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The turn of the long slow screw

by Stigg

The turn of the long slow screw

The Turn Of The Long, Slow Screw

What would happen if a submissive and well-trained hypnotic subject suddenly got it into her head that she would try and hypnotize her master?  I’m not actually opposed to playing the role of subject from time to time but could she do it?  Would it actually happen?  Who would end up getting their head screwed and who would end up just getting plain screwed till they came, again and again, over and over?  Read on to find out….. 


It happened one evening when we were snuggled up in bed watching a DVD.  I forget which one because the film wasn’t what made the night memorable.  It was what happened afterwards.

 There was a wry look of mischief in Lucy’s face and she was tinged with the faint flush of an idea in her head.

 “I was wondering…”

 “Yes, go on.”

 “…. I was wondering if you’ve ever been hypnotised?  Or do you always have to be the one who is in control?”

 “…. No…..”  She thought about it a few seconds.

 “No, you don’t have to be in control or no, you’ve never been hypnotised?”

 “You know I have been hypnotised before.  I’ve told you so.  How do you think I came to be such an expert hypnotist?  If I didn’t understand hypnosis back to front I wouldn’t be able to take you down so easily.  I could be hypnotised as easily as you are.  If the hypnotist is skilful enough.”

 I looked daringly into her eyes.  Was she really going to try it?  She certainly looked determined.

 Lucy bit her lip subtly.  She shifted her body upright on the bed.

 “So you’re able to be hypnotised, aren’t you?”

 “…. Yes….”

 Lucy took off her pendant and grinned wickedly with a flash of impertinent dominance.  There we sat: Master and helpless, hypnotic subject.  Roles reversed: Mistress and helpless hypnotised master.  Really?  Could she really do it?

 It didn’t seem likely but somewhere at the back of my mind I wondered if she really could.  I wanted to know too.  If she could it would rather be a vindication of my skill – it would be proof that enough of my powerful hypnotic ability had seemed into her subconscious mind.

 She had certainly had enough practice falling into trance herself.  She was so adept at falling into hypnosis it only took a single SNAP of the fingers these days. 

 She was never in control of when and how I put her under hypnotic trance but the subconscious mind is a powerful thing; it can pick up a surprising amount of information without you even knowing it has done so. 

 And so it proved with Lucy.  Without realising it, without ever knowing, she knew so much about hypnotic surrender that she was an expert.  Subconsciously expert.  Unaware of how things would play out.

 The words seemed to come into her head from nowhere.  Deep from the recesses of her mind they flowed up and out of her as she dangled her deep, brown opal pendent back and forth.  Her eyes flashed with desire as the power of the situation pulsed through her.

 “Just look into the pendent then… just let your eyes follow it as it swings back and forth….. “  I did as I was told.  Curious how she would fare.

 “It feels so good just to watch the pendant as it swings back and forth….. back and forth….. Notice how the light catches it and it shimmers and glistens…. Shimmering and glistening as it sways….”  I felt my body loosen.  It felt weird to be relaxing like this at the sound of her voice but undeniably pleasant.

 “….. Back and forth… back and forth…. Focus your attention on the shimmering, glistening pendant as it swings in front of your eyes… it feels so good just to let yourself become lost in its beauty… shimmering and glistening…. Doesn’t it?”

 “… It does….Yes….”

 “And when it feels as good as this to watch the pendant and feel yourself relaxing, it simply becomes easier and easier to carry on watching the pendant shimmering and glistening and simply let my words echo through your body…. taking you deeper and deeper into relaxation…. Focusing more and more on my words, my words taking you deeper and deeper, relaxing you more as you simply sit there gazing up at my shimmering, glistening pendant.”

 She had not taken her eyes off his throughout.  And now she noticed that ever so slightly, his eyes were glazing over.  His face too, was relaxing.  Looser and calmer with every passing second now.  His shoulders were noticeably relaxed as the weight of his arms pulled and lulled them down.

 “That’s right…. Keep relaxing and keep focused on the pedant… feel how its shimmering, glistening power takes hold of your focus… feel how you notice the touch of its control tingle and shimmy down your relaxing body… making you relax even deeper… the power flowing down, down your shoulders, down you arms…. You’re breathing more heavily now as the relaxation grows….”

 She noticed him slump down further exactly as her words suggested.  The power of it filled her.  The sight of his wilful hypnotic submission thrilled her.  The same spark of arousal that she felt when she fell into hypnosis herself began to beat inside her soul.  It struck her how odd it was to feel the exact same passion at hypnotising her boyfriend as she felt when she was being taken down herself.

