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I Am Predator

by z119z

I Am Predator

z119z (z119z2000@yahoo.com)

© 2013 by the author

I am predator.

You are prey.

You were standing with your friends at the bar, moving your body with the music. Well, “moving” isn’t quite the right word, is it? You were undulating, twisting your body at the hips, rotating your groin, and throwing in the occasional pelvic thrust. Every part of you was in motion. The sleeves of that tight red T-shirt you were wearing could barely contain your surging biceps. And the way the pec bounces you did in time with the rhythm pulled everyone’s eyes to your swollen chest and the motion of your stiff nipples under the fabric—that was inspired. But it was those tight jeans that mesmerized all of us. They did nothing to hide your muscular thighs, your impressive ass, that promising bulge—oh, you made sure your tantalizing assets were on display, didn’t you?

You were trying to give the impression that the music was surging through your body and you couldn’t help yourself. You had to dance. Maybe you even believed that yourself. But what you were really doing was drawing attention to yourself. You were saying, “Look at me. Look at how I move. Think how I will move in bed. I’ll be even more uninhibited. Look at me. Desire me. Want me.”

I certainly wasn’t the only one watching you. But I was different from the others. You see, I can reach out with my mind. I can put thoughts into others. I can control them. I can make them do whatever I want. If you were still in a state in which you could think about it—or about anything else for that matter—you would probably consider it a useful power, one that you would like to have. And you would be right. It is a useful power. It gets me what I want.

And I wanted you. So I extended my thoughts and crept into your mind. Silently and furtively, like a cat burglar stealing into your bedroom at night and taking your valuables—your wallet, your watch, your cell phone, your keys. Poof. All gone, while you dream on, blissfully unaware that you are being robbed, that something is being taken from you. You didn’t even know I was there. I was so stealthy as I penetrated your mind, infiltrated it, invaded it. And not for any good reason. Oh no, I wasn’t there to do good. You see, I stole your free will. Took it away from you. It’s gone. And now I’m inside your mind. Controlling you. Making you do what I want.

You didn’t even notice. Nobody ever does. Even if you could notice the intrusion, it would be too late. One minute, your eyes are slowly scanning the room, searching for that perfect guy, that man-drug who will know exactly how to take you to that paradise of bliss and oblivion of your dreams. The next minute, the room is too hot. It’s too crowded. It’s too noisy. Your friends are boring. The bar is boring. You have to get out. You need fresh air. This place is stifling.

You set down your glass of beer. “Watch this for me,” you say to your friends as you step away. “I’ll be back in a minute.” That’s the last of you that they will see. Later, when they realize that you didn’t come back, they may tell one another that you’ve found someone and left. But they probably won’t think about you. They’ll be too busy pursuing their own dreams to remember you.

No, all your friends were too busy trying to attract attention to themselves to follow your slow progress as you began pushing your way through the crowd. And you were oblivious yourself. You didn’t notice the eyes that stroked your body. The taps on your arms and legs. The hands that brushed against you, that groped your ass and even your groin. The smiles of invitation. “How’s it going, man?” “Hey, dude.” None of that touched you as you made your way to the entrance. You didn’t glance at the musclemen guarding the door. The queue of young men waiting to enter didn’t register on your consciousness. It’s a blank, isn’t it? A total blank. You were in the bar, and then you weren’t.

You don’t remember how you got here. You don’t remember getting into my car. You don’t remember the streets we took to get here. You don’t remember the walk from my parking space in the basement to the elevator or the quick trip up to my floor. You don’t remember standing outside the door while I fumbled with my keys. You don’t remember the sound the key made as it entered the lock. You don’t remember the . . . you don’t remember.

And now you’re here.

Look at me. Before tonight you didn’t notice people like me. Or if you did notice us, you turned away. You never liked—oh, what are the words that get used in profiles and ads?—beefy, football player’s build, hairy, bear, dad, coach, mentor. As soon as you saw one of those words in a profile, you moved on to the next one, didn’t you? No, you wanted smooth, shaved, trimmed, muscular, young. But that was before. Now, you’ve discovered something about yourself, haven’t you? You want people who look like me. I’m your new type. You like beefy and hairy, you like bears, dads, coaches, mentors. Smooth, shaved, trimmed, muscular, young—those disgust you. You can’t stand them. No, you want men like me. In fact, you want me.

