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    This file makes you a pussy slave, infatuated by all pussies, but especially the pussy between the thighs of your Mistress. Special thanks to Heartwould, PeppermintT and proudleaf for the scripts that inspired this one. And to Calimore, whose binaurals continue to save the day. Stereo headphones will enhance this experience. Comments and voting encouraged. For more recordings, check out www.slutinmyhead.com. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (6)
    Length: 41:42
    Downloads: 257
    This file is just about perfect.
    Pure awesomeness. I\'m thinking about changing my name to Heartwouldinmyhead. I predict this is going to become one of my most listened to files.
    A Great file slutinmyhead. You did a great job on editing the scripts, and Heartwould\'s soothing voice finished it off so well..... I do believe that this may well be the best hypnofile that I have ever listened to!! \n\nI want to lick Heartwould\'s Pussy!!!!
    Pretty much...\n
    Wonderful file. I like the layered but still audible voices. And the first time I listened to it I intended to just skip through to preview it... but ended up listening to the entire file. I\'d rate it a 5 but I\'m not seeing the option to give the file a rating for some reason.