 His eyes were mere half-moons now.  Glassy and lost in the sight of the dangling deep brown pendant that she kept in rhythmic sway just above eyes.

 “…You cannot take your eyes off it now can you?”

 “…no….”  His voice was soft and gentle.  It almost sounded like somebody else now.

 “…. You want to keep watching don’t you?”

 “….yes…..” Again, the blank and monotonous monotone of hypnosis came back to her.  She was much more used to hearing her own submissive voice reply in this manner just before she slipped away.  The thought stuck in her belly, spreading warmth up to her heart and down between her legs.

 “…Good.  Just keep watching the pendant and let the feelings of relaxation spread through you now… feel your body slipping away as your mind slips away…. Feel the hypnosis spread through your weary body…..”

 His eyes flickered as she spoke her mesmerizing words.  Every part of his body seemed to be crumpling down before her.  Every part but one, that is.  The sight of it growing under his jeans redoubled the warmth pumping in her stomach.  She swallowed hard, sensing how moist she had become.  It was now or never.

 “Sleep!”  Her arm shot out seemingly of her own accord and she snapped her fingers at his temples.  Immediate he fell into helpless slump.  Deeply hypnotised in front of her.  Arms drooping helplessly.  Head lolling to one side.  Body collapsed like an anaesthetized tiger laid out on the bed.

 A grin spread across her face.  She couldn’t believe it was really happening.  It felt so surreal.  Her mind raced over all the things he had made her do under hypnosis.  All the joyful wicked, nasty things she had enjoyed whilst she was an obedient, hypnotised, mindless slave. 

 It made her wet.  She fumbled at her jeans allowing her hand to slide down to her eager pussy.  Just to be sure it was really happening.  Just to make the most of it.

 But still, she wanted to know for sure that he was properly under.  It still didn’t feel real to her.  She couldn’t quite believe that she, the helplessly hypnotised subject, had actually managed to hypnotise him.  Him, the powerful seductive hypnotic master. She wanted to prove it to herself.

 “…Good, just keep relaxing…”  She could hear her voice was purring now.  The sweet sensation as she stroked between her legs only served to take her deeper as the fantasy unfolded in front of her. 

 She spoke again, deepening his trance.  “…. Good….. There’s a good boy, keep going deeper.  You are deeply hypnotised…..”  She wanted to know.  She wanted to hear confirmation from his lips.  “You are deeply hypnotised…. You are deeply hypnotised…. Aren’t you?....”

 There was a pause.  Her heart skipped.  Was he?  Was he really under?

 “….. yes…..” The slow, monotonous reply of the hypnotised subject.

 She exhaled, breathing a sigh of relief that shuddered down her body and tingled down her stroking finger tips.

 “…. Good…. Now, whenever you reply to me you shall address me as Miss.  You understand this don’t you?”

 The unnerving pause.

 “…. yes …..  Miss ….”

 The response brought a shudder to her.  What would she do with him now that he was hers to command?  Would she have him massage her endlessly? Would she have him go down on her and skilfully lick her pussy into sexual submission?  Would she turn him into her submissive slave?  Would she screw him in his mindless stupor or would she command him to screw her in his mindless stupor?

 She bit her lips and just thought about it.  His body was hers now.  His mind was her too.  She saw him slumped before her, his jeans bulging and pulsing with sexual power that stretched his jeans out at his zip. 

 She became aware of her other hand on her hardening nipples.  Somehow her fingers had made their way under her top, caressing her breasts.  It was too much to resist.  Her voice quivered slightly with the growing intensity of arousal.

 “Now, I am going to snap my fingers in a moment and when I do so you will undress yourself and then sensually caress every inch of my body and make love to me.  Do you understand?”

 “Yes Miss.”  He didn’t pause this time.  His hypnotised mind seemed to thoroughly approve of the command. 

 SNAP.  She clicked her fingers.  Mindlessly, he obeyed.

 His eyes shot open and he stood up vacantly.  His face was blank.  Hypnotised and deeply entranced, he disrobed before her.  His body was slender but well-toned.  She knew it so well.  She knew every last nerve and fibre of his youthful body just as he knew hers.  His slim frame hid an interior strength she knew was capable of releasing endless wells of passion in mind, body and soul.  His strength was pulsing visibly through his body.  Hers to command now.  Red, hot, stiffened, hard and throbbing.

