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In the mall

by andrew100

In the mall

"Jess! Get in here! You have to see this!"

"What? Do you need help in there?"

"No, you just have to see this, it's crazy."

"This better be good Lara, I can't believe you want to show me something in a dirt Mall's bathroom."

Jessie walked in and was surprised at how clean it was. Seeing as the entire Mall was run down she had thought the bathroom would be a dirty disgusting hole. She looked towards her friend and was about to ask her what she was so excited about when she saw it. It was a diaper-changing table. But no ordinary one, it was huge. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Yeah, it must be the biggest diaper station I've ever seen." Lara pointed towards the top edge of it. "And have you ever heard of Long_Rifle Inc.? I thought they were all Coala Kare?"

Jessie saw a sticker on the wall above the table, "So did I, but, listen to this: Long_Rifle Inc. is proud to give the public a new semi automatic baby care system. Simply place baby on the table and insert a quarter in the coin slot under the monitor. Answer a few questions and the correct diaper will be dispensed."

Lara smiled and started to climb on the table. "Hey get a quarter, let's see how good this thing is."

"You can't be serious?"

"Sure, why not? You'd only be out twenty five cents. And if it works, I'll wear it. Deal?"

"Twenty five cents to see you wear a diaper?! Sure, now lay back BABY!"

Lara lay down on the table, and was surprised to feel it grow warm quickly. It was very nice, she felt her entire body start to relax. She even let out a yawn. She heard the sound of a coin being dropped into the machine, then some clicks and a few whirring sounds. Then Jessie asked her what age range she wanted. "Why do you need that?"

"The screen just asked me what kind of diaper you need, from infant to potty trainer. I would suggest toddler so you can walk around easier. That way it's not as thick."

"Sure why not. Go for it. Can it be pink?"

Several more seconds went by, then Lara heard Jessie start to giggle. "What Jess? What's so funny?"

"They really keep these things stocked. All I can say is I guess you're wearing a diaper today!"

"What?! There's no way that thing has diapers big enough for me." But even before she could get up off the table a large white mass of plastic was dropped in her hands. She grabbed it and started to unfold it. "Wow, I can't believe it! It's the largest diaper I've ever seen."

"Yeah, well I'm sure it's big enough to fit you. So pull off those pants baby!"

Lara dropped off her shoes and then unzipped her pants. She grabbed the diaper and used it as a shield while she pulled her panties off. "I'm going to put this diaper on myself okay?"

"No, I don't think so. You ever see a baby put her own diaper on before?"

Lara looked at Jessie with a scowl. "I'm not letting you see me naked okay? How bout I pull it between my legs, and you just put the Velcro tabs on?"

"Sure whatever. Just hurry before someone walks in."

Lara hadn't thought of that, she quickly threw her panties off and pulled the diaper up between her legs. Jessie wasted no time in attaching the two large tabs to the front of Lara's diaper. She then stepped back and helped Lara up off the table.

Lara had to stand with her legs slightly apart, she looked down at the padded mass between her legs and smiled. The diaper had little pink hearts going up and down between her legs. She playfully patted at it with her hands. "I can't believe I'm wearing a diaper in public. It feels so weird."

"Well let's see you strut, shake that ass girl!"

Lara started to walk back and forth in the restroom. Each stepped caused a loud plastic crinkling sound. She started to walk with an exaggerated waddle, then as she got closer to Jessie she stuck her thumb in her mouth and playfully sucked on it.

"Oh wow, I wish I had a camera. You look so cute!" Lara then turned and started to walk towards a stall. Jessie wondered what she was doing, "Hey! Where are you going?"

"I have to pee. Might as well take care of it now."

"Are you going to use the diaper?" Jessie asked, with a coy smile on her face.

Lara stopped dead in her tracks and looked back at her. "No, there is no way I'm going to piss myself too. I put the diaper on, that was the deal."

"Yeah okay, let me get your pants."

Lara waited as Jessie scooped up her discarded clothes and walked over towards her. But just as she reached her the door to the bathroom opened and a thirty something woman walked in. Both girls stopped and stood frozen in their spots.

The woman looked surprised, then she smiled and waved at them. She started to go towards the back stalls when she noticed Lara in all her diapered glory. "Oh, hello there. Are you being a good girl?"

Lara's face turned bright red. "Listen this isn't what it looks like, we were just messing around."

The lady just smiled. "Oh! She sounds so cute. How old is she?" Then she started to rub Lara's head.

Jessie smirked and started to rub Lara's diapered butt. "She's all of 17, and.." Jessie suddenly stopped talking. Her hand had felt something between Lara's legs she didn't expect. "..and… Did you wet your diaper Lara?"

Lara's face showed hot anger, "She surprised me, I told you I had to go bad. Give me my dam pants, I'm getting this diaper off me and we're getting the hell out of here!"

Instead of being grossed out, or laughing, the lady just stuck a finger inside Lara's diaper. "Yeah, she's soaked want me to change her?"

Both girls almost screamed. Then Lara started to freak out. "No way she did not just do that! Ewwww! Let's just get out of here!"

"But don't you want your pants on?" Jessie asked.

"Aww, is the baby cranky?" The woman said with genuine concern. "Does she need her bottle? Where's her diaper bag?"

The embarrassment was too much for Lara "Why did I put this stupid diaper on?" she thought. Then she started to cry. Jessie hugged her, then turned on the woman. "Geez lady!, you're freaking her out. She's not some stupid baby! Can't you see that, we were just fooling around. And you scared her!"

"Sorry sweety, please call me Karen. I know she's not a baby anymore." Karen reached out and gave both girls a large bear hug. "She's 17 months old. Soon she'll be able to talk, and feed herself. She's definitely not a baby, now let's get her changed. Maybe a nice dry diaper will make her feel better."

Jessie didn't know what to do, this lady was obviously crazy. And she sure didn't want to stick around much longer, but Lara needed to get the diaper off anyway. "Fine, Lara let's get this over with. Just get on up so we can go home."

"NO! NO WAY! THERE'S NO WAY I'M GETTING NAKED WITH HER AROUND!" Lara screamed. Jessie had to hold her to keep her from leaving the restroom with nothing but a shirt and a diaper on.

Karen stepped back and smiled. "Quite a screamer huh? She'll probably be a singer when she grows up."

