• Curse Thumb Sucker    
    This curse will last 6 months before it can be removed. The listener will suck their thumb at night at first and then develop more and more infantile behavior at night including a need for diapers. Also includes a trigger 'Thumb Sucking Time' that will make you suck your thumb and act more and more infantile, more so each time your triggered, for 2 hours or until returned to normal with 'Revert to Normal'

    Infant Behavior
    Rating: ★★★★☆ (48)
    Length: 24:41
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    After listening to this file for quite some time, I honestly can\'t go to sleep unless I have my pacifier... and I don\'t want to either
    I like the thumb sucking, but I\'m not really into the whole diaper thing... Not sure whether to DL or not
    I pretty much used a pacifier everynight anyway. I listened to this every night before bed for a few weeks and then regularly for weeks afterwards and now I can\'t sleep without one. Even if I\'m staying at someone else\'s house, which has proved to be very embarrassing.
    please post the scripted because tangy came to life while listing to this file. any explanations why i heard Tangy voice would appreciated.
    thank you EMG!
    Well now, seams like i have become attached to my teddy bear, wonderful now i can\'t sleep with him or my pacifier thank you :D
    I listened to this file several times & now can\'t sleep without my thumb in my mouth. I also now suck my thumb during the day (unconscious lay)\nI also have just made it to the toilet as well after almost peeing myself. This file is great!!!\nI am also combining it with the prepubescent file as I think the two curses will work great together.
    I can\'t download it! ;-;
    The need to wear diapers is that an all day and night thing and does it include pooping the diaper as well or just peeing