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The Enchanted Forest

by chase1

The Enchanted Forest

You wake up in the forest. It is a warm sunny day. The forest canopy shades much of the sun. You aren't wearing any clothes, which doesn't matter as you are quite secluded. You stand up a walk toward the sound of moving water not too far off. When you get there the sun is shining down into the cool clear water.

You decide to follow the river upstream, you are not sure why. It is almost like you are being called to the water's source. As you walk, the forest seems to feel different. There is more energy in the air, and you could swear that you're hearing little whispers. And the water, that cool clear water is almost calling to you. The sound of it is so calming, so relaxing and very enticing.

As you walk a bit further you find the sound of the water irresistible, and before you even realize it, you find yourself in those cool rushing waters. You can't help but drink from the river as well. Refreshed from bathing in the river you climb out and start walking again.

As you walk, you feel a little different. It's as if your whole body is becoming lighter. Little by little as you walk by the river, you feel weight leaving your body. And you feel something else. Your penis and testicles are becoming increasingly heavy. You don't see any difference, but you feel it as you continue your walk. With each step you take, you feel them growing bigger and heavier. All the weight that is leaving the rest of your body is going into your penis and testicles. You can now see they are getting bigger and bigger.

Your penis has grown to 7 inches long now, just hanging, and growing. All the growing feels wonderful. The weight in your testicles feels amazing as they swing back and forth with each step you take. Your growing penis feels incredible as it bangs against your thighs.

As you walk, you hear more and more whispering and you see balls of light streaking here and there. This enchanted forest is making you feel welcome and invited. You look down and realize that your penis is now a full 9 inches long and bigger around than a paper roll, and your balls are bigger than golf balls. You feel the growing continue, it is incredibly arousing. You keep walking, and you notice a change in the way your penis feels. You look down to see you are every bit of 10 inches long, and getting hard! The blood rushing to your penis feels wonderful. Your penis getting harder and harder, until finally it is the hardest you've ever been.

You keep walking with this massive 10 inch erection until you come to a clearing. There is a boulder with the river flowing out of it. Next to the boulder is a beautiful fairy Queen. She asks,
"Did you enjoy our forest?"

You are so stunned by her beauty. You have never seen anything before that came close to how beautiful she is that you just nod.

"Well" she says, "You can come to visit my forest any time, but your time here is almost over for now. Before you leave you must have an orgasm, to return some of the magic from the river back to the forest."

With those words you feel a rush building up in your body. Your prostate begins to throb. You feel your nipples being sucked on. You feel your new huge balls being licked, and you feel someone fucking your now enormous 10 inch penis. This goes on and on, increasing your stimulation and pleasure. It feels just like you are pounding your huge dick right into someone's ass with your big balls slapping right up against them. You feel your orgasm coming. You feel the pressure building up in your balls, you can't hold back anymore. Huge loads of cum start shooting out of you. Load after load of sticky cum shooting out of your 10" cock is giving you so much pleasure. This seems to last 5 minutes.

After you have finished your orgasm the fairy queen comes to you and kisses you on the cheek. She says, "Until next time."

You feel a great euphoria as the forest dissolves around you, bringing you back to your normal life.

You fall asleep and wake up nude in a different part of the enchanted forest. It is a part you haven been to before. It's night time, and a warm night about 70 degrees. The trees in this part of the forest have a silver moss growing on them that glows softly at night.

You hear a river, something is different about the way this river sounds. It sounds softer some how, more nurturing and inviting. And the smell coming from this river is like gardenias. The water of this river are so enticing that you can't help but enter the waters. As you step into the river you feel how warm it is,like a bath and you see steam rising up from it.

You submerge your entire body, and dip your head under the water. You can feel the magic in this water. It instantly relieves any tension in your muscles, and puts you in a state of deep deep relaxation. You drink in the sweet water, it almost tastes like honey.

After about half an hour you pull yourself out of the river, and now feel a little strange. You are feeling more and more submissive to men. You are also developing a very strong desire to care for babies and children. As you walk along feeling these emotions you begin to feel the most wonderful tingling behind your nipples, and in your genitals. The tingling on each side of your chest grows stronger and stronger, becoming very intense until you see your nipples start to grow!

Your nipples grow longer and thicker. Your areolas grow bigger and darker, and breasts begin to grow. You feel the skin on your chest stretching out as your breast tissue grows and expands. Your growing breasts feel so wonderful you begin to fondle them. You caress the undersides of your new breasts lightly pinching and pulling your nipples. Each second that your breasts grow increase your arousal, making you so so horny.

At the same time your breasts are growing you feel tingling in your cock and balls as they are becoming very light, almost weightless. You feel your cock shrinking. It is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. So are your balls, becoming so tiny and being pulled up inside you. All these feelings are making you hornier than you have ever been in your life. Your genitals continue to shrink and change as your breasts continue to grow larger and heavier.

You are also feeling a cool icy sensation in your throat as your vocal cords shrink giving your voice a higher pitch. Your butt and hips are also growing larger. All the fat from all over your body is now moving to your tits, hips, and ass. Your hair has grown too. You now have a beautiful long flowing head of blond hair. Each passing second gives you more and more pleasure. You feel so aroused and horny.

