmingly, it has decreased my size to less than 1/3 hard and less than 1/4 soft as compared to what I was before starting listening to this file. Wish I could send a message back in time to avoid this file. It works all too well.
    Have been listening for about four days now, not noticing anything but if anything happens I'll post in the success forums.
    I discovered this site in april of 2016. I had discovered sissy hypnos one year prior and was beginning to accept my fate but still was being wishy washy. One of the first trance hypnos i downloaded was this teeny weeny curse along with EMG's curse hormone change and MsJ's LMS Limp file. My penis was 3.25 inches soft and 6 inches hard in april 2016 and is now 1 1/2 years later 2.5 inches soft and 4.5 inches hard. Thats if it even gets fully erect. I'm mostly impotent now. My testicles have also shrunk to about the size of green grapes, which is almost half of what they were before. This file combined with others i've listened to the last 1 1/2 years really do work. Its crazy and amazing what the mind can do. I also suffer from gynecomastia (male breast growth) now and have a 43 underbust and 48 bust. I saw an endocrinologist in July and I have bottomed out testosterone and highly elevated Prolactin and estradiol levels. She wanted to start me on testosterone gel and cabergoline(prolactin reduction medicine) immediately but i refused. So to those of you asking if this stuff works....IT MOST CERTAINLY DOES! Just put a hypno plan together and stick with it. It won't happen overnight like some B.S. claims on here but look where i am after 1 1/2 years. I'm a limp clit sissy with natural growing tits and shrunken up balls that can't go back to being a man now. :)
    Anyone ever tell you you sound like Stephen King? Because you seriously do. That alone would be enough to keep me listening to this file. Looking forward to the results, of this and other files I'm listening to.
    I have a question, can I touch myself when Sarnoga tells me to touch my nipples/weenie, or do I ust listen, then I can play with myself after the file?
    Doesn't matter. Do whatever feels right for you.
    This file is demented and evil, I say to myself at least once a day "i love my teeny weeny" even if i try not to its stuck in my mind.
    I used this once and after that whenever I heard his voice my penis couldn't get hard
    Haven't had any success with other shrinking files. Hopefully this one will do the trick.
    so this file is so potent, that it's not even safe to listen to it just to transcribe it?? for those who have transcribed it - is it safe to read the transcription?
    Transcribing it here - I hope I don't get effected by it! https://is.gd/DyciQ5
    doesn't work, some guy talking can't change your physical appearance, your dick can't simply disappear from hearing someone talk, sorry to burst your fantasies
    @toastyspaghetti, there is actual proof of this in just the gallery, I haven't done it myself (as I don't want to), but no it doesn't "magically" disappear. Instead from what I understand it changes your behavior, and that behavior results in a shrinking penis (of which there is medical proof that if you don't use it, you lose it so to speak) + it's not going to happen in one listen, no one can really change themselves significantly from one listen of a self-hypnosis file (unless they are well practiced... maybe)
    I love this. My penis is still the same but my nipples are so big now. I penis is still just as hard and same size and gets really hard from this but as I said my nipples are massive now. I wonder if it’s because I’ve always been nipple focused. I’ll lüstern to it everyday and maybe I’ll end up with a clit. As long as I get pleasure out of my nipples. I really wanted a penectomy but this would be better. Wish me luck.