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A Succubus Visits

by Illpill

A Succubus Visits

As you drift into that delightful warmth that comes before sleep I have a little treat for you. That’s right just let your body relax and I’ll do all the rest, just listen and obey as I guide you down. that’s right obey, its more fun for you when you do what I want. I’ve decided that it is about time that the sexy company that you have been stroking yourself off thinking about for the longest time pays you a visit, you may not realise it but it turns out you have been thinking about me and here I am. Yes I am a succubus, but don’t fear me, I won’t touch your life essence, just give you a really good fucking. All I need is a little cum to be going on with. How about it pet, you want to feel my silken touch. Just admire my breasts for a while, and let me touch you and it will all go so smoothly. I can feel your body react, knowing that the lover of your dreams has come to get you off this evening and you don’t even have to move from your warm and comfortable bed.

Just let the feelings rush over you, flow with the sexual energy filling your mind, that heaviness in your body as if all the hardness of your being is rising into your cock. Don’t you just love that feeling of lips brushing against yours? It is so relaxing and arousing. I love sleepy sex, you circling the edge of sleep just the faintest taste of taste me on your lips. feel the tingle. That is a succubus kiss. you feel that heavy tingling. That means your body is now mine to play with. You cannot move even if you had a shred of will left to even try, but why fight it, it will just make you cum even quicker, and I want our pleasure to last. Don’t struggle after all it was Your lusty thoughts that brought me to your bed. I’ll teach you all about the power of lust, pet, you’ll really learn something new about yourself tonight. Just let the warmth wash over you. Don’t worry, that taste is not quite a venom, the liquid lust on my lips and tongue as it enters your mouth making you so hard, so helpless. I’ll straddle you so you can take a look at my sexy body. . Have you ever seen such a perfect pair of breasts? I a quite proud of them and it’s obvious that your cock approves. Such a handsome, eager piece of flesh

Is it really unexpected once again to be feeling my silky skin against your body, my slick hot wet pussy sliding up and down over your cock, or did you just imagine that. Imagination, memory they can be so hard to tell apart. You are so hard now, or is it me imagining that? My mind, your mind. Lust makes it hard to tell. I know I love the way you feel in me, you hard cock up and down or should that be in and out it feels so good and all you can do is lay there and enjoy the building sensations of pleasure. It pleases me that every time I say the word pleasure that you feel a little bit more of the mind numbing tingling expecting increasing arousal increasing your pleasure growing that cloud of detachment from your body that is driven by your body as the rest of you becomes more relaxed as that one bit of you gets harder and harder as if all the resistance is being sucked into your hard cock leaving you almost unable to move to just lay there and feel me groaning softly as each move, each twist each thrust you cannot help but make into me as I slide up and down as you slide deeper and deeper entering me further with each delicious making you so horny and eager to cum the feeling is never ending and yet you know it must come you must come soon.

Just not yet lover.

Let me take you, let me take everything that is you inside me just that little bit deeper, let me take you all so deep inside of me, so deep, let me swallow you up. I love to swallow You’d like that wouldn’t you, anything just to get that shuddering friction ever closer to really letting go the pleasure that rises and rises. Feel my nipples rubbing on your chest feel how my juices are running over the length of you I am so hot and wet and its all for you, I am going to get off on you so many times. Imagine how it would feel to have your own succubus, I could be your own goddess of pleasure, demon of pleasure everything sexual you can imagine any different form my entire body tailored just for your pleasure, see me become the most sexually arousing person you can imagine, and that imagination growing true in front of you, the pathway to all of your fantasies coming to pleasure you, to draw out your hot cum with the most perfect of orgasm, after orgasm I will come and you will come bringing you closer to the abyss, the edge you will be mine I consume you with pleasure, you can only submit to it no matter how much your body rebels all you want is to thrust deeper and harder and lose yourself in me, the more of each motion you make to escape only snares you deeper in the pleasure, you feel so fuzzy so warm so horny so relaxed so hopelessly deeply immersed in pleasure you cannot even rebel against me, as deep as you are feeling every part of me over you every part of you softening and fading, well almost every part of you, my favourite part of you just seems to keep getting harder than ever. I love the way a man’s cock always seem so eager so stiff and juicy even as I consume their owner with pleasure as you become more and more aroused, as you get closer to the edge I get more and more of you give me more and more dominion over you. Is it you thrusting into me or is it me thrusting into you do you feel it, feel how it feels as your body drifts away like smoke out of your being and into mine.

