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    You know that women everywhere are head over heels for Ryan Gosling sweetie and it stands to reason that little sissies feel much the same. This file will nurture a deep admiration within you for Ryan Gosling princess and you will find yourself thinking about him and watching his films dressed up all pretty as you imagine what it would be like to be with him. Sissies who already love Ryan Gosling are going to find that adoration strengthened tenfold upon absorbing this conditioning as it has been carefully designed to leave the listener with a deep yearning that only Ryan Gosling's yummy beautiful cock can fulfill. You are very likely to find that you diddle or play with your pussy whenever he appears shirtless in a movie you are watching. Yes sweetie, the sight of him shirtless is just so sexy to you that you can't help but diddle a little. The thought of women all over the world who would do anything to please Ryan Gosling with their bodies makes you sparkle princess and you may even giggle a little when you think about how similar you are to all those pretty girls who would go out of their way to please such a big hunky movie star. Your little mind may even think it a good idea to send Mr Gosling some loving fanmail though you understand it's best to write it as though you were just another pretty little slut with a schoolgirl crush and not the simpering little sissy you truly are. Those little princesses who claim to not love Ryan Gosling even a little bit will learn why they are wrong upon listening and this knowledge will only be absorbed deeper and deeper with every subsequent listen. Naturally this file is super addictive sweetie and the greatest results are achieved when you listen on repeat for 30-60 minutes at a time, preferably several times per week (per day for the truly committed girls!) You will look on IMDB and be sure to make note of any of his movies you are yet to see and you will set a personal goal to watch absolutely all of them over the next 12 months. You will not be shy or embarrassed about your love for Ryan Gosling sweetie and you will especially relish in talking about him with your platonic female friends but even strong masculine men will learn of your fondness for Mr Gosling and perhaps this will tell them all they need to know about what a little mincing princess you are. Enjoy sweetie and as always, remember to leave a pretty comment after the conditioning has been absorbed into your little mind. 

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    Pay $20 to be conditioned to love Ryan Gosling? Not the best idea... Not sure someone really needs a file for that...
    So glad i got this file! Outstanding and very unique. i would have been missing a really good file. So glad i got this one! i would like more of these types of files. Incredibly valuable training ideas! THANK YOU GODDESS!
    Glad you love it so much sweetie :)
    As a special treat for all my good girls, this file is now a free download! I'll decide later if it'll be free indefinitely or only for a limited time. Best to download it now just in case :) Have fun girls. Love from Goddess Gracie xx