Jessie let go of Lara and started to point towards the door. She had had it with everything. The lady, the diaper, and Lara. She was sorry she had ever gotten involved in this mess. "Please lady, just leave."

But Karen was unable to respond before someone knocked on the door. "Excuse me, this is security. Is everything okay in there?"

Jessie couldn't believe security would get involved in something like this, but was still happy they showed up. "Everything's okay, but I'd like you to ask someone to leave this room for a few minutes so my friend can relax."

But she didn't get an answer. Instead the female guard walked right inside and started looking everyone over. "We got a complaint of a baby screaming so loud she could be heard halfway across the court. I take it this is her?" Then she turned towards Karen. "Are you their mother?"

"Dear me no! I just came inside here as the little one was getting a diaper change. I would already be done and gone if it wasn't for her (she pointed towards Jessie), trying to tell me that she (Lara) was in fact not a baby. But a 17 year old girl that was potty trained and didn't need a baby sitter."

The security guard gave Lara the once over, then turned to Jessie. "Are you her caregiver today?"

Lara started to cry again. "I'm..-sniff, sniff-, not a baby, why are you all acting so weird?"

Jessie was starting to freak out too. "Can't you hear her talking?"

Now the guard seemed to get upset. "Listen young lady. I'm not here to play games. This mall has a policy stating that all children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. So along those lines: Are you the one that is either going to change this girls wet diaper? Or are you the one that can explain to her mother why I have to call her and tell her to come and get her because the sitter is being silly?"

Both Jessie and Lara looked at each other. Getting a diaper change in front of strangers was bad. But having her mother called and then trying to explain why she was wearing a wet diaper would be worse. Lara nodded and got up on the table. "Fine, let's get this over with."

Jessie swallowed her pride and walked closer to the diaper dispenser. But Karen was in her way. "Excuse me, but I need to get her another diaper."

Karen smiled at her. "Forgot her diaper bag huh? Here let me get it for you."

"Sure whatever lady." Then she turned back to Lara, "Don't worry, this will be over soon."

Lara stared back at her. "I just want to go home. I never want to see another diaper for as long as I live."

"I bet." Then Jessie heard the thump of a fresh diaper being dropped from the dispenser. She took it then stopped. "What is this? This is three times thicker than the last one?"

Karen pointed towards the machine's screen. "I set it for infant, heavy wetter. Since it looked like she was about to leak."

Lara had been watching the whole time. When she saw the size of the diaper her eyes bulged. "Hey! I can't wear that! I'd never be able to fit back in my pants!"

Jessie looked down and hushed her. "I know it's too thick, let me just get one myself."

Karen got out of her way as Jessie dropped a quarter in, and selected another diaper. But his time it was exactly like the one Lara was now wearing. Then she stood in front of Lara and took a deep breath. "Okay, here we go. Try not to pee on me."

Lara gave her a very dirty look, but kept her mouth closed. She blushed when she heard the Velcro rip, and then tightly closed her eyes as Jessie opened the diaper and started to clean her. There were tears in her eyes by the time she heard the command to raise her bum. She felt the diaper pulled out from under her, then she felt another one put in its place. Lara slowly settled down on it, and spread her legs so Jessie could pull it up and seal it on. She face was a mix of shame and rage. "Jessie, if you ever tell anyone what happened here I'll kill you…."

"Lara this isn't the best day of my life either. Do you think I'm going to go around telling everyone how I changed YOUR diaper?"

"Fine, just hurry up." Lara added in a whisper as Jessie started to wipe her butt.

Karen and the guard both stood and watched as Lara was cleaned. They made sure it was done properly and that the new diaper was put on right. They both thought that the baby's sitter must be new, since she seemed to be embarrassed about changing her diaper in front of others. They even thought the baby was cute, the way her face blushed, and how she seemed to follow directions completely. It was as if she could understand everything her sitter told her and followed along.

After the diaper was closed the guard was happy. "Now get her home, and I don't want to see you here with her again, unless you have her parents here with you. Got it?"

Jessie was still helping Lara to her feet but responded anyway. "Sure, no problem, I'm sure we both just want to go home and get everything straightened out."

Karen was about to leave too, but she noticed that the extra diaper had been left on the table. "Hey, don't forget this!"

Both Lara and Jessie turned and saw her holding the thick diaper. Lara put her hands out to push the offered diaper away, but Karen just pushed in into her hands and let go. Lara didn't want anything to do with another diaper and was going to drop it but Jessie stopped her.

"Thank you for seeing that, but it's way to thick for Lara, I'll just throw it out."

Karen shook her head at that. "No, just put it in one of your bags and take it home to her mother, I'm sure she could use it later. Maybe at night time."

When Jessie saw that she wasn't going to take no for an answer she sighed and dropped it in one of her bags. She was glad the store used very dark ink on them, as it hid the diaper completely. Then she started to help Lara get her pants on. It was a good thing she had worn baggy style pants, but even still it was a tight fit. And after they were zipped closed it looked like her butt was 4 sizes bigger than normal. They both took one last look at Karen's smiling face and walked out the door and then out of the mall.

Lara checked behind her to make sure she wasn't being followed. Then looked Jessie right in the eyes. "THIS NEVER GETS REPEATED TO ANYONE ELSE… EVER!"

Jessie laughed, "Sure, like I said before; it's not like I want everyone to know I changed your wet diapers. I don't think I could live that down either. Now let's get home and try to forget this ever happened."

Lara's house was first and they both crept up the walk. They could see that her parents were gone, so they were in luck. They used a hidden key to get in and went straight for Lara's room where they both stopped stunned.

"My…My room! What the hell happened to my room?" Lara screamed.

Jessie couldn't answer, she just stared into the sea of pink that Lara's room had become. They both slowly walked into the room and just kept staring. This wasn't the room of a young adult. Gone were the posters of popular rock bands, instead they saw simple cartoon characters. The walls had been a nice shade of olive green, from when Lara had gone through a rebel stage. Now it was pink. It almost matched the carpet exactly. Suddenly Lara seemed to snap out of her daze and she rushed towards her dresser.