You are merging with me. I can tell you are beginning to feel the change already By the time I have finished with you we will have hardly any sign that you were ever more than the dreams of a male at all just that last part of you to go one last thing and we both need it so much you are so So eager to cum you always forget that I wanted your body inside of me, not just your spurting cock but all of you. I am consuming you swallowing not just your cum your essence, by your whole being. my magic grows stronger

Its too late. You knew I live to consume, but my lust beats all men. My lust has swallowed a legion of men

I find it so pleasurable that delicious feeling as you truly become a part of me, but don’t fear, you are not going to simply cease to be, no I am going to break you first, I will keep your thoughts and identity separate in my mind and will relish the feeling of you trying to resist as I pleasure the next hundred men or so, as your identity is ultimately corrupted. Can you see the flashes of memory all those men I have taken, in my mouth, you can taste it, in my ass you will feel it, and in my pussy, you will come to love it. I can feel you wriggling inside of me. There is no resistance you can offer, you are part of my body now to do with as I wish, I own you, the more you try in that whimpering weak fashion to resist the more you provoke my inner slut, outer slut I know it I am a slut all the way through, and you will feel these words in what is left of your mind as lust slowly washes it away. Repeat after me I am a slut, I love cocks. I will find the next man and really go to town on him, and you will feel everything, a real front row seat. More than just a simple feeding next I think I’ll take him up the ass first, maybe deepthroat him first and let that really thick drool ease him into me. so many choices, but be certain I will degrade myself just to make you squirm cuckolding you in your own body. Don’t whimper back there, I don’t know why you are so afraid, I thought you were stronger, what are you whining about why wouldn’t you want to feel feel a strong man thrusting his essence deep in your pussy. I guess you’ll have to get used to it being trapped in a succubus body and all. there is no place for inhibitions in you now. I’ll make a real whore out of you now and I’ll go down on as many men as it takes, drink as of their frankly delicious cum come as you need to find out how addictive it is, take them up my ass as often as needs be until you are an utter connoisseur of cock. You will be so deep in cum I will drown all the straightness out of you.

See about you all those memories of all the thousands of lovers, all those men I have taken all of those cocks, all their cum. Dig around in there and you can meet all those men who thought they could beat me, all the pleasure they have given me they got used to the idea, I broke them and I will break you. It is the pleasure of breaking a big straight man like you submit, to twist and bend you to my pleasure that makes you so much fun to keep around. Each time you submit I will take a little bit more of you so fight me please, it makes it so much fun. I do hope you are not going to disappoint me and turn out to be a closet sissy. Not that you have any chance whatsoever in staying in any kind of closet once I am done with you. soon you’ll be just another one of the legions of eager gay ghosts in the back of my mind.

I think you are a fighter. I love a fighter. You do realize you have been pleasuring a man for as long as you’ve been able to get your handsome dick hard. You’ve been wringing every inch of pleasure out of a man’s penis you could your whole life so why you must fight me when I want to get you working on a few hundred more. I know its just your nature, the same way it is my nature to turn you into a shameless slut. Shame has no place in a succubus, or anywhere else for that matter. You saw it, whilst you still had a body you know my body is made to be fucked, now it is your body so how about you keep thinking that you are made to be fucked, to take cock after cock, and love every drop of cum that spurts into and over you.. You think you can refuse even resist? my this is going to be fun.

The more you fight our lusts the more the more I will make you gay. I don’t know why you are so touchy. You are in your dream body. You mean you didn’t think about how your dream body is always some highly fuckable female? Why do you watch porn if not to see a woman getting off. Maybe it is all those hard cocks, but you keep on thinking it is just for your love of pussy, and now lucky you, you have what you always dreamed of. Your dreams are what drew me to you, and its your dreams that will change you. Soon you’ll be dreaming about all the sex you ever wanted. Admit it this body, your body is made to be fucked. You want to be fucked, curiosity if nothing else will get you in the end. Deep in your mind you know you want to feel what it is like to have your body respond, to having your breasts worshiped by your lover, to have a man take over control of your body, to totally abandon yourself to lust.

I can feel your desire to explore, I mean come on when are you ever going to get a chance like this again. Make full use of yourself. Still resisting? I’ll have to show you. Lets just drift out of your room, let your awareness follow me out of your little den and into the wider world. Can’t you just feel it? People around the world are having sex 24 hours a day, every second somebody is coming. Spread your senses. Every man, every woman, is an animal driven by lust, and they fuck all the time. stop thinking about all those perfect hungry pussies and start thinking of your destiny of pleasing men. Our thoughts are drifting, focus. I like to arouse people randomly as I drift through their waking hours. That hardon you get but can’t remember why - that was me whispering to you. I live the way that the tiniest sexy thought becomes an avalanche of lust after a while, all those sexy thoughts going around in your mind as you go throughout the day. You’ll love thinking about that one if I unleash you.

