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The collar part 1

by fluffy8282

Chapter 1

As I stared listlessly into my half empty cup of coffee, I wondered what could I do to get the money for rent this month. Despite my best efforts at money management, my student aid, and a part time job I just dont have it this month. I have little family and I can't ask them to borrow. I have pawned everything I can. I'm tapped out and I only have 30 days until my rent is due I thought. I should have been paying closer attention to my study as I came to this coffee shop to relax and get caught up, but I couldn't get my financial troubles out of my mind. After finishing my coffee I decided I was too worried to study. It was early but I decided I'd just go home and try to relax there.

When I walked out of the shop, I found a flier on the ground. It stated "Think you're not susceptiable to hypnosis? Think you have what it takes to keep control of your mind? Want to make $500.00 up front? Then call us! My organization Happily Ever After is currently looking for participants to take part in a research study research study to determine the relationship between conscious behavior and will power versus unconcious behavior and the power of suggestion. "Perfect" I said to myself.

I always considered my mind to be strong, and after quitting smoking and overcoming addiction in my early twenties, I knew my will power was proven to be strong. My will power wasn't so strong when I was younger, but through motivation and hard work I felt I had overcome my shortfalls. I'd never been under hypnosis before, but it could be fun. Ha maybe they will make me act like a dog for an hour or two. Whatever they do, I'll at least have my rent money I told myself. I called the number on the flier as soon as I got home, and they advised me to come in Tomorrow at 8:00 am to see if I was what they were looking for. I was finally able to relax and I even went to bed early so I wouldn't be late for my life saving appointment tomorrow.

After showering and getting dressed, I ate my breakfast happily. I always found joy and comfort in food. After gratifying myself in the shower, I had a nice blissful feeling while eating. I was so relieved to not worry about my rent I practically ran to my appointment. I gpsed the address and found a non-descript building in the middle of nowhere. Literally, after several miles from my home, I had to take an unpacked road to arrive at the location. "I hope they aren't murderers." I mumbled to myself. Given the remoteness of the area, no one would hear me scream. I walked up to the door and entered the building. Upon entering I saw an attractive blonde woman looking to be in her mid thirties sitting behind a desk typing on a computer. I told her I was there for my 8 o clock concerning the new study. She let out what sounded like a delighted giggle and said " yes we were expecting you. We are looking forward to your interview." She then handed me a typical medical form to fill out which was just an opportunity to answer questions and provide my medical history, my family (of which there weren't many), and my social life. Under the social life section there seemed to be several questions regarding dogs. Although I didn't have any pets currently, I grew up having a dog. I answered each question stating I liked dogs ok, but preferred cats. I stated I liked the comfort pets gave, I wrote that the qualities that come to mind when it came to dogs was they are loyal, obedient, and happy. Then thinking of my dog I decided to add that dogs were normally hungry and horny as well. The next question asked my favorite breed of dogs. I'd never thought about it but I wrote Great Dane as it was the first to come to mind. Finally, I made it to the last page which was a waiver stating the organization was not responsible for my behavior, thoughts, or decisions. This seemed odd, but I signed and turned in the paperwork.

Carol, the secretary behind the desk, took my paperwork through a doorway after advising me to have a seat. I sat for nearly an hour before she returned. Upon entering she apologized for taking so long, but assured me I was "good" for waiting. There was an almost enchanting quality to her voice when she said " I was a good boy for sitting and waiting". She repeated I was " very good for sitting patiently." Perhaps I would do a little flirting with her after my appointment I thought. After all I was single and she was very attractive and her voice was mesmerizing. "Come with me" she said and I followed her down a hallway to a room that looked like a typical therapist office. In the office another beautiful woman sat in a chair beside a couch reading over my paperwork. She looked up and smiled. " SIT...down" she said. I immediately sat on the couch and smiled. "I have revised your paperwork and you're a perfect fit for this hypnosis experiment. I like what you wrote, but I need clarification on a question. Under the sexual history part you put that you masterbate as often as possible, but you also stated your will power was very strong. Could you elaborate a little?" "I think there's nothing wrong with getting pleasure. My will is strong and I see no problem with giving myself pleasure" I replied. "Good. I agree. You are very GOOD" she said. Normally I'd be shy in talking about that with a beautiful woman, but she put me eAse with her warmth and kind words. Like Carol's her voice too stuck out to me, and for some reason it was enchanting.

Chapter 2

Barbara began to tell me about the experiment. She said it was just her and Carol conducting this study. She stated she would pay me $500.00 today to participate in it. She said it would test my will power, and my ability to control myself in all situations. I was going to be put into a trance so she could introduce suggestions into my subconscious. She said it wouldn't be anything damaging, but she warned the experiment could change me forever. " Not to worry dear, if it does change you, the changes will be good. Further she assured me I would be extremely happy either way. "Trust me however it turns out you will be in a state of bliss. In exctasy" she coyly said. This sound ok as who wouldn't want to be happy all the time, and I really needed the money so I told her I wanted to participate. I asked about the suggestions and what they would make me do? She then reached in her desk drawer and pulled out a pink collar. A pink dog collar to be exact.

