• Stud Stallion - CCP boosted — $30    
    Now, it is quite clear, to a real stud stallion also belongs a boosted cum-production. this file will make that happen. it boosts your cum-production to a level, that you barely able to handle the large amounts of cum, that your balls will produce cum constantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ----- it is just a bit like the CCP, because instead of only leaking after eight hours, you have to empty your balls completely once every eight hours. otherwise automatic ejaculation will happen, quite possible even in a store or a restaurant, if you ignore it. ---- it even grows much larger balls, because you need to store a lot more cum in them. ----- it's my version and even stronger. just enjoy! ---- if you would like to give a comment, please feel free to do or to mail to busennippelfan@yahoo.de.

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    Length: 38:01
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    Dude I need this but probably can\'t get premium
    Nah dude, this is a Pay File, not a Premium!
    Great work! I really liked this file, I only need now a subliminal loopable version of this to listen during the day
    @AleD: Many Thanks for your comment. However, this file is aimed to become permanent and after some time goes on at that high level forever.
    I have purchased this, and it hits me hard. I can\'t notice a difference yet, but i also haven\'t been consistent with it. I am going to start today and make sure I do it everyday. I\'ll try to post a results in my blog. Just search my name.
    Why couldn't this be free? I really want this.
    I will buy this but I'm preying it will work for me
    So I am curious, how did it work?