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The suprising date, with a suprise ending.

by Jazzmine

The suprising date, with a suprise ending.

The visit back home to Vegas was great. Hanging out with my friends at the nightclub, having a few drinks and hittin' the floor with the hotties was just like old times. The night was winding down and I had found myself dancing with this one beautiful woman for most of the night. The way she moved on the dance floor, made me want her right there!
We found a table in the corner and I ordered us a round of drinks. She drank Red Headed Sluts, and I should have known from there that it was my night. I had my favorite, Bacardi and Coke. We sat there talking for about an hour, mostly about little stuff like where we were from and what we did, but then she changed the subject...
"Have you ever been tied up in bed?" she asked.
With a wry smile, I nodded affirmatively.
She continued, "Not like fuzzy cuffs and scarves... I mean, have you really been tied up tight where you couldn't escape?"
Now my eyes opened wide and a big smile appeared. It's one thing to find someone like this online, but to find them in a nightclub, and for them to just come out and say it is another! "Yes, I have" I replied. "You could say it's one of my favorite past-times."
"Good!", she said. "Tonight, you're mine. Let's go."
Fortunately, she was staying at a nearby hotel and we were up to her room in no time at all, though the cab ride was quite fun. She knew how to kiss a man! We were all over each other. The elevator ride was just as adventurous. Our lips were locked all the way to the bed as we tore each other's clothes off. She was much faster than I and had me completely disrobed before I even got down to her skirt!. Then she pushed me down on the bed and was on top of me faster than I knew what was going on. This is gonna be fun, I thought.
She had planned for this night. The rope and other assorted toys were already laid out, ready to go. She quickly took care of my arms. At each corner of the top of the bed were thick ropes with slip-knots. All she had to do was put my hand through them. My struggling did the rest. That's when I looked up and saw that she had put a large eye hook in the ceiling. I wonder what that was for...
Next, she turned to take care of the legs. She attached them to a spreader bar with 2 leather cuffs, one on each end. The bar was then secured tightly to the end of the bed, and there I was, naked and tied down within seconds!
I could tell she had done this a few times before. She stood next to the bed. I had managed to get her blouse and bra off, so I got a good look at her perfect breasts and her tight tummy. I could tell she worked out. She looked great standing there in her skirt and 5" heels.
She leaned over me and let one of her nipples fall into my mouth. "You know what to do" she commanded. Yes, I did. I ran my tongue around her nipple, slowly caressing it. I took it into my mouth and gently sucked on it. I then began flicking the nipple with my tongue while I was sucking on it. She was moaning and I could tell she liked it. She took it out and presented me with the other one, where I proceeded to do the same.
Once satisfied, she pulled it out and replaced it with a rubber ball gag. Now I was tied down and couldn't yell for help, even if had wanted to, which was the last thing on my mind.
She sat on my stomach, facing me. She was still wearing her skirt, so I couldn't see her sweet treasure that lay on top of me. She slid down, pinning my cock uncomfortably between my legs, kneeled down and began to gently suck MY nipples with her mouth and playing with the other one with her fingers. The sensation was incredible. I even caught myself heaving my chest upward in response. "You like that, don't you?" she said. I tried to answer, but the gag prevented any words... In typical male defensiveness, I shook my head, no. "Hmmm, coulda fooled me, you little slut!". Then she got rough! She pulled on my nipples and twisted them! Such painful pleasure! I tried to scream but couldn't. She twisted them back and forth, moving them all around, pulling them more and more. She tormented me for a good 5 minutes, all while I tried to plead for her to stop!
She reached underneath her to find that while I was pleading one thing, my cock obviously could not lie. I was hard as a rock. She laughed and told me that only sluts like to have their nipples played with like that. "Since you're such a slut, I'm going to treat you like one and take advantage of you right here, while you're tied up. Would you like that, slut?" she asked.
I nodded my head, yes. I couldn't wait to see what she had in store. She removed my gag and told me to tell her that I was a slut that needed to be taken advantage of. I repeated her words to her.
"You want to be raped, don't you, slut!"
"Yes, I want to be raped like a slut", I said.
Those were words I just might regret saying. My jaw had become tired and stretched due to the ball gag, so when she put in the large ring gag, it was tight, but it went in just fine. I couldn't offer much resistance. She put her fingers in my mouth and played around with it to get my reaction. Like a little slut, I tried to suck on her fingers.
She moved her body closer to my face and said, "You want what’s under my skirt, don't you?"
Never one to turn down eating a woman out, I nodded affirmatively, in great anticipation.
She lifted her skirt and that's when my eyes opened WIDE and a panic came over me. Inside her panties was a very distinct and hard bulge! She moved her panties aside to reveal a 6" throbbing cock!
Before I could begin to scream, she took advantage of the ring gag and shoved her cock into my mouth. Not all the way in, but just enough to let my tongue taste the pre-cum that was on the tip. She was holding my head tight by the hair, so I couldn't move away or do anything.