It looked the same, except for a nice new white paint job. But as she opened the drawers, Lara found that everything inside had changed as well. "No, no no no….." Lara moaned as she rooted through the dresser. Jessie watched as she threw large onesies, and diapers across the room. Then Lara looked straight at her. "You did this! You had too! You must have called my mother and planned this all along!"

"WHAT?!' Jessie yelled. "You're the one that wanted to try a diaper. You're the one that had me pay to get one. You're-- Oh my god! Your shoes!"

Lara looked sown at her shoes and recoiled in shock. She had worn Nike running shoes to the mall for comfort. Now she saw that she was wearing pink no-name shoes with Velcro instead of laces. She dropped down on the floor and ripped them off. "What the F*** is going on? I don't even own Velcro shoes!" Then as she was getting up she noticed something wrong with her pants. "These pants didn't have hearts on them! Where the hell did they come from?!" She started trying to rub them off, but nothing happened.

Lara angrily unzipped her pants and pulled them off, she tossed them towards Jessie who caught them and looked at them closely herself. She saw that they were definitely different looking. From the bright pink hearts all over the legs, to the weird snaps going up one side. "Maybe your pants got switched in the store?"

But Lara wasn't paying attention. She was looking at the bottom of her shirt that was now exposed. The shirt looked the same except for the snaps holding the back of it to the front between her legs. Lara started to freak out. She ripped the snaps open and roughly pulled the shirt off over her head. Now she stood in front of Jessie in nothing but a diaper. Lara didn't even try to undo it, she just pulled it down and off.

It slid down her legs and plopped at her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it towards Jessie. "Here! You paid for it! You can have it back!"

Jessie sloppily caught it and was about to drop it when she smelled pee. She looked down at the diaper and realized it seemed heavier than it should. "Um Lara?"

Lara was back at her dresser again rooting around for something to wear. "I'm kind of busy here Jessie. You know, trying to find something that doesn't go with diapers."

Jessie grabbed the diaper by the sides and walked it over to Lara. "I really think you should take a look at this."

"I don't think so. I don't want to see another diaper as long as I live."

Jessie sighed and dropped the diaper in front of Lara. It hit the top of the dresser and started to roll over the edge. It was about to land in one of the drawers but Lara caught it. "Dam it, I said I-" She stopped when she smelled pee. She set the diaper on top of the dresser and slowly pulled the Velcro tabs open. Then she spread the diaper wide. The yellowish stain in the middle was unmistakable. She turned away from the diaper and looked at Jessie. "But I didn't pee in this one! I couldn't, I never felt it or anything."

Jessie could see fear in Lara's eyes. "Relax, you've been under a lot of stress. Anything can happen from stress. Sit down and relax."

They both sat down on the bed, Jessie tried to start a conversation, but Lara just couldn't take it.

"Just stop Jess. This is not normal, something bad is going on here. And you don't know what is going to happen."

"It's just some paint and new clothes, it can all be fixed."

Lara stood up and walked over to a large mirror. She gestured towards her body's reflection. "Just some paint, and clothes? I'm naked, with nothing but baby clothes to wear, and I was just in a wet diaper. I think we're beyond fixable."

"Lets just get some clothes on you, then we can wait for your mother to get home okay?"

"Fine." At that the girls started to scour the room for something to wear. Finally they settled on bib overalls and a light pink shirt. The shirt had a snap crotch but at least it couldn't be seen under the overalls, and it took care of the lack of underwear. Lara was looking at her new look in the mirror when she heard a car pull into the drive. "Okay, that's mom, let's get this over with."

They were standing in front of the door when Lara's mother came in. She dropped her purse on the floor and gave Lara a big hug. "How was my girl today?"

"Horrible mom! We kinda messed around at the mall and now there's something weird going on."

Her mother looked at her, "Really?" Then she gave her a kiss on the check.

"Yeah, I was playing around with a baby changer at the mall and then this lady came in and started to treat me like a baby. If Jess hadn't been there she was going to change my diaper!"

"Wow! I guess you had a busy day." Then she looked at Jessie. "Sounds like you two had an exciting day. She just can't stop talking huh?"

"I guess so, we've been waiting for you to come home and help straighten this out."

"Oh…." Ms. Miller looked at her daughter. "Was Lara a bad girl today?"

Now Lara started to get upset. "Hello! Didn't you hear what I said? Look at how I'm dressed have you ever seen me dressed like this before?"

"Relax little lady. Mommy's here, I'll make it all better."

Lara started to freak out, "What?! I'm not going to relax! My room is changed! My clothes are missing. I had to wear a diaper in public! Stop acting like everything is okay mother! I just want to know what's going on. How could you make this better? I don't want to wear diapers….. I'm not a baby!"

Lara's mother walked right up to her and gently hugged her, pulling her head close to her chest. "Shush dear, everything will be all right. I'm make it all better." She began gently rocking Lara back and forth, then she looked at Jessie. "Thanks for watching her, I'll pay you for today and tomorrow Friday okay?"

Jessie started to feel confused. And so did Lara they both said, "What?!"

"I know Lara's a handful, but I don't have the money today. Thanks for being such a good sitter, I'll make sure I pay you tomorrow."

Lara went into a rage. "I'm not a baby! Quite acting like I am!" She tried to hit her mother but she found herself pushed towards a wall and felt a heavy slap on her butt. Overwhelmed she dropped to the floor and started to bawl.

Jessie had watched it all astonished. It was as if everyone but her thought Lara was just a baby again. "I..ummmm."

Ms. Miller walked over to Lara and started to rub her back, again she looked at Jessie. "Just a little tantrum, I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

Jessie looked down at Lara, whom was wiping tears from her eyes. "Sure, I'll be here. Hang in there Lara, I'll be back tomorrow."

The look Lara gave her was one of terror, "Call me later okay?"

Jessie didn't say anything. She just nodded. Then she grabbed her purse and her shopping bags and left.

"I wonder what the hell is going on?" Jessie thought. "It's like magic or something. Everything in her room was changed, and even the clothes she had on. Magic can't be real….. It's impossible."

But as she walked down the street she tried to think of another reason that all this could have happened. Drugs was her first thought. "Drugs could make people have delusions. But why wasn't I or Lara affected?"

Then she thought it could have been hypnotism. "Well maybe we have all been hypnotized. That would explain it…. Maybe we only think we see diapers and baby things, just like everyone else sees Lara as a baby. But how could that happen?"

