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Meathead Camp

by JDziewaltowski

I’d only been sent to this damn Meathead camp on a fluke decision by the court judge. He decided to “make an example” of me, after I’d been “caught” smuggling booze into a party. I was the one who REPORTED the damn party in the first place! But none of the other guys would fess up, and because I “looked the part” of a badboy, wearing my leather jacket and tight jeans, they slammed the book on me. 6 months At the Reform Camp that seemed to crop up out of nowhere a good while back, and I’d be free. Whatever, I can handle it!

Well, fuck! I told you I could handle this shit! It’s already been 3 months! Sure, whatever they seem to be doing here with the fucked-up classes, the enforced workouts and disciplinary labor, the massive canteen portions and mandatory vitamin supplements did kinda have an effect on me, just a bit. But I swear, I’ll be out before they manage to do whatever they did to those big disgusting brutes in the upperclassman buildings! God, it’s like their brains drained out of their heads or something!

4 months on, I was definitely fit. No, you know what, fuck it, I’m hot! Whatever they keep giving us underclassman seems to have widened out our shoulders, beefed us up a little. Hell, even our bulges seem to pack tighter into the uniform jockstraps and dark green gymshorts. I ain’t complaining! Even if I did have to start showering 3 times a day to hide the funk I’m sweating up. But hey, I’m no meathead! I’ve already seen a few of my “grade” jock out. It’s like… like their brains leaked down into their balls… B… Brains in your balls…. More… more cum… more dumb… Massive, manly… manly bulge… FUCK! No! Fuck, I should say things like that, it’s what they’d WANT me to say!

Damn it! I’ve managed to keep the weight off… I’ve limited my meals, limited my, my workouts… Even stopped jackin’ it in the showers like all the other Br… bro… damn it, BOYS! Fuck I don’t know why I keep slippin’ up like this! They’re gettin’ in everyone's’ heads! No, not mine! I’m smarter than that!!! I plug my ears at night to stop the white noise hissing over the speakers…

But… But it feels so good to listen and obey dude… Listen, and leak…. Leak and obey… FUUUUCK! I gotta cum! Just once!! But… Last time I creamed, I woke up and smelled my fuckin pits reeking like those massi…. Massive… Manly…. Manly men… Stinkin’ swole…. Sweat is power… powerful penis… brains in your balls bro…. Uuuugh! No, No stop it! I can fight this! One more month and I’m OUT!


No! Dudes!? Where’re you taking me!! Come on! Fuuuck put me down! Woah! Hey!! NO! Not there!!! That’s the cesspool! Come’on bro!! Not there!!! Fuuuck NO! *splash*

Everything went dark, silent. The warm goopy mass engulfed me as I squirmed and flailed to get back out. I could feel the grimy, gritty muck coating every inch of me, from head to toe, scraping at my skin, sliding between my toes, encasing me. I panicked, screamed, but my voice caught in my throat as it burned suddenly, cracked, I hiccupped, then a deep, rumbling dim bellow echoed across the open area as the dudes watched me scramble up out of the mud pit.

I was coughing, clutching my throat, feeing the lump form under my hand, as my palm made a sickening crunch, and expanded. I held it in front of me, watching it full out, looking rough and calloused, not the same nimble-fingered hand I’d used for playing guitar. I yelled out again, hearing my voice crack embarrassingly once more, then settle down into a deep timbre, the tone I’d heard countless times from the upperclassman, and from the dumb jocks at school.

I felt my entire body tremble, tensing up like piano wire. Every muscle feeling like it was trying to tear my bones apart. A few squelching pops alerted me to my shoulders and chest breaking apart, snapping and widening in a virile explosion of muscle, filling in suddenly with corded bulk.

It traveled down my arms, stretching and lengthening, bulging large thick muscle filling in, the weight was a shock, and the sudden strength made me flex involuntarily. My body went into forced poses, while my torso broke, snapped, squelched and filled in with heavy, thickly built muscle the likes I’d only seen on the biggest of the Meatheads here.

I was hit with an obnoxious reeking stench, worse than ever, as hair filled in under my hefty arms, smelling like pure testosterone induced BO. I huffed it and shuddered as the effects traveled down my torso to my waist, my hips synching inward, forming that ever sought-after V-Taper shape from shoulder to hip. Then, I felt as if I’d been kicked in the balls!

My cock lurched up, pointing upward, throbbing hard as precum started to spew in short spurts, my balls churning up and bulging, enlarging from large grapes, to chicken eggs. Dropping low in their sack as a new scent engulfed my senses. Balls. Sweaty musky balls. I humped the air involuntarily, the hormone rush too much, as my cock became a veritable salami, thick, long, powerful. It’d fill my jock to bursting. I needed to cum so bad! My meaty hand grabbed hold of my rod and squeezed, then started jacking, rough and hard, long strokes as my legs lurched upward, gaining length, I was taller now. So tall… so big.. so manly…. Fuuuuck! I had to cum!

My legs became powerfully built told for running, jumping, kicking. Thick thighs and football sized calves lead down to tiny feet, that cracked and popped menacingly. I fell onto my thick bubble ass as they expanded, toes splayed as they became massive boats, capable of carrying my new weight! Size 18, the uniform building workers would later tell me.

After the changes seemed to settle, my bones snapping into place, I was left on the ground, humping my fist, grunting like an animal covered in mud, my sweat washing it off me as the guy’s who threw me in cheered and teased me. Apparently, they knew I was only a short time away from being freed, and didn’t think I deserved to go without having the full benefits of the Camp bestowed on me. They were jealous that I’d been able to fight, and stay relatively small, fit as fuck, but not a huge meathead like them. They saw to it that I’d be leaving in an xl graduation uniform. Tank and gym shorts, sneakers and a jock.

I came like a rocket, spewing a load a Clydesdale would be envious of. Then, I passed out. I woke up hours later in the infirmary, with an IV in my beefy forearm. I was dehydrated, I guess. I couldn’t understand what the Nurse Dudes were saying. I was dizzy, sore, felt like a train had hit me. They told me to take one of the Camp Cellphones and text my Dad to pick me up, that I’d been freed early.

I typed out, “Dad, gotta come get me, I got out early cus I’m a fuckin beast yo!” I flexed in the mirror and sent him the pic. When I had, the big bossman came down to see me. I… don’t remember what he said… only that, I’ve got a …. A massive manly… bulge…. Brains… in my balls…. Big… dumb, full of…cum… fuuuuuck dude!! FUCK YAH!

When my dad came to get me, he nearly passed out. Had to roll down the windows in the car cus they didn’t let me shower up before leaving. The judge at my last hearing smiled down