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Back Surgery and Diapers

by Dathias


This is a true story. In January of 2008, I had to undergo a microdiscectomy in the L4-L5 section of my back. That is about where you twist and turn with your hips so obviously you can't bend or move much. In any event, when I woke up from the surgery, I had absolutely no feeling below my waist. Let me tell you when you can't feel your feet, the ground is a LONG way down. In any event, I was given percocet for the pain and kept in the hospital for observation. I explained to the nurse that I sometimes bedwet and if it would be possible to have some briefs. They gave me a bag. Percocet is a wonderful pain drug, but it does have one side effect. Water Retention. As I was coming down from using percocet, my bladder started reminding me that one, it was full, two: I had more than a few glasses of water to drink, and finally three: IV's have NO problem putting water in your system. I started hitting the nurse call button but when they didnt' come for a few moments, I tried, ever so slowly to get to the bathroom. I had an IV, was wearing a diaper and barely able to move (the numbness had worn off and I was hurting from the surgery.)

A few steps later I simply could not hold it any longer and flooded the hell out of the diaper. It leaked on to the floor and the nurse who was coming to help me gave me a hand getting to the bathroom and allowed me to take a shower. She re-hooked up the IV's and helped re-diaper me since I couldn't bend much.

I was very embarrassed about it, but I do have a diaper lover fetish. I just keep it mostly to myself.


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