• Limp Clitty (Remix)    
    I received lots of great feedback on the original Limp Clitty training loop when I first released it more than 18 months ago. One thing that one or two people mentioned was that the overlapping voices can be hard to fully understand at times so I've decided to make an updated version for everyone who loved the original. This file contains the original Limp Clitty audio, but now instead of the voices overlapping they will go back and forth so that every word is crystal clear. The file is now a couple of minutes longer than the original and also contains new subliminal layers that were not in the original file. This file will work very nicely paired with my brand new Clitty Shrinker training loop. Remember to listen every day like a good girl and keep me updated on all your progress sweetie :)


    Rating: ★★★★★ (7)
    Length: 08:45
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    This is awesome. I will try to leave comments on my progress...he he
    Thank you for sharing this Goddess. I only just started training yesterday, but already I was able to masturbate while my clitty stayed limp and only became erect as I reached my sissy orgasm <3