 He instinctively went for the baby oil they kept in the bedside table and advanced upon her like an obedient predator.  She had somehow managed to shed her clothes without even being conscious of doing so, such was her arousal now.   It felt so surreal.  Ethereal even.

 Yes, it all seemed so real.  Yet it was so surreal she could not quite believe what was happening.  But it was happening – she could feel the pleasure rippling across her naked body and delving into her in a deep well of joy and ecstasy between her legs.  It felt so tangible and real.  So pleasant and sexual.

 He moved smoothly yet blankly as he set about his hypnotic task.  He placed his hand firmly on her shoulder and gently guided her till she lay there, naked and open before him, though his eyes were glassed over with hypnotic trance.  Consciously unaware of his instinctive actions as his hypnotised subconscious mind obeyed her commands.

 She caught a glimpse into his blank eyes.  She thought she saw right into his hypnotised mind.  It was captivating and enticing to see him like this.  The same person who had such a powerful control over her mind now laid bare in front of her.  She felt her mouth fall open and relax as the pleasure inside her grew, all the while captivated by his blank eyes, looking through her now…. Those eyes… so powerful….

 She had to look away.  She was instinctively falling into hypnosis just by looking into them.  She wondered what would happen if they both fell into hypnosis.  They’d most probably both wake up in an intimate embrace neither the wiser for the feeling of satisfaction…..

 She smiled and closed her eyes, overcome not with hypnosis, she thought, but knowing she was overcome with the feeling of his warm hands spreading the sweet oil over her heaving chest.  She lay back and let his hypnotised hands work their tactile spell over her.

 She could feel his fingers gently caressing her as her body shook with pleasure, rising and falling with her heavy breaths, her back arching and falling and her hips beginning to move against his body.

 She felt his fingers tease their way across her erect nipples and she let out an involuntary gasp of breathless joy.  It seemed she was helpless before his touch even when she was the hypnotist and he the hypnotised subject. 

 Easily, he lifted her slender arms and spread them out above her head, holding her willingly there as his fingers continued their work, fulfilling his hypnotic command, his eyes still glazed over, absorbed in his entrancing work.

 She could feel his body between hers now, hot and rhythmic and they began to move closer and closer together, more and more in unison.  The oil covered her body so smoothly and heightened the pleasure.  Everywhere their bodies touched became a contact point to transfer sheer unadulterated physical bliss.

 His hands moved down her sides till he reached her legs which he took strongly in his arms, lifting her shapely thighs around his body.  She looked deeply into his eyes.  It did not matter now.  He was still deep in trance.  Deeply hypnotised by her words and lost in the pleasure of their bodies.  She was simply lost in the feel of his body against hers.  Lost in his touch.  Lost in her love for him.

 Her legs were wrapped around him now.  He teased down the inside of her thighs, making her shudder uncontrollably as the rhythm of the bodies grew, perfectly in synch with each other as they became one.

 She gasped as her entered her moist and eager pussy, filling her with bliss that pulsed and beat around their single entity.  They were one and the same now, lost in an all encompassing hypnotic embrace.  The hypnotic trance she had put him under spread to engulf them both now.  Lost in their unison as the pleasure covered every inch of their naked shape.  A single being.  They belonged to each other now.  Lost in each other.

 She felt him everywhere.  She could taste him and smell him sweet on her lips.  Warmth soaked into her.  The oil slid sensually with every touch across her nakedness.  Her pussy was white hot and moist, filling with satisfaction where they joined so joyously.

 Her mind, her body, her soul melted into a liquid pleasure that beat to the sound of their hearts pumping, like soft, powerful waves flowing relentlessly, rhythmically on her, in her, like she was on a deserted tropical beach. 

 She felt everything, everywhere. His body, his lips, his sex inside her, his soul surrounding her.  Her fingers stroking away. She knew she was in control of her pleasure.  She was orgasmic now.  It felt so surreal.

 SNAP.  And now you are awake.

 She read the words in a daze.  I could see her lips forming the words.

 She read them again as her surroundings came back to her: 

 SNAP.  And now you are awake.

 “What’s going on?”  Her face was a picture to behold.  Perfectly perplexed.  Sat there, naked in front of the computer screen, her fingers still stroking gently against her dripping pussy.  I sat watching her intently.