Don’t be surprised as you drift away to see your body has gone, your old body has vanished, the only thing left of your old life is inside my body now, I can feel you inside me, that little angular nub of straightness which I guess I’ll just have to get fucked out of you. I’m guessing that you will not last long. I can feel you bending to me. It just goes to show, you never can tell. It turns out that you are a submissive bitch and it is my job to show it to you.

Let us just float outward and look at all the sparks of lust that are down there. Every chaste minute is food for me, arousal growing by the hour for us to feast on until the irresistible lust blossoms into the hottest sex. Down there is a couple, too exhausted by the work they do to get each other off before going to sleep. Such a waste, but all the more for me. It is all going to end badly if they don’t get enough sex, so I am really doing a public service. I love working on couples. The man over there is so eager and tainted with the flavours of love, ha lust. We’ll just arouse him just a little as his wife sleeps beside him. Come on then gently make his cock harden in your mouth, always remembering to savour the taste of a new cock, they are all unique you know, and you’ll always remember your first. See how it feels. Your pretence at straightness is distracting me from this important first step. It is really hard to be gentle with you whimpering and protesting, which you will notice is not having any effect. You have a cock in your mouth, so quit moaning about how unfair this all is, you are a cocksucker, already, and worse ungrateful about it. You had sex with a succubus, you can expect a little suffering. The truth is, keep licking nicely, you were lucky with me, pet, I could have sucked all the life out of you, turned your soul in for processing like so much hamburger, but no, I am generous enough to keep you around with me, and this is how you repay me, when all I want is that we enjoy ourselves together. See how the man in your mouth is nice and hard now. Be proud of yourself, you did that. I’ll tell you that succubus spit would harden a noodle. All part of the fun of taking on a succubus body. The real trick is to get him off without waking him, so that he thinks it was all a wild dream or better yet his partner getting him off while he is asleep.

Here we go, nice and hard. Roll that phrase around your head until you get used to it. It is like an aspirin for straightness. Can you taste the sweet saltiness. I can’t let you take the controls just yet, but soon you’ll be out here in my body while I do the collecting. Collecting cum of course.

Okay, I know it is hard to leave off a nice hard cock when it is in your mouth, but We have to move around a little and let him enter my pussy. I’m glad you got him nice and hard, admit it by the end you were enjoying yourself, we, you, me really are going to like this. Come on, are you still resisting, or is that eagerness, it’s sometimes hard to tell. Admit it now, you really do like a man inside of you, a cock is nothing to be afraid of. Not that you can do anything about it now, my body is a tool and you are only a passenger now.

Are you trying to distract me again. Fine, he’s about to come anyway, he must have been really horny all day, and your eager mouth brought him to the edge. What was that, she does look sexy sleeping there. She must be dreaming about something hot, I can smell her aroused sex, and look at the way here nipples are so hard. I bet you want to suck those titties, you being so oral and all. Too bad all you can look forwards from now on is an eternity of cocks and cum. If you wanted pussy you should have taken a ride on an incubus, but back then you were claiming not to be gay. See where deception gets you.

You hear that little sigh, that's loverboy beneath us cumming into our pussy. No wet dream is wasted on my account.

Let us find another lover, something about that woman sleeping next to me as I feed is distracting me. It doesn’t do for a succubus to get too horny to think. Succubi that become bimbos end up unable to leave the office, too busy with themselves to go prowling out at night. I am smart and proud of it and want to keep it that way.

So many homes to chose from. It is one of the perks, you get to fly over the sleeping world, seeking for your next prey. I unique flavour of each new partner. The tingling in my pussy tells me that we have flown far enough. Down there.

Well this is embarrassing. In over one thousand years I have never materialized in a house where there is only a woman present. Still I have needs. I love the taste of pussy, I love the scent of a horny woman. I love. What are you doing to me? What do you mean I’ve forgotten how to resist lust. I’ll show you I can pleasure a woman and keep my mind together. Don't you just find that way a woman moans as she approaches orgasm to be so sexy? Woman were after all built for pleasure. Just look at her lovely breasts, her perfect curves, each one triggering primeval arousal. I may not have sought a woman to feed on before, but I know my way about one. I bet I can get her hotter than any mere man.

So smooth so sweet so delicious. A squirter too. Can you feel her delicious juices running down your face? So much sweeter than any man’s juices...

Inside me I can feel thousands of years of sexual experience, so many years of hot sweaty union, thrusting my throbbing...

You are sabotaging me! How dare you, a mere mortal stir up the sexual memories of my victims against me. I thought I had buried their love of women. You are enjoying the memories of all those women, all that masculine lust. Enjoy it while it lasts because I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. You’ve made me angry, horny, angry, horny, angry dammit.