"How do you like that, slut? You like it, don't you?" and she shook my head yes, which kept putter her cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Before I knew it, she was making me suck her off, and had me nearly all the way down her shaft. She slowed down and pulled nearly all the way out to let me catch my breath. Once I did, she slid it all the way in! My nose was against her smoothly shaven body and the head of her cock was deep within my throat. She pulled out just as I began to gag. She then fucked my mouth hard and fast, unrelenting and not stopping, then deep again and holding it there until I started to gag again. She kept up this routine, each time holding her member in my throat longer and longer, until my gag reflexes were nearly gone.
She reached behind her to find that my own cock was still throbbing hard, despite my struggles and attempts to get free or scream for help. That was her queue. She knew I was enjoying it, so she went further.
She fucked my mouth fast and hard, reaching back to pinch and twist my nipples, making me moan, which made her more excited. I could feel her cock growing even bigger in my mouth and I knew what was about to happen... And I couldn't stop it. She didn't pull out when she came. It was hot, salty and slimy. She moved her cock in and out so that it coated my entire mouth and tongue. I had no choice but to swallow it all and clean it off, which wasn't easy with the ring gag.
Before she removed her cock, she took a dildo out of the drawer next to the bed. It was shaped like a dick, thicker than hers, but not as long. She took her cock out of my mouth and replaced it with the dildo. It barely fit inside the ring gag, and was deep enough to fill my mouth without gagging me. She then took a scarf and tied it around my head to hold the dildo in place.
She sat on the edge of the bed and reached between my legs. I was still hard, showing my obvious enjoyment. "You think I'm done with you, slut?" she said. "Not yet, I'm not!" I got another load in me, just waiting for you! She was stroking me when she said that and I nearly shot my load before she abruptly stopped. "Not yet, you dirty slut."
She removed her 5" heels and put them on my feet. They felt strange, curving my toes out and arching my heel. They had ankle straps which secured them so I couldn't kick them off. "Every slut loves to wear heels" she said. "I know you like to wear them too. If you don't, just take them off", she taunted, knowing full well that I could not.
She then untied the spreader bar from the bed and stood up on the bed with the rope in hand. Uh-oh... Now I know what that eye hook in the ceiling is for! She looped the rope from the spreader bar into the eye hook and pulled, forcing my heels in the air. She tied it off. Then she took a pair of nipple clamps and attached them to my already tender nipples. I tried to scream, but to no avail due to the cock shaped dildo stuffing my mouth. "Oh, that's nothing yet, dear." She took another rope and tied the chain from the nipple clamps to the spreader bar! Now the more I struggled, the more it was pulling on the clamps.
Another rope was attached to the bottom corner of the bed. She grabbed it and laced it between my legs and waist, then to the other corner of the bed. This kept me tied down to the bed so I couldn't scoot up and loosen my arms up. I was screwed... Literally.
I couldn't see everything she was doing at the bottom of the bed, but I could tell there was something going on. She positioned herself in prime fucking position. "Do you want Ribbed or Studded?" Knowing I couldn't answer, she laughed and said "Of course, sluts like you love studded condoms!" Thank goodness she was being generous with the lube! "I'm going to fuck your pussy, just like you want it." She pressed her head up against my.. well... pussy. At this point, with the heels, the nipples, the dildo, being called a slut and having just swallowed, I really felt like I was a slut that was about to get my pussy pounded.
She slowly pushed in. I could feel the stretching of my pussy as she entered. A quick relief when she got her head in, then she pushed in deep! I could feel her all the way inside me! I felt a sensation that I never thought I'd feel. It was amazing. She started pumping in and out. I could feel the studs on the condom pulsating against me as she fucked me harder and harder. Each thrust was moving my legs back and forth, causing the nipple clamps to tug hard at my nipples. It was pure euphoria. She fucked me for a while and stopped, but did not remove her cock.
"You know what sluts REALLY like? Vibrators on their clits" If I put a vibrator on your clit and you orgasm, you know what that means? It means that you're every bit of a slutty woman as I know you to be. If you think you're not, then simply don't orgasm. If you don't like this, then make me stop. If you are the slut, then you'll not stop me and you'll orgasm to the vibrator on your clit while I'm fucking your pussy."
She started fucking me again, and picked up the toy beside her. Not just a vibrator... The Hitachi Magic Wand. This thing was an intense back massager that I'd seen bring women to their orgasmic knees! As she was fucking me, she put turned it on and put it on my clit.. Uh, cock.
Oh my god!!! I couldn't believe it! It was a sensation overload! She started yelling at me, "You like that, don't you, slut? The big cock in your mouth, your nipples being toyed with, the heels on your feet, your legs high in the air, getting your pussy fucked and a vibrator on your clit! Don't orgasm or else!!!"
I tried holding it back... Even when I knew it was already going to explode. "Scream like a bitch and orgasm, you slut! I want to hear you! she said. It seemed to come naturally, and I was going to have a massive orgasm. I held it for as long as I could, which just made it worse. I orgasmed to loud moans and writing body motions, contracting my pussy, which made her explode inside me, thrusting harder and harder. She didn't stop with the vibrator, which made me struggle more. She liked it and kept going. I was helpless to stop her until we were both completely drained of fluids and energy.
She turned off the vibrator and removed the nipple clamps. OH that hurt, but she sucked them to make them feel better. She removed the gag and laid down on top of me, still inside as we fell asleep. I want to be hers forever.


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damn, i wish that would happen to me

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