Your once big cock is now a little clit, and it has started vibrating. You are feeling so much pleasure now that you are only moments away from an orgasm. This transformation has been going on for almost an hour, and now as your transformation comes to completion so do you. You feel waves of pleasure coming from your pussy, rocking your body, and making you quiver in ecstasy. It is so intense that you pass out.

You wake up fully a woman, with huge full DD breasts nice round hips and ass, and a tight little pussy. This feels wonderful for you. It feels so right, as if this is how you were always supposed to be. The only thing is that now you are very horny, and your pussy feels so empty. Plus, your still in the forest. So you decide to follow the river for a while.

You are becoming familiar with your new body. You feel very free with nothing bouncing between your legs, just a soft wet pussy dripping waiting to be filled. You feel your large heavy breasts bouncing with each step you take. The bouncing of your breasts feels so good it is keeping your nipples super hard.

After about an hour of walking you come to a path, that comes right up to the water's edge. Since you don't know the forest well you decide that following a path is a good idea, it might lead to the fairy queen, or people, or at least a way home. But now, with your new female body, and female mind the thought of people makes you a little nervous. You are a woman naked alone and vulnerable.
You think to yourself,
" What will I do if I do find someone? What if I find a man I am so gorgeous what if he wants to rape me?"

You look around for anything you could use to cover yourself up with but find nothing, and resolve to continue on naked tits bouncing as you walk. You follow the path as it twists and turns between the trees of the forest. After another hour and a half of following the path you see that at this point it is paved with stones and red rose bushes line each side.

You finally see what the road was leading up to. There is a castle in the middle of the forest, and while you see no one there the grounds appear to be very well maintained. As you don't see or hear anyone outside you decide to go in. The tall heavy oaken doors are standing wide open, so you walk through.

You are in a thrown room, the light in the room comes from glowing orbs of light. There is a large bearskin rug in the middle of the room, and all around are stained glass windows depicting a muscular man with long black hair having sex with different women.

Suddenly you feel breathing on your neck, you are surprised but it feels so good you don't care. You feel a pair of hands grabbing your waist as a pair of lips begin kissing your neck. He stops kissing you and walks up to sit on his thrown. He is clothed in all black, his long sleeved shirt unbuttoned half way reveling his chest hair.
"So, you were enjoying my river I see. You may not know who I am, but I know you. I have known you for some time, but you had to come to my forest in order for us to meet. I am Vincent, your controller. And you will do whatever I say."

When you realize who it is you are seeing, you instantly feel super submissive and have an overwhelming desire to please him. He says,
" Walk over to the rug and get on your knees."
You move over to the rug, it almost seems that your body is operating independent of your mind, you get on your knees. Algernon takes off his clothes, reveling a chiseled body with just enough hair to make him look really masculine. You get such a huge rush of hormones when you see this it makes your pussy throb. You can feel wetness from your pussy start to run down your leg.
"Open your mouth.", he says as he walks up to you and puts his big cock in your face.
"Now, suck my dick." You get even hornier as you hear this. That cock in your mouth feels so right. You can feel it, cocks just belong inside you now. This is what you are meant for. You suck his cock very well, and after about 10 minutes he pulls his cock out of your mouth. Then he lays you down on the rug and massages your breasts with one hand while sucking on your nipples. His other hand finds its way between your legs, and he slides a finger inside you. It feels so good you grind tour clit against his hand while his finger slides slowly in and out of you.

Now he moves you into position on your hands and knees. He gets behind you. You feel so submissive, vulnerable, and excited. With one hand on your left hip he works his cock into your pussy with his other hand. It hurts as you feel yourself stretched out for the first time, but feels so good too. He just stays there for a moment, letting you grow accustomed to the cock inside you. Then the fucking starts, slowly sliding out then back in, out then in. Over and over you feel your tight pussy being pounded, he even slaps your ass here and there. All the arousal and pleasure building up is becoming too much for you. The pounding inside you, the balls slapping against your clit, it is all becoming too much. You can't take it anymore and you cum hard on his cock. Put the pleasure didn't stop,he isn't done. The whole time you are cumming, you are still being stimulated. It is more than you can take, and you come again, your pussy squeezing tight around that big fat dick. Then he finally cums filling you up with his semen.

After he finishes he gets off of you, and you stand up. Your pussy still throbbing inside, like you are still being fucked. His cum starts falling out of you. You feel it sliding down your leg.

"Ok,", he says, " time for you to go home. But you will not change back into a man for three hours after you return home."

" You will remain a woman for the next three hours after you stop reading this. You will have a high pitched womanly voice. You will have huge DD breasts. You will not have a cock or balls hanging between your legs, you will have a soft sensitive pussy. You will have a big butt, and big hips. For the next three hours you will be in every way a woman."


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Re: The Enchanted Forest - chase1

Thank you.

Re: The Enchanted Forest - rgn

Two nice walks in the forest along the river. Being an enchanted forest really enhances the experience! I enjoyed this fun fantasy! Great story.

Re: The Enchanted Forest - chase1

If anyone thinks they can make a file out of the first, or second half, or all of it go ahead. Let me know if you do, I'd like to try it out.

Re: The Enchanted Forest - FrozenTrance

I would definitely listen to files based off this. The descriptions are quite pleasant.

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I have made a file using this script! Check it out

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