She was still trying to figure it all out as she walked into her house and went towards the kitchen. She was getting a glass of water when her mother walked in. "So how was your day honey?"

Jessie wondered if her mother could be affected. "Um, great. What do you think of Lara"

Her mother smiled at her. "Oh, she's such a cutie pie. I wouldn't mind changing her diapers at all. You should bring her over her again tomorrow so I can see her."

Jessie put the glass to her mouth and drank thinking, "Well, that solves that."

"Now why don't you go clean your own room up before I have to hire a work crew to find your bed."

Jessie took the glass with her as she left. She knew her mother was joking, her room was almost always clean, with just some clothes on the floor. She took a quick detour to the bathroom, then went to her room. She dropped her bags on the floor and lay down on her bed. As she closed her eyes and started to relax she tried to remember everything that had happened during the day. It all seemed so weird. First just seeing Lara in a giant diaper, then the whole fiasco with the woman and the guard.

At the time it just seemed like some people messing around with them for fun. But after seeing Lara's room Jessie wasn't so sure. Maybe something was going on. "Maybe everyone else is messing with us, but why would Lara pee her diaper like that?" She said out loud. "Ugh, this is so stupid! Why did we mess around with that table?"

Jessie just sighed and started to clean up her room. She hoped the exercise would clear her head a bit. When all the clothes were in a pile she grabbed them and made for the laundry room. After dumping them in a hamper she turned back to get another glass of water. A picture hanging on the wall caught her eye. It was one from last year where her and Lara had gone to Six Flags together, and had rode the Death Drop. The world's fastest, longest, highest, darkest, wettest, most neck breaking ride ever. Just as you pass through the "neck breaker" there was a camera that took pictures, and people could buy them. They had bought theirs. But instead of showing the two of them screaming it showed what looked like Jessie helping Lara into the caterpillar. Which was one of the children's rides.

She pulled the picture down and took it to her room. Jessie looked at it for a long time, now she knew there was something-unnatural going on. She started going through her pictures on her computer, to find that they were all changed. "There's no way they got them all." She thought. Jessie opened a special hidden file. Where she had certain things she didn't want her mother to find. In it she kept pictures Lara and her had taken of each other in sexy poses.

The pictures were still there, but instead of lace panties, Lara now posed in a diaper. Jessie looked through each picture and found all with Lara had been changed. And not just the diapers were new. Lara seemed to look odd. Her face seemed to be more relaxed, and had a more carefree look to it. She seemed to move her body different, like she was not as graceful. Each pose seemed to be over exaggerated. Then halfway through she saw what looked like Lara grabbing the front of her diaper and closing her eyes. Then the next one showed a very wet diaper sagging between her legs. Jessie stopped at that one, it was obvious this wasn't just photo shop. She knew she had to do something.

She closed the door to her room and grabbed her phone. Jessie's fingers danced quickly over the keypad and she listened to the sound of the phone ringing. Normally this number went straight to Lara's room. But after only two rings it connected to a recording. "The number you have dialed is not in service, please hang up and try again." Several more tries got the same result.

Jessie knew there was no way she was messing up. She then called Ms. Miller's line. It rang again but this time it was answered.

"Hello, the Millers, can I help you?"

"Um, yeah this is Jessie. I was wondering, can you put Lara on please?"

"Oh sure sweetie! I know how hard it is to say good bye. Let me put her on and you can listen to her. She seems to get so excited when I mention you. Hold on, let me get her."

After several seconds Jessie heard the phone get handed to Lara, and even heard her mother tell her not to throw the phone down. Then she heard Lara, "Jessie how the f*** could you leave me like this? My mothers gone as crazy as everyone else! Get over here and get me out of here!"

"Lara we have even bigger problems."

"I'm sitting here, with my mother holding the phone to my head, in nothing but socks and a diaper. I doubt anything can be worse."

"Listen up, I doubt we have an hour to talk Lara. Everything has changed! Even at my house, my mother thinks of you as a baby, and there's something else."

"What?! What else?"

"Even the pictures have changed!"

"So what? Someone photo shopped them. Quick freaking out and get over here."

"No Lara, THE pictures have changed." Jessie said in a hushed tone.

Lara got the gist right away. "Yeah…. Well, they hacked you then."

"No Lara, these show you prancing around in a diaper, and happily pissing yourself. There's no way these are faked. They changed, like magic."

"Listen to yourself. Magic is not real! It does not exist!"

"Sure, and you aren't sitting in a diaper, and peeing yourself? I'm going to come over and-"

"Hello?" Jessie heard Lara's mother over the phone. "Hey Jessie, time for Lara to go to bed. She'll see you tomorrow okay?"

"What? Hold on, can I talk to her just a few more minutes?"

"No, she's been really cranky today, and she really needs to be in bed. She's starting to throw a fit already. Maybe some one needs a spanking?"

"Okay, I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Hey Jessie? Could you come by early like around 9am?"

"Sure. I'll try to get there as fast as possible." Then Jessie hung up the phone and started to cry. Her best friend was trapped in diapers and there was nothing she could do about it. And now she had to leave her alone till the next day. "Dammit!" She yelled as she kicked her bags across the floor. One burst and clothing flew everywhere. The sight of most of her new clothes strewn across her room made her feel better, but she soon felt the need to pick them up and at least put them properly in her closet.

As she hung up her clothes she felt better. Maybe it wasn't helping Lara, but it did feel better to at least be doing something. Jessie grabbed a multicolored skirt and started to hang it in her closet when something square and white fell to the floor with a soft crinkle. She reached down and picked it up before she realized what it was.

"The Diaper!" She almost screamed. It dropped from her hands and flopped back down onto the floor.

"Are you okay in there?" she heard her mother ask.

Jessie quickly caught her breath, "Yeah mom. I'm fine. I just saw a spider is all."

"Okay, well dinner is almost done, you have five minutes till I come up there and drag you down."

The whole time her mother talked Jessie never took her eyes off the plastic terror lying on her floor. She finally got the courage to pick it up and set in on her bed next to her pillow. Seeing it brought back the reality of her situation, that she had to help Lara. "Maybe there's a company name, or stock number or something I can look up on it?" She thought.

