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    You know that looking pretty is the most important thing in the world for silly bimbos and sassy little whores princess. Yes sweetie, nothing matters more to a precious girly girl princess than looking her best for big strong men. You are going to learn to think of yourself as a pretty little whore for men sweetie whether you actually charge for your services or not. You will commit to a professional level of service when it comes to pleasing a man and this means that you will strive to provide him with complete and total satisfaction every single time, even if this means deep throating his thick twitching cock till your mascara runs down your slutty face and you need to gasp for air. Big strong men know what's best for little sissy bitches sweetie and that is why you're going to always let men think for you and make your decisions for you when it comes to how they prefer you to behave. You remember that being pretty isn't just about your appearance sweetie, you also must wear pretty perfume and show off your most attractive side to men whether that be by smiling and getting all flirty or by being a little touchy feely and showing him what a little sweetheart you are. Pretty whores typically have a silly bimbo side to them princess and that's why this file is perfect for silly bimbos who want to whore their little bodies out to all the big strong men. Pretty girls have pretty pussies sweetie and you will make a concerted effort to make sure your little pussy sparkles and shimmers for big thick twitching cocks - your ultimate aim will be to receive compliments from men about having the prettiest pussy and they may even compare it to that of their wives or cute little girlfriends. Good whores do as they're told sweetie so if a man requires that you refer to him as Daddy or Master or Sir, you will address him appropriately at all times like a good girl. Yes little princess, you remember that the nice man knows best and it's perfectly fine if you are treated roughly and like a cheap slut by such a dreamy masculine guy. You know that manly men fuck pretty girls whenever they like sweetie and you keep this in mind when dressing up for a romantic encounter with a hunky guy. You know that they are used to penetrating tight little pussy holes and fucking girly girls pretty faces hard with their powerful throbbing cocks and that is why you remember to be appreciative and respectful towards such masculine guys who could easily fuck a dozen gorgeous girls in a week if they felt compelled to do so. You remember that other girls are your competition sweetie and though you are always pleasant towards your sissy sisters, you may find yourself becoming a little bitchy or catty towards other girls perhaps due to jealousy or maybe even because you think they are jealous of you. This is quite natural for girly girls sweetie and though I wouldn't suggest making a habit out of being a silly little bitch, the occasional bout of cattiness is to be expected from such a pretty little whore who giggles around cock and gets every cock in the room stiffening up just by being her adorable little self. As always sweetie it's best to listen on repeat for the best results and listening on a regular basis is strongly recommended. 

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    Thanks, GG. Are you working on any full length files recently such as Serenity?
    Can you make the most mindfuck file ever conceived? I believe in you goddess ( - ;
    I believe in you too Goddess. giggle. Being a pretty whore for the men with the big hard cocks sounds so amazing blush(sluttyprincess)
    Aww, good girl sluttyprincess :) And to answer the other posters question about a new full length file. I do have something in the works though it's not exactly a traditional conditioning file like Acceptance or Serenity etc. If you'd like to know more please feel free to contact me privately for more info :) Love from Goddess Gracie xx
    Well now you got me all curious ( - : I don't know they changed the site so you can't PM people or go to profiles ) - :
    What you working on Goddess XD
    All will be revealed very soon sweetie :) Love from Goddess Gracie xx