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    This recording is intended for women as a means of exploring the psychology of submission. Learn about the social hierarchy, then the hierarchy of submission, then feel what happens when I split your psyche into two parts. Everyone has dominant and submissive sides to themselves. Your dominant side identifies with me and my needs, wants and desires. Your submissive side is just a little bitch for us to gang up on. Let me help you into a submissive frame of mind. You may even learn a bit about yourself in the process. Feedback is desired. For more recordings, check out my websites at www.slutinmyhead.com and www.gayhypnosis.com.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 48:42
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    Very hot, though not as accessible to people besides cis women as the description would imply. Still a great file. Loved the various scenes described.
    This file is amazing. It\'s well written with a smooth flow. Interesting and exciting induction. Love how it\'s an extra erotic but made for all. I felt no confusion at all about that. The whole meat was hot and enthralling. I love being both girls! All the time! Seemed as if you got a new muse for this one. Great work. 143 simH. :*
    SiMH Once again a masterpiece! This is a very unusual file in the fact that like many SiMH files, it goes far deeper than most. It is smooth and flows and allows the listener to easily follow the story down the \"rabbit hole\" and into trance and the mind of SimH. Always love your inductions as they teach as well as trance. The file is a bit long, but is very enjoyable and easy to listen to. Thanks SimH for another great file.