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    There is absolutely no reason for a sissy to ever feel the need to become hard. A true sissys clitty should remain limp and girly at all times. Soft clitties just feel so much more appropriate in pretty pink panties princess. It is uncomfortable and unnatural for a sissy to feel yucky hardness down there. Sissies clitties are far too itsy bitsy to ever dream of penetrating a woman's vagina, therefore there is no reason for them to ever need to become hard like a real mans cock would. This file should be listened to on repeat for at least 30 minutes at a time (the longer the better). You should listen on a regular basis sweetie, at least a couple of times a day. Good girls like to obey :) More training loops coming very soon sweetie.

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    This is an extremely well-made and powerful file. I just trained with it for 90 minutes and am quite limp even though I find it highly arousing.
    first thirty minute listen.. it was difficult to stop the file! I wouldn\'t have stopped it but I had work to do.. I will be listening to this over and over again.... :))))
    Did someone heard the shrill sounds occurring intermittently or it\'s just supposed to be like that??
    Thank you for the kind words girls, I am glad you enjoyed it so much :) There will another training loop uploaded very soon for all you little sissy princesses. Love from Goddess Gracie :)
    I can\'t wait for the next installment !! :)) listened for several hours today..... \n\nmy little clitty is so limp and feels cold..... i luv it
    I love this file, I cant get hard anymore and I love it Because only men need should get hard.
    Hi All\nI just cant get enough of listening to this file - I am so addicted. \nIt has been a couple of weeks now and it has had profound effects on me. \nWhenever I had or felt an erection coming on - I kept hearing Goddesses voice telling me to stop and go limp. Now it all seems so automatic - I haven\'t been able to get hard for about a week now and I don\'t think I could or would want to get hard.\nI look forward to hearing more of your files Goddess.\n
    This file give me a big boner. LOL.
    Me too I\'m afraid. The TTS voices on this are pretty good though.
    A mostly well done and dangerously effective file. I normally detest tts but this one seems different than most in that regard. It also seems like it is mixed with live voices. There are a couple spots where it seems a bit garbled and might benefit from rerecording. This file would be worth the effort to rerecord if it is thought it would improve the flow a bit.
    Thank you all for your lovely feedback, especially you Joanne! :) I\'m so proud of all the success you have achieved with reaching your impotence goals so far, I truly believe that if you persevere you can become 100% flaccid and completely limp 24/7 for the rest of your life and that will really help you reach complete and total acceptance. All of my sissy friends here will be very happy to hear that I am going to be uploading my new Bimbo Blessing (Curse) file in a few days :)
    This is a wonderful file!<3<3 All true sissies should deep down crave to listen to this, even though it will probably humiliate them, especially if they are closeted sissies that have somehow managed to be with a real Woman. Being hard should be no concern for a true sissy, as she should always be in the submissive sexual role. I like to just let this loop and zone out, it\'s so much fun. The file is really hot, but the fact that i\'m so turned on listening to it but completely limp just reinforces the effects of the file, and trust me sissies, these effects will manifest themselves if you try to have sex with a real Woman, with utterly humiliating results!
    Attention: All Sissies! This file is now 100% free as it was released six months ago and all premium files become free after six months, so anyone who couldnt download it before can now. And make sure you check out my brand new file Good Girl Part 3 if you havent already, its what all the good sissies are listening to :P
    Nice file - listened to it on repeat at work today until the battery in my mp3 player gave out. Planning on listening as soon as I can get a replecement.
    I can attest that this hypno works well. Go about your day while it\'s on low volume and it\'ll do its magic. In less than 2 hours I already noticed a major difference, so I can only imagine what\'d happen in the coming days.
    Where\'s script?
    The script is right next to where it says Additional Types hun, just click the link and it should download as a .txt file. Enjoy :)
    I love this file. I have listened to it about 5 hours in the last 24. it is having a profound effect on me. my little clittie is soooo soft and limp. the way i should always be.
    I read with interest the synopis of the Limp Clitty Training loop. And, I completely agree with that idea. A sissy isn\'t a male and only males have dicks & cocks. Sissies have small & soft clitties all the time. \r\n I see these porn flicks or pictures showing he/she\'s with huge stiff cocks. While they may have a feminine looking face & seems like always huge breasts, to me they are just men with tits! And, a real turn off to me & a lot of people. \r\n Personally, I\'ve since a early time in my life have wanted to be a girl. And, for 21 of my 28 years on this earth I have lived full time as a sissy/transexual. I have a very understanding step-mother & sister who approved with my new life. And, I agree with statement that a sissy\'s clit has to be small & always soft. It must never get hard even when the sissy is enjoying doing oral sex on a strap-on or a real dick in her mouth. Also, the sissy must never get a erection when a strap-on, dildo or a cock is pumping in & out of a sissy\'s pussy as well. It must stay soft especially if the man who is in the sissy\'s pussy deposits a hot load of wonderful feeling sperm in it, too.\r\n In my case I do not need to listen to this lesson because my small sissy clit hasn\'t been hard for such a long time. I\'ve stopped getting hard long before I was put on hormones at 13. And, my sissy clit has even gotten smaller & softer since my 2 live in Mistresses (my step-mother & my sister) castrated me. \r\n I should have had those nasty male things removed long ago. Especially since I stopped being a male long long ago.
    how do you download this??
    It\'s disapointing... This file it\'s great. But I don\'t know any word for \"clitty\" in french. So Iam kinda disapointed when I try to think about my clittyy.
    @annedive try to think of nicknames for the clitoris that is what clitty is
    I listen to this file regularly and I believe that it does exactly what it professes to do. It have given me a lot of respect for the power of Goddess Gracie\'s hypno files.
    where is the link??
    where is the link?? cant see it
    Is this file good for trans girls? Or just sissies
    i dont want it to be permanent. if i listen once will that make me completely limp or will it just begin to? like will it affect me alot if i only listen once?
    That picture for Limp Clitty Training Loop looks like my micro-clitty!
    Oh nooo :( what did I do wrong? My cltty just became rock hard and it's not going down or limp as I expected :( should I listen while wearing clothes on my body? :( should I do something to aid the process of limpness, my sisters?
    It is an awesome audio. I am permanently limp and my wife can't be happier.She is with her bull now!