• Cocksucker starring Mistress Clarissa — $25   , ,  
    Are you ready to be a cocksucker princess? Then this file will help make that a reality. A classic MsJ hypnosis file, voiced by the enchanting Mistress Clarissa, this recording features many favourite techniques of the past and some enticing new ones. You will experience a deep sense of joy as you finally accept your true role in life as a sissy cocksucker. You will long to feminize yourself, experience a yearning to submit and most of all you will be desperate to get a cock inside your pretty mouth. And the most exciting part of all is that Mistress Clarissa's soothing voice will help to ensure that you are no longer capable of having sexual relationships with women. You simply won't want to and you won't be able to if you try. You will want to suck a cock. Written and produced by MsJ with the voice of Mistress Clarissa, this file will be a life-changing experience.

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    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 38:36
    Downloads: 209
    Been waiting for a long time for a file like this. Trust me, try these out. If you're accustomed to being beaten straight in the face with scripts, these 'slow burn' and boy do they get hot!