She carefully picked up the diaper and unfolded it. The sweet smell of its perfume started to fill her nose. Jessie set it down on her bed and looked at it, "How could this thing be magic? It's just a big diaper." Then she started to look at it closely to see if there were any markings on it at all. But after several minutes she had found none.

"Great, I guess I'm gonna have to go back to that mall and that changing table." Then Jessie carefully picked up the diaper, and threw it in the back of her closet. The smell of fresh bread started to waft past her and she remembered that her mother had made dinner. She quickly ran to the kitchen before it started to get cold.

Jessie ate in silence as her mother talked about her day. She sounded excited that she had been to several meetings that day. Jessie just smiled back at her, "If you only you knew what kind of day I had." Jessie thought.

As soon as she finished she jumped up and started to wash the dishes that were left. Her mother stood next to her and dried while trying to make her say how her day baby-sitting had gone. But since Jessie hadn't baby-sat she didn't want to say anything. As the conversation ran on, her mother started to think that she was trying to hide something, she started to prod her daughter more but she kept getting the same "nothing happened" story.

Finally the dishes were done and Jessie bolted for her room. She tried to do searches on-line for the name of the diaper changer, but came up empty. After awhile she just logged out and decided she was going to hit the sack.

"Hey mom! I'm gonna take a quick shower, and then lay down all right?"

"Sure, try not to splash so much water this time!"

Jessie smiled at that. She grabbed her jammies and walked to the bathroom. She felt like she had to pee so she sat down on the toilet and relaxed. As she sat she again started to think about Lara. And what she was going through.

"Boy, it would suck to be stuck in diapers again. And to have everyone see you in them, ugh!" She said to herself. She thought of Lara walking around in nothing but a diaper, and then having it changed when she wet it. "How embarrassing, I wonder if she'll get worse?" That thought freaked her out. Lara was already wetting her diapers like a baby. Maybe she would get worse and actually act completely like some little rug rat. "I hope she's okay tomorrow, I'll feel so bad if I'm too late."

A quick flush and she turned on the shower. After the water warmed she jumped in. The warmth relaxed her and she started to forget the stress of the day. Jessie even smiled and giggled a little when she had the vision of Lara in a wet diaper run through her mind again.

She was done and dry in less than 15 minutes and back in her room. She slipped into a long nightshirt and started to brush her hair. This was one of the few things she had done since she was a little girl. She had always liked combing out her hair. After another 5 minutes she done and lying between the sheets. As the lights went out she gave one last thought to her friend before she went to sleep.

Her alarm went off at 8am. She opened her eyes and blinked in the bright morning sun. A stretch and a yawn and she felt 10 times better. She swung her feet out of bed and reached over to swat the alarm off. Back in silence she contemplated going back to bed. Then she remembered what had happened. Her eyes shot open and she hopped out of bed.

"Oh, I have to get ready! I hope she's okay!" She quickly threw on some clothes and ran for the door. But her mother stopped her before she made it outside.

"And where do you think you're going young lady?"

"Mom! I have to baby-sit today. Remember?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry about that, still you need to eat. Now sit down and have some oatmeal. Let me nuke some water."

Jessie walked behind her mother towards the kitchen. She grabbed a glass and filled it with OJ while her mother heated some water for her breakfast.

Soon Jessie was sitting in front of a large bowl of instant oatmeal, and slurping it down as fast as possible. Her mother watched as her daughter ate. She was still worried that something else was going on. That maybe she was getting into drugs or something. She knew Jessie was baby-sitting today. She just hoped nothing else would happen. "Honey, I know you get bored at Lara's house, but I want you to stay there today okay? I don't want you to leave."

"But mom! I was going to take Lara on a walk to the mall!"

"I don't care. I don't want you to leave her house, understand?"

"Sure mom." Jessie said, she knew her mother would never know if she went anyway. "And thanks for the breakfast, see you tonight!"

Her mother told her goodbye as she darted out the door. Jessie was almost jogging as she walked to Lara's house. But as she got closer she slowed and then stopped. She was worried that Lara would be gone when she got there. That she would be a complete baby. "I have to go." She thought, "I have to help her if I can." And at that she started her fast pace again soon finding herself staring at Lara's house.

Jessie was about to knock on the door when it swung open and she was staring at Ms. Miller. "Hello honey. She's up and fed, and in her playpen. If you have any trouble you know what to do. See you later tonight. Bye!" Then Lara's mother gave one last look towards her daughter and walked out the door. Jessie stood in the door a long time, watching Ms. Miller leave. As her car disappeared Jessie knew she couldn't put it off any longer. She turned and walked over to Lara.

She was sitting in a playpen that was way to small for her. Her head was several inches over the top. Lara was in a loose fitting pink shirt and a diaper. She was sucking on a pacifier and had a blank look on her face.

Jessie started to feel scared. "Oh Lara, I'm so sorry. Please, I'm sorry." She put her hand on Lara's head and gave it a gentle rub, Jessie watched as she started to smile. "Oh, I tried to get here faster, Lara I'm sorry." Jessie started to cry as Lara started to play with the front of her shirt.

Jessie was surprised as Lara tightly grabbed her shirt, and spit her pacifier at her. Hitting her in the face. The blank expression was gone, replaced by rage.

"How the hell could you leave me with that crazy bitch!"

Jessie tried to hug her as she helped her to her feet. "Lara! I'm so glad you're okay!"

"Okay? I got put over mom's knee after you left! She made me shit in a diaper! I was forced to eat crappy baby food! She treated me like some kind of retard, and totally ignored everything I said! How okay do you think I am?"

Jessie felt her checks start to burn a little. "Well, um…. I thought that you'd… You'd gotten worse."

"Worse! What could be worse than pissing myself? I'm starting to get pissed off here! I'm gonna start punching soon."

"Well, I thought maybe you'd start thinking like a baby, instead of just going…… Well, using a diaper like one."

"What makes you think that would happen? I'm just having a few problems, it's stress is all."

Jessie sat down. "No Lara, it's not just stress. It's not just the diapers. Everyone thinks you're just a baby! Even my mother said that you are a little cutie. And-"

Lara waddled over to Jessie, and stood in front of her. "She's just part of this like my mother."