I’ll take you to one of my pets, and he’ll bend you to your new reality. See how long your old preferences last when his cock spurts into your hungry mouth, he’s such a heavy cummer, that’s why I keep him around. You’ll feel him stretching out your ass with the kind of pounding that only a succubus can take. I’ll fuck the straight out of you yet.

You refuse to be afraid? is that because you are already gay! That’s not fair. You cheated me... Fuck it you have me whining like a little virgin. What do you mean not yet? Fine. Why the burning lust for women, their curves their nipples. Everything about a hot woman is suddenly so much more sexy. Just thinking about it makes me so horny I could explode. Are you trying to make me a lesbian succubus? Please don’t carry on igniting this new lust, I cannot be lusting after hot sexy wonderful lovely women, they are so sexy, I am so horny. No. I’ll be humiliated, I could lose my position, my hunting licence. If you even tell anyone...

Dammit what do you want?

No. I will not, can not leave men alone. I need them to survive You don’t what?

A shemale... Its a pretty hot image but do you have any idea how rare they are.

Something feels odd. What are you doing to my body? Stop right now. My beautiful pussy I can feel it changing. I need that you’ll kill me I’ll... Oh. A cock. My cock. My. Cock.

How have you done this to me? No I have never, would never, never even thought of it. Will you let me go. No! This is my body. I’ll promise, I’ll make a binding oath. I’ll let you go. What do you mean just one thing. I have used that line I know what it means. What the hell. I’ll try it.

Down there?

A hooker? Who in the seven hells heard of a succubus that pays for sex.

You are humiliating me. I can feel you enjoying it you know. I really should have listened to the notices at the office. Your one of those Cursed Switches. I was warned people like you, your type, but why watch a man’s dreams if you are only going to get the good stuff out of him. That throbbing weight between my legs is a hell of a reminder never to take shortcuts.

OK genius, How am I supposed to pay that whore. I never carry cash. You don’t exactly need money where I am from.

You really have no pride at all have you? I guess the joke is on me, a trick for a trick. Are you as mortal as you appeared to be because this all seems a little diabolical to me. Have you been put up to this? What if you have... Alright! I’ll comply. This cock is hard enough to hide as it is, don’t make it any bigger.

I’ll Turn your tricks because I don’t care. What’s a few troll blow jobs to a succubus anyway?

You are some sort of sadist. That last one was a pig. His big belly and small cock. Big cocks are just so much better. A girl has to have some standards you know. Still we have earned enough money.. Even after putting me through all that you want me to pay for your whore or is pimping me out humiliating enough for one night?

Well. That was quite the eye opener. Who knew that shemales could be so much fun? I don’t know if she had ever made it with another shemale before, but she obviously loved it. She only took half my money as it was.

Maybe we could find someone else like her to play with... You know I kind of like you controlling me and the night is...running out!

Hell. It will be daybreak soon and I cannot go back to the roost like this. I cannot hide your big cock, and it might even cause a feeding frenzy. Did you have to make it so big? Men, all they care about is how big their junk is. You can take this back right?

Only if I return you home. Come on. I can’t take you back the way you were. You are part of me now. You are as much a succubus as I am. What are you doing now? I’ll get you for this. Stop playing with my our your body! You know you cannot hide forever, incubus. Ha ha. You are not touching my tits, however wonderful it feels. I can’t afford to get distracted by the wonderful tingling in my nipples. Daybreak is approaching. True my breasts are a diabolical work of art, and have broken a few men in their time. Can I stop playing with them now? Fine, I admit it you are not a complete pig and you have proven interesting. I agree to be bound by your terms.

I’ll take you back to your bed. I have forever to get you anyway. I’ll haunt your dreams, you’ll find yourself thinking about our time together, what we did together. I’ll work out a way to get complete control of you, and then I’ll never let you go.

Here you are safe and sound, back in your bed and no worse for wear. Try explaining your breasts to your colleagues.. What do you mean two can play at that game. You said... You lied? What did you do? Where did you go? I am in your body? No. This is too much I am going to be in so much trouble. I can’t believe it you’ve swapped my perfect body for your own!

All right I truly submit. As much as I can according to my nature anyway. You get the day, and I’ll come at night when you sleep. Happy? I’ll cope. More , it will be fun. I can go freelance. Being a were-succubus shouldn’t be so bad, and with your increasingly lewd and creative mind , I doubt there will be too much trouble with the overseers. Productivity may even go up. Time for me to fade back into the realm of your dreams.

Oh, by the way sweetness, its time for you to awaken, and I left you a little present I thought you might like.

Enjoy your morning wood.


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