I’m sexy. I arouse you. When you look at me, you want me to caress you. You dream of my warm, firm hands stroking you. You think of my lips kissing your lips, your throat, your nipples. Your body tingles and you get goose bumps in anticipation. When you look at me, you get hot flashes of lust. Your cock and balls stir and shift and swell in anticipation. Your throat grows hungry for my cock. And your ass—you want me to touch it, you want me to lick it, you want me inside you. You want me.

I sit down and click on the TV, surfing through the channels looking for something to entertain me. Ignoring you. You suddenly realize that your beauty isn’t enough to stir me. Already I’m regretting bringing you here. But my indifference arouses you even more, makes you want me even more. You need to seduce me, entice me with your body, give yourself to me, beg me to take you.

You reach down and remove your shoes and socks. And then slowly, so that I can savor every exposure, every revelation, you begin to undress. Offering your body to me an inch at a time. You pulled your T-shirt from your jeans and then raised it bit by bit to reveal your torso— the smooth slope of your stomach as it disappears beneath your jeans, your high, tight navel, the six pack of your abs, the overhang of your pecs and the sharp, crisp lines of the deep trough between them,. You slide your shirt off your shoulders and then down your arms. You flex your biceps and then your pecs. Your brown nipples tighten. You want me to touch them, you want my fingers to send shivers of pleasure throughout your body.

I glance at you and shrug and turn my attention back to the TV.

You turn around to display your wide shoulders, the flare of your delts, and the pillars of muscles surrounding the deep groove over your backbone. You unbuckle your belt. You undo the buttons on the fly and then slowly ease your jeans over your ass. Your quads are so large that you have to peel your jeans off them. You are wearing a red thong. The waist band at the top sets off the creamy smoothness of your perfect ass. The strap disappears between your ass cheeks inviting the eyes to follow it. You spread your legs a bit so that your balls are visible between them. The red pouch of the thong molds itself around each ball, barely containing them.

You turn around slowly so that you face me again. Your thong clings to your massive, engorged cock. The fabric pulses with the throbbing of the prominent veins that snake up and down it. You bend forward slightly and hook your thumbs under the side bands of the thong.

“No,” I say. “Leave it on.”

Your hands instantly draw away. You lift your arms and then lace your fingers behind your neck, presenting your body to my gaze. You sway lightly, moving your hips languidly back and forth to draw my gaze to your groin. Your body begs for attention, my attention. As your cock grows even larger, it rises up and juts straight out, straining the fabric and pulling it away from your body.

“Come here,” I say.

Your body obeys. You walk toward me. A drop of pre-cum oozes from your erect cock and a wet spot appears on your thong. Another drop leaks out, and then another. I reach out and touch the spot with the tip of a finger. It is sticky, warm. I gently rub the wet fabric, caressing the tip of your cock. I feel the lips of your piss slit and push them apart. My touch is electric. A bolt of pleasure surges down your cock and makes your balls churn. Your ball sack contracts into a smooth round globe. I stroke it with the fingers of my other hand.

“Spread your legs a bit,” I say.

Your body obeys. As my thumb continues to stroke your balls, my fingers reach between your thighs. Your body is hot, moist there, where your legs meets. Your body is so sensitive there. My fingers find your asshole and begin touching it. Back and forth, sending shocks up through your body. I continue to rub your piss slit as I finger you.

You feel so weak and yet so aroused. Your legs tremble with the effort of supporting your body. You are so tired. Your body is so heavy. Languid. Indolent. The only thing holding you up is my hand between your legs and my fingers around your cock. Your mind is so tired. Don’t think. There’s no need to think any more. All you need to do is focus on my hand between your legs and my fingers touching your cock and asshole. That is where you exist now. You exist for our pleasure. You think only of our pleasure. Your only thought is for our pleasure.

Your own thoughts drain from your mind. Your only thoughts are the ones I give you. You are free of the burden of your own thoughts. You no longer have to think. You only have to be what I tell you to be. My thoughts are your thoughts. You feel so good. Your mind is filled with the pleasure of my fingers on your cock, stroking it. Your mind is filled with the pleasure of my hand between your thighs, my thumb stroking your balls and my fingers stroking your ass. Electric shocks of pleasure running throughout your body.

You feel so weak and helpless, and that makes you feel so good. You feel so submissive and that makes you feel so good. You feel so obedient and that makes you feel so good. You want more and more. You want to feel even more weak and helpless. You crave it. You want to feel even more submissive. You crave it. You want to be even more obedient. You crave it. Your free will drifts away. You feel so good. You are weak and helpless. You feel so good. You are submissive and obedient in all things. You feel so good.