“How did you get there? ....Why am I here?  ….Why are aren’t you hypnotised any more?” She asked. 

“I never was.” I replied.

 “But how?  What happened?”  She had gone under so completely she hadn’t clue what had happened.  I saw her flush with arousal.  She always did love to know how mindlessly submissive she could be.  How easily and powerfully I took her into hypnosis.  I flashed a grin at her, noting that she was still stroking herself.

 “Well, after the film finished, you got it into your head that you were going to hypnotized me.”

 “And what happened?”

 “You tried to hypnotise me and you just hypnotised yourself.  I gave you a command ages ago that if you ever tried to hypnotize me you’d end up taking yourself into trance.  And that’s exactly what happened.  You’re such an obedient little girl.”  I smiled warmly into her eyes and saw her eyes widen with pleasure at the thought of what had happened.

 “So why am I here by the computer?”

 “I actually wrote a story about a subject hypnotising her master a while back.  I was going to read it to you as a treat one day but I had an idea whilst you were busy trying to hypnotise me, hypnotising yourself.  I thought that instead of just reading it to you, I’d take you down further into a really deep trance and tell you that you would feel exactly as if the story you were reading was happening to you as you read it.  And that’s what’s happened.” 

 She was hotter than ever now.  I could see she was on the brink of orgasm at the realisation of what had happened.  I carried on, “Everything that you thought happened was written in front of you.  Hypnotising me, having me at your command, instructing me to massage you, commanding me to make love to you, almost falling into trance at the sight of my ‘hypnotised’ eyes….. it’s all there written down in front of you.” 

 She looked up at the screen, the depth of her hypnotic submission slowly dawning on her.  Scanning through the story she had just experienced first hand, like a written photo album of a hypnotic fantasy that only seconds ago had been as real to her as her dripping desire was now.

 She sat there in pure amazement.  Overcome with arousal and astonishment.

 “But it felt so real.”

 “Well, you’re a very good subject.  You deserve a reward.  It’s been a pleasure to watch you.”

 “But why does the story just end there?”

 I grinned like a dog with a bone.  “Oh, it doesn’t end there.”

 She looked back at the screen, not sure if there were more words that a hypnotic command had rendered invisible to her mind.  “It does.  Look, it just says, ‘SNAP. And now you are awake.’”

 “That’s not the end, that’s just to bring you back.  You’re free to please yourself now.  You can touch and feel what you like now.”  We smiled at each other.  She suddenly realized she was still touching herself, still stroking her pussy.  And noticed now also that I was doing similarly with my stiffened cock.

 I beckoned her over.  She came to me, obedient and hungry for more but stood, naked just before she got to the bed.  I could see she was desperate for it but she had another question to ask.

 “So when I try to hypnotise you, I hypnotise myself and –apparently- I can’t help it.  Can I ever hypnotise you?”

 I hadn’t thought about it like that before. 

 I paused. 

 I thought about it. 

 I lied.

 “No.”  I said.

 The truth was so much better than that.  So much more arousing.  So much more fun lay in the naked truth: 

 The truth was I was hypnotised by her the first time I laid eyes on her.  Hypnotised by her beauty.  I was hypnotised by her submission every time I hypnotised her.  I was hypnotised by her sensuality every time she went under.  Every time we made love.  I was hypnotised by her right now as she climbed onto the bed and we lay in a naked embrace.

 “So am I hypnotised right now?” she asked, evidently not quite sure but still managing a coquettishly tilt of her head.

 “Does it matter?” 

 We both knew.  It didn’t matter at all.  We were both utterly lost in pure arousal.

 The feeling of bliss washed over us again and hearts beat together.  Together we stroked and caressed our bodies pushing instinctively into one.  Warmth and moisture rose up, pumping, pulsing and throbbing inside ourselves.  The oil slid sensually with every touch across her nakedness.  Her pussy was white hot and moist, filling with satisfaction where our ecstasy bound us together in bliss.

 Her mind, her body, her soul melted into a liquid pleasure that beat to the sound of our hearts pumping, like soft, powerful waves flowing relentlessly, rhythmically up against you, in you, as you lay there undisturbed on a deserted tropical beach. 

 The feeling of bliss and pleasure touching now, everywhere. Body shaking, lips moist, breasts rising and falling tenderly, sex pulsing inside, surrounding you.  Fingers stroking away.  In total control of your pleasure.  Orgasmic now. 

 SNAP.  And now you are awake.


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