Jessie looked Lara over. Now that she was so close, Jessie could smell the perfume coming from Lara's diaper. She thought she could even smell pee. She stared at the diaper, and thought that maybe it was indeed sagging.

Lara saw her staring. "Hey!" Jessie blinked her eyes and looked up towards Lara's face. "I'm up here! If you want to look at diapers I can get you your own!"

"Sorry, it's just so weird."

"Yeah, well just tell me what's going on."

Jessie sighed, "You're right. Is your yearbook around?"

"Sure, you know I keep them all together." Then Lara went to her room, she wasn't gone long before she rushed back. "There're gone! That bitch took them!"

"I thought something like this would happen, I brought mine. Now look here." She gestured towards their graduating class picture. "You're not in it anymore!"

"No way, let me see that!" Lara ripped the book out of Jessie's hands and started to look though it. She saw that her picture, and any mention of her was gone. She thought it might be a different book, but she saw that all the signatures and messages were the same. "What the hell is going on here Jess?"

"I don't know. But I tried to find the maker of that diaper table on-line and it's like it doesn't exist. I think we should hit the mall again. See if there's anything on that changer we can use."

Now Jessie could see that Lara was scared. "But I don't want to go out again! You can go by yourself."

"No, if your mom found out she'd never let me sit for you again, and two; maybe there's a way to reverse what happened, and all we have to do is have you sit on it again."

Lara looked down at the floor, then back at Jessie. "Yeah, okay. Let's just get it over with quickly."

They both walked to Lara's room, where Jessie watched as she started to pull a pair of bib overalls over her diaper. "Hey Lara, do you want me to get you a dry diaper?"

"I'm not a baby! If I need a diaper, I can get it myself!"

"Fine, whatever." But as Jessie watched Lara quietly checked herself, then she started to undress. She changed her diaper, right in front of Jessie without even acting like it bothered her. She dropped the wet one in a wad on the floor and slipped a dry one on. Then Lara quickly pulled her overalls back on and started to go towards the door. "Um Lara? Do you want me to grab that wet diaper and throw it out?"

Lara turned and looked down at the diaper and then back up at Jessie. "Yeah, I guess that's where it goes. Come on, let's go!"

Jessie grabbed it and chucked the sodden plastic wad in the diaper pail as she chased after Lara out the door. She quickly matched pace with the waddling girl, and smiled at the thought of how she seemed to be oblivious to how she was acting. "Lara? Is anything else different now? I mean besides the diaper thing?"

"NO…. I just, I just want to get this done. That's all. Why do you ask anyway?'

Jessie kind of frowned, "Well you kind of changed your diaper in front of me and didn't even notice. And then you just left it laying on the floor like you didn't care."

"Well I guess since I've been having diaper changes since you left me alone I got used to them. And how was I supposed to know where they go? If my mom wants me in diapers, let her pick them up."

Jessie just looked at her. She didn't think that was it. She thought something else was going on. "I guess so, just tell me if anything else changes okay."


The rest of the walk to the mall went fairly quietly. Jessie tried to talk to Lara a few times, but she just shut her down with a curt answer. Then just as the mall came into view Lara's thumb slid into her mouth.

Jessie became worried again, "Lara? Are you okay?"

"Yeth, I'm jus scarded is all."

"Well I guess so. I just never saw you suck your thumb before."

Lara pulled her thumb from her mouth with a pop. "Oh shit. You're right. It felt so good, I just didn't even think about it. Let's hurry up and get in there. These diapers have to go."

Jessie didn't argue. She increased her speed and held Lara's hand as they entered the mall. They made their way quickly to the restroom and went inside. They both breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the changing station was still there. Lara kept her distance as Jessie started looking around the table for anything they could use to contact the company. She found nothing. Then she tried to see if she could open up a contact menu on the attached computer.

"Got it! Here's an address and even a toll free phone number Lara!" Jessie expected a reply but she heard low grunts instead. She turned and saw Lara leaning forward with her knees bent out. And she seemed to be.. "Lara! Are you shitting?!"

"No! I just gots to…*Grunt*…to make poopy."

Jessie crept closer to her and tried to move her towards a stall, but as Lara took a step the sound of a wet fart pierced the air. "Lara, don't! You have to get on the toilet!" But it was too late. Jessie saw that Lara was staring off into space as she filled her diaper.

After a few minutes Lara stood up and looked straight into Jessie's eyes. "I didn't do what I think I did, did I?"

Jessie just nodded her head.

"That's it! I'm done with this shit! I'm not a baby! I'm a teenager. I'm learning to drive, I'm…. I'm." She started to cry as she squeezed her legs together. "I'm wearing a messy diaper!" She grabbed hold of Jessie And buried her head in her chest. "Please help me! I don't wanna be a baby!"

Jessie gently coddled her, she slowly rubbed her hand through her hair. "It's okay Lara. We'll get this taken care of right now." Then the smell hit her and she almost gagged. "Um, did you bring any spare diapers?"

Lara shook her head softly. "Noooo… And I don't want to be stinky!"

Jessie looked from the sobbing girl to the changing table. "Do you want to risk another change? Or can you wait till I give this Long_Rifle Inc. a call?"

Lara couldn't stand to be in her messy diaper any longer than necessary. "Please just hurry up. I'll try to wait."

Jessie already had her phone out and was punching in the numbers. She listened while it connected and then it started to ring.

"Hello, Long_Rifle Inc. This is Tali, how may I help you?"

"Um yeah. Me and my friend have a question about your diaper changing station."

"Oh yes! The Diaper Dandy 4000. Long_Rifle Inc. is proud to produce the world's foremost diaper changing station. Would you like a brochure?"

Jessie felt her face start to turn red, "No, I have a question about the diapers."

"Of course, would you like the sampler sent out to you?"

"No, listen: My friend tried on one of your diapers and she had some kind of weird reaction."

"And how old is your little buddy?"

"Please stop that! She's a teenager, and she's pissing herself like some kind of baby now!"

"Hold please." Gone was the sugary sweet tone from Tali's voice, it was flat and serious. "Long_Rifle Inc. has to inform you that this call may be recorded to help serve you better. Now I understand you're having some problems?"

"Yes! My friend tried your stupid diaper-changing table and now everything's all messed up! You guys need to fix this!"

"If you could explain exactly what happened?"

