• Accepting your desires, changes and your self    
    This file is based on an email I received. It is about once struggle with change and the conflict some may have between the joy of what they want, but internal or external issues preventing you from enjoying it to the fullest. With this file you can eliminate the negativity to fully embrace any change or desire, any fetish. The swiss knife of fetish acceptance :-)

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    Thank you so much! It\'s fantastic!
    Another interesting file of suggestions - at least the suggestions I can remember. I seemed to drift more slowly into trance with this file. Just becoming more and more relaxed and suddenly gone. Maybe drifting into trance was a little slower because the file introduction had my mind thinking of what I wanted to accept and/or change in myself. I noticed some results after my first listen. I could not remember everything so I did a second listen about 9 hours later with about the same change thought. Still do not remember much more than I did after the first listen. Definitely noticing results after the second listen. Which is really all that matters anyway!
    The file has removed all worries, fears, and negative thoughts about what I have done to my self by listening to various hypnofiles. Now I think of the files I\'m listening to and can hardly wait till every suggestion is totally effective! I\'m totally accepting of every change that has been wrought ... and I wouldn\'t change a thing!
    Listened to this for the first time two days ago, and again today. Remarkably effective file! It has almost completely removed some major hangups over some other files I\'ve listened to, leaving me free to enjoy the changes. And the effects were immediate! A godsend to those who are struggling with resistance to change files, and, perhaps, to those who want to deal with other issues in their life -- I naturally tried it on the sex stuff first. :-)
    Gave this to the wife to listen too, First one ever. used once only so far & Wow ..she said shes had the Weirdest dream , and actually went out shopping in a low cut top with her jacket unzipped low ..mmm interesting