I am adding you to my collection. You want to be part of my collection. You are part of my collection. Being part of my collection makes you feel so good.

Relax. My thoughts are your only thoughts. Relax. You are submissive and obedient. Relax. Your only thought is for my pleasure. My pleasure is your pleasure. You feel good when you make me feel good.

Take my cock in your mouth. That’s it. Kiss it. Lick it. Run your tongue all over it. It makes you feel so good to pleasure my cock. That’s it. Take it into your mouth. All the way. Press your nose and chin into my groin. I know my cock’s large, but you can take all of it. It makes you feel so good to suck my cock. Get me hard. Make love to my cock. My cock feels so good in your mouth. It gives you so much pleasure to suck my cock. More suction now. But don’t make me cum. Just make me hard and aroused so that I can fuck you. Get it wet and hard. Slowly. Take all of it. Savor it. Feel the pleasure radiating through my cock and into your body. Into your mind. Don’t think. Just focus on my cock and let it fill you with pleasure.

Whenever you see my cock, your mind becomes a blank. All thought drains away. Whenever you see my cock, you become my toy, my puppet, my robot. Whenever you see my cock, you hunger for it. You hunger for it in your mouth. You hunger for it in your ass.

You want to impale yourself on my cock. Sit on it. That’s it. Guide it into you. Slowly. No need to rush. Take it all in, inch by inch, until all of it is inside you. Hmmm. That feels so good, doesn’t it? Nothing makes you feel as good as having my cock inside you. Now, slowly move up and down on it. You are conscious of one thing and one thing only. And that is my cock inside you. The pleasure you feel when I fuck you drives all other thoughts from your mind.

That’s it. Slowly rise up and then sit back down. Let my cock flow in and out of you. You are my toy. You are my puppet. Nothing makes you feel better than being my puppet. You mind is blank. You have no thoughts. You experience only the mindless pleasure flowing through your body. The mindless pleasure that flows outward from my cock through your body and into your mind. The mindless pleasure that pushes the air from your chest in one long mindless moan of pleasure.

I am going to count from five to one. With each number, you will increase your speed. You will move faster and faster, impaling yourself on my cock. Each time you impale yourself on my cock, you will feel greater pleasure. Each time you impale yourself on my cock, you will become more and more aroused. Your cock will bounce up and down, hitting my stomach faster and faster each time you thrust my cock deep inside you. Each time your cock rocks up and down, you will feel more and more pleasure. Each time your cock hits my stomach, the sound that it makes will arouse you more and more.

At the count of one, I will cum in your ass. You will feel the hot cum inside you. My hot cum inside you will arouse you so much that you will cum. Your hot cum will jet out of you. It will be the best orgasm you have ever had.

Five. That’s it. Move faster now. Your mind is empty of all thoughts except the pleasure we feel. Your mind is empty of all thoughts but your desire to increase my pleasure. Your mind is empty of all thoughts but the pleasure of the thrusts of my cock inside you.

Four. Faster now. Yesss. Ohhh. Feel my cock inside you. Squeeze your ass tighter around it. Feel every inch of it. Feel how hard it is. Feel how deeply it thrusts into you. You love it. It gives you so much pleasure. It makes you so hard. It makes the cum churn within your balls. Listen to your cock slapping against my stomach each time you take all of my cock into your ass. That sound arouses you so much. It makes you so hard. Think only of our pleasure. You are devoted only to this pleasure. You want it. You crave it. You must have it.

Three. Faster. Your body is a column of pleasure surrounding my cock. It is a sheath. You exist only to be fucked by my cock. That is your only source of pleasure. And you feel so much pleasure. You are so aroused. You can’t think of anything but my cock and the pleasure you feel within your body..

Two. Oooh, yesss. That’s it. Perfect. When I say the next number, both of us will cum. You will feel the hot jet of my cum filling your ass and then the cum will spurt out of your cock. It will cover our bodies. Think of how it will glisten on my chest. Think of how much you want to see that. Think of how much you want to lick your cum off my chest. Think of how much you want to gather your cum on your tongue and feed it to me. Concentrate on the pleasure within your ass, on the pleasure rising up through your cock and begging for release. When I say the next number, you will experience the greatest orgasm in your life. You are so aroused. You are so excited. All you can think of is the hot cum that will soon blast out of my cock and fill you. All you can think of is the hot cum that will soon blast out of your cock and cover us.

One. CUM.


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