"Yesterday, we made a bet and she got on the table and put on one of your diapers. Then everyone started treating her like a baby! Now she's standing next to me in a poopy diaper!"

"What diaper type did you select please?"

"What diaper type? What difference does it make? Just help me fix it!" Then Jessie heard something come from Lara, it was almost a whisper.

"Jess… Please, I want new diapy." Lara looked like was she ready to cry.

The soft voice of Tali was back. "Miss, Long_Rifle prides itself in the manufacture of our-"

"Yes! Fine I know! But how do I stop a girl that was potty trained yesterday from shitting her pants?"

"Oh, why was she put back in diapers then?'

Jessie went though the entire story again, this time including all the fine details. Tali remained silent most of the time, only speaking to prompt better explanations from Jessie. "And then I called you. And that’s where you came in. Lara is still in a poopy diaper, and she looks like she's about ready to cry."

"Okay I see. Well first things first. You have to change that poopy diaper."

"I'm NOT going to change my best friends messy diaper!"

"Miss, the longer she is in that state the harder it will be to pull her out later. Now I'll wait while you change her."

"Do I have to give her another diaper? Isn't there some kind of option for a simple accident?'

"Er…. Well yes, but you'd have to supply a pair of panties, then the machine will just dispense a few wipes."

"Fine, I'll pull mine off and we can go from there." Jessie dropped her shorts and pulled her panties off. "Now what?"

Tali talked her through the options on the table. "Now set it on the table."

"Fine, so the table is the source of the magic?"

"Cough, Cough….No, there's no such thing as magic. Don't be silly, it's just new tech-"

"Don't try to bullshit me! There's no way this is anything but magic, everything but me has changed, nothing could do that but magic. Now cut the crap."

"Fine, there is SOME registered magic in the table, it is simple denatured-"

"Listen Tali, I don't care. Yesterday I would. But today I want this done. Now what? I assume I clean her up and put my panties on her right?"

"Yes, that should do it, I'll hold while you take care of her."

Jessie set her phone down and grabbed the gently sobbing Lara. She guided her towards the table. She quickly pulled her overalls down and laid her down on it. As her weight settled on the cool plastic table several wipes popped up along the right edge. Jessie swallowed once, closed her eyes and yanked the tabs on the diaper open.

She almost gagged at the mess, but she kept it down. She rolled the diaper down and got most of the rank mess off Lara. "Bum up baby." Lara lifted her butt off the table and Jessie pulled the diaper out from under her, then quickly wiped her down. Several minutes and wipes later, and Lara was clean. "All right Lara, get up. Lets get these panties on you."

Lara stood and with some help pulled them up her legs. She then looked at Jessie and smiled. "I think, I think I'm better." She rubbed her hands over the panties, "Oh yes, I'm definitely better. I can't believe I actually wanted you to change me. Thanks Jess. I think you were right, I felt like I was sinking there."

Jessie smiled back and grabbed her phone. "Okay. She's out of diapers. And she sounds like she's back too normal. So is that it?"

"Of course. She should be ready to be potty trained now. Congratulations on helping train her, I could send some free samples out?"

Lara's face scrunched up with anger, she grabbed the phone away from Jessie. "What do you mean potty trained? I thought this was going to make everything normal?"

"I'm sorry miss, but at least you're out of diapers during the day. And with practice you'll be able to read, and count soon!"

"Read and count?! What the hell are you talking about? I know how to read you stupid-" Lara looked at the table and noticed that the Logo she had so easily read the day before was in gibberish. "Oh my….. I can't read! What have you done to me?!"

On the other side of the phone line Tali took a deep breath. "Why does this always happen?" She thought. "How does LR get these girls to constantly get on those dam tables?" Then she addressed the girl on the phone. "I'm sorry, but don't worry there's still plenty of things a person who can't read or write can do."

"Like what? Pampers commercials? Geez, I'm a friggin retard now."

Tali felt herself blush at that. It hadn't been so long ago that she too had used one of those tables. And now she was in the middle of potty training. At least she had been civil, LR had given her a job where she didn't have to do much. Just answer the phones, and keep the victims happy. "I'm sure you will do fine, I bet your parents will love to help you."

Jessie was trying to get her shorts back on when Lara exploded. She was cursing and screaming into the phone. Jessie tied the top of them quickly and snatched the phone back. "Um, I'm sorry about that. She's just really mad."

"Well there's no reason to react so harshly!"

Lara was almost screaming. "I'll sue! I'll sue your company into the ground. I'll own your ass bitch!"

Tali started to smile, she reached over and pressed a button on her desk. "I would suggest you try to get her to relax miss. She's not taking this well."

Jessie agreed with her on that. "Lara she's right! Just relax before we get thrown out of here, at least put your clothes back on!"

Lara started to pull the overalls back on, the entire time she muttered about getting a lawyer. "This isn't over! You don't make a grown woman into a baby again and get away with it! It's illegal!"

"Hold please, while I get my supervisor."

"Lara, she says she's getting her boss. Relax, maybe he can help."

Tali put her receiver down at looked up at the smiling muzzle of her boss. "We've got a live one. Looks like 2 girls bit off more than they could chew. A Ms. Lara had on one of your Toddler 2's, and she's upset over the adjustments."

"Well I guess I better make a few changes for them huh?"

Tali cringed at that. She had been around long enough to know exactly what that meant. Usually someone was going back to diapers, and on a permanent basis. "Um, I already gave her the 4B upgrade. She say's she doesn't want to be in diapers, or trainers at all."

"Showing some initiative now Tali? Great! I knew you were just the girl for this job. Maybe it's time for me to potty train you? Would you like that?"

Tali blushed. She knew he liked seeing women in diapers. For some reason he really liked the humiliation it caused. And she could no longer think of a more humiliating thing than to be turned into a diaper using teen baby. Even now, after LR had adjusted her family to her diapers. And had even given her a special table that changed her diapers for her, Tali still felt hot humiliation every time she was seen with a diaper on. She knew that her adult status in life was due to LR allowing her to function to answer the phones. And that any gift he gave would likely have some kind of horrible side effect. "No, I would rather just stay with the diapers for now. I really don't feel like running back and forth to the potty right now LR."

"Are you sure? I bet walking around in those diapers gets rather annoying?"