She cooed the hypnotic suggestions would first encourage me to behave like a dog. " I knew it!" I said as we both chuckled. She said after the hypnosis whenever I wore her collar I would act like a dog. I would believe I was a dog and even begin to think like a dog if I wore it too long. She said when I didn't wear her collar I would begin to feel urges to behave like a dog, but I would remain a human. I would be able to resist the dog urges if I wasn't wearing her collar, but if I put it on I wouldn't be able to resist. She said I would wear the collar during 5 sessions in her office and facility seeing me every three days. Then she got a serious look on her face and slowly stated " I must warn you that if you have an orgasim while wearing the collar, the transformation would be permanent. I would be a dog in mind and my behavior would be that of a dog. Oh you might remember being human from time to time, but you won't be able to act on it. You will dog so make sure you don't cum during a session. It shouldn't be difficult but I must warn you of this. Does this sound good to you? Is it a gooooood deal?" "I think I can resist cumming during a session" I said " after all it's not like I'm in the comfort of my home." It might be fun being a dog I thought at least for a little while.

She then placed me in a trance and began adding her suggestions into my psyche. Upon waking from the trance, she smiled and said she was done, but I was to return tomorrow morning for our first session. She suggested I go home and relax, maybe think about my life, and what I wanted. I collected the money, went and paid my rent, then went home. I thought this study is going to be easy. I'm not going to act like a dog and no way will I cum as a dog. "I think I have some control" I said outloud. I layed on the couch and turned on the tv. I watched aimlessly not really paying attention to it while I thought about the day. I dozed off and began to dream. I dreamed about the fields by the facility I was at today. The grass around the facility interested me for some reason. All the colors were bright and I just wanted to walk around in nature and appreciate the beauty. I was suddenly awakened by the bark of a dog in a commercial for alpo dog food. The word "SPEAK" started to go thru my mind until the dog stopped barking. I watched the commercial transfixed by the dog in it. When the commercial concluded I felt very hungry and decided to make a bowl of cereal. What a strange day I thought.

Chapter 3

Arriving at the facility the next day, I was again greeted by Carol. "It's good of you to come. Follow me" as she led me to Barbara's office. Barbara smiled and asked how I was feeling. I told her I felt happy and relieved as this study helped me financially. "GOOD" she stated. She smiled and asked if I was ready to briefly see life through the eyes of a dog? "Sure" I said. "You will need to get undressed please. Then I'll put this collar on you and we'll start. Don't be nervous or bashful about undressing I'm a doctor and we picked this facility for its privacy. We have plenty of area fenced in behind the facility so even if a hiker did wander up here." She then smiled and said " We even have a kennel out back." After undressing she instructed me to come over and sit in front of her so she could put the collar on me. When I saw her present the collar I felt bliss and pure joy for some reason. I felt the urge to run to it and beg to wear it. Shrugging I walked over and sat at her feet. We smiled at each other and she fastened the collar around my neck.

Once the collar was on and fastened, I got up and sat as a dog would sit instead as a human. I felt immediate joys and extreme hapless. I was over come with blissful feelings. I then felt a warm feeling in my groin, and my penis tingled and felt like I've never felt it. It felt wonderful to say the least. Barbara then said "I see the collar is working, and from the smile on your face i imagine you are now feeling the bliss and pleasure. You'll find great, intense pleasure and happiness from being a dog. How you are feeling will reinforce your dog instincts even further. Ok let's get started, first let's name you. I think I will call you "Fluffy". Do you like that name? She asked. I tried to say I need a mans name not a girls but I couldn't speak for some reason. Not only was it a little difficult to put the words together in my mind, I literally couldn't speak. The only sound that came out was a "Bark!". This is crazy I thought, how is this possible? "Good Fluffy! I'm glad you like your name."

Now that we've named you lets start your training. Today we are just going to go over simple commands for you to follow Fluffy. I'll try to say you're name Fluffy as much as possible so you can learn it. I know it can be a little difficult to learn words being a dog, but I know how to train you to become a good dog." "now stand up Fluffy "she said. I tried to stand up but could only get on all four. "Now SIT" she said "sit fluffy, sit" instinctively I sat like a dog. "Good girl Fluffy!" When I sat like a dog I felt really happy and content, my penis even began to tingle and warm in that odd way. When she praised me for it I felt waves of pleasure roll across my body. She repeated the process with other dog commands such as "roll over", " play dead", "beg", "are you hungry?", " walk", " do you want to go outside?"... Each time I followed a command I again felt so happy and experienced great pleasure. The pleasure was amazing and some different then the kind I received from sex or masterbating.

She practiced commands with me for an hour and through instinct obeyed each one. It felt so natural to do them, and when she spoke I felt so enthralled. I wanted to hear every word she said although she didn't explain much as she would to a person. Instead she would say the command and then the praise. When she was finished with the training she took off my collar and I suddenly felt naked. " that was interesting" I said surprising myself with my ability to talk again. "You were very good today. Very good. Now go home, rest and I'll see you in three days." For some reason when she said the word good I would smile as my cock would tingle. I got dressed and started home to think about the study and my behavior. I was on vacation from work and school this week so I'd have plenty of time to ruminate.


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