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    azureogon's version of Curse Stroke Sissy. A file that makes Masturbation triggers stronger and stronger desires to become a submissive, crossdressing, bisexual sissy maid.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (19)
    Length: 30:56
    Downloads: 13921
    I love your voice. I would do anything you say. Great file.
    agreed, azureogon has a fantastic voice. Curiosity got the better of me and I listened to this file once. Before the first time was up I had a new \"sissy name\". Now past the fourth listen, it might be a fight to not listen a fifth time. Be warned: a very good file but definitely addictive!
    Great file, one of my personal favorites, The Voice gets me everytime, I actually prefer this to the original stroke sissy, as it easier for me to trace to based off of the voice... Thank you Azurogon. Sincerely Jessica Wolf
    Hi. This is my first comment on this amazing site. I have listened to the other versions of this file but I have to agree with the previous comments.....azureogons voice is so so sexy. thank you for sharing this file. Ive got headphones on, and I\'m going to listen to this file in bed now, buttplug in, tights on. I wonder how many times I can listen to it in a row??? With sincere thanks, Sissy Nina xx
    This file is heaven. Some nights I listen to it for hours, lying in tights, trancing to her sensual voice. It has helped me become a sissy. Thank you.
    I listened to the Josh Reichman version, broke tablet and couldn't find it again. Awesome. For me, the obnoxious male narrator really gave me an out of gender experience. As I listened to the words I needed, I fought the arrogant, dismissive, condescending messenger who knows nothing but what he expects. Starts out in, but after a few hundred or thousand listens I'm an obedient girl who wishes she could just. Thankhim personally.
    You have the sweetest and sexiest voice. I appreciate your having kept the script mostly the same, but afterwards started to fret over the differences. This is the first time I've listened through the whole thing in a long while. If I would keep listening, you would soon have title to my soul. Thankyou sweetie. I love you Joshy.