Tali nodded her head. "Yes, but I'm just not um….. Ready."

"Suit yourself. Route the call to my desk, I'll finish these two up personally."

Tali cringed, she knew they weren't going to be happy about anything he did for them. "Okay, but Lara is the one being nasty. Jessie is being polite and is trying to help her friend out. Are you going to adjust Jessie too?" When he didn't answer she tried one more time. "Please LR, Jessie doesn't deserve to be changed."

LR stopped and stared back at Tali from the doorway. His eyes shined like fire. "Yeah, that's what makes it so much fun!"

Tali pushed the transfer button on her phone and sat back in her chair with a squish. "Dam. I just changed my diaper like 20 minutes ago. I've got to cut down on the apple juice." As she got up to use her special table the memories of the girls started to fade, she had more important things to worry about. "Stupid diaper rash. I wish the cheap bastard would at least make better diapers." She quietly whispered.

"Jessie! What's taking so dam long? It didn't take that girl this long to help me the first time!"

"I don't know. She said she had to talk to her boss or something. Just relax. This will be over soon. Try not to be so angry Lara."

Lara walked closer to her, she grabbed Jessie as she was trying to back away. Lara put her face so close to hers that their noses touched. "According to your phone pal I'm still stuck pissing my pants. Maybe you should jump up on the table and we can see how happy you'll be getting YOUR ass wiped!"

Jessie weakly smiled at her. "I guess you do have a good reason to be pissed. But try to remember this isn't done yet. I'd hate for you to piss this guy off and have to take it to court. That could take years."

"Just relax Jess, I know how to talk to these kinds of people. You just scare them into thinking you'll sue and they do what ever you want. Trust me."

"Whatever Lara. It's your ass, not mine."

-Click- "Hello this is Long_Rifle Holding company Inc., how may I help you today?"

"Yeah I was just talking to Tali about a problem a friend of mine had with one of your changing tables, and she was sending me to her supervisor for help."

"Yes, that would be me, and I see the report on the incident in front of me. Hmmm, yes I guess that would be a problem. So Lara doesn't want to go through potty training again, but she also doesn't want diapers either? Well I guess we'll have to take care of that."

"Tali told us that she wouldn't be able to do that for us. Was she lying?"

"No, Tali isn't the boss. I am. And I usually don't let it happen. But I can see that I have a problem here, so I need to fix it. Now let me get everything ready."

Jessie gave Lara a thumbs up, and a smile. "He says he can fix everything. Now try to relax."

*click* "All right, I think I have everything taken care of. If you ladies could just sit down on the table I'll take care of everything."

Jessie was confused. "But I never wore a diaper. Why do I have to sit on it?"

"You were affected to, don't worry everything will be taken care of. Now hurry up before I hang up."

Jessie looked at Lara and then pointed towards the table. "He says we need to sit on it, and everything will be okay."

Lara looked at her with disgust. "I'm not sitting on that thing ever again."

"Listen, if you want to be done with this you have to sit on it!" And just to show Lara that it was safe Jessie sat down on the table and spread her arms wide. "There, nothing! Now sit down you big baby!"

"That's not funny! That's really not funny at all." Then Lara stepped up and sat down next to her."

Jessie put the phone back up to her ear, "All right we're both on the table, do it."

Just as the table started to hum, Lara jumped up and off. Jessie tried to grab her but it was to late. She felt her butt get warm, then the hum stopped. She could hear a voice coming from her phone. "That's it, we're through here. I recommend you two stay away from my tables. AND DON'T EVER CALL ME AGAIN!"

The sound of the line going dead seemed to linger in Jessie ears. As she closed the phone she looked at Lara who had a smile on her face. "What? What's so dam funny? You just screwed up, he says we can't call him back, and you didn't get fixed."

"I knew it was a trick! Now look at yourself!"

Jessie looked down at her body. "What? What's wrong?"

Lara started to laugh. "What do you mean what's wrong? I can see the diaper from here. How do YOU like it?"

Jessie looked down at her waist. She could see the outline of her panties through her pants, but that didn't seem wrong to her. "How do I like what? This is how I dress all the time."

Lara's face went from amused to one of concern. "You wear diapers all the time? What are you talking about? You're not some stupid baby!"

"I know I'm not a baby stupid head! These aren't diapers, these are my big girl panties. I only wear diapers at night!" Then Jessie pulled her shorts down and showed Lara her panties. "See? They aren't diapers!"

Lara stepped close to Jessie and gently pulled her shorts back up. "You're right. You're certainly not a baby. Now let me see the phone, I need to make a call.

Jessie handed her the phone, then she started to twist some of her hair around her finger. "Hurry up, mom's gonna be here soon."

Lara punched re dial and waited. But instead of connecting the phone turned off. "What the hell? I know this thing was charged." She tried again, but the phone was dead. She looked at Jessie and tried not to frown. She had been right not to trust the guy on the phone. And now she was stuck with Jessie in training pants, but instead of complaining about it, Jessie seemed to think she needed training pants. "Hey Jess?"

Jessie, who had been looking in a mirror checking her makeup turned and smiled at her. "Yeah Lara?"

"What do you think of going to college?"

Jessie looked down at her feet as she started to answer. "I guess it's okay, that's what everyone does. It proves I'm a big girl."

Lara nodded her head and looked up at the diaper changing table again. It looked different. She got closer to it and gasped in surprise. It WAS completely different. The monitor was still there, but now it was a simple television screen showing the weeks sales in the mall. And the table no longer had Long_Rifle anywhere on it. It seemed to be a completely different brand.

Jessie walked up to her and sat down on the table. "Aren't you glad you don't have to use these anymore?"

Lara looked at her in shock, "You remember all that Jess?"

Jessie playfully punched Lara. "Geez, it just happened to you! Of course I remember. Do you think I'd forget changing your stinky diaper?"

Lara's face took on a fierce blush. "Yeah, I guess you're right. You just seemed a little different to me…"

"Sure and you look different to me, I almost didn't recognize you without a load in your pants."

Lara felt anger well up inside her and she was about to smack her when the door to the bathroom opened and the same security guard from before walked inside. She took one look at the girls, then turned and yelled out the door. "I found them! They're back in the bathroom, playing on the diaper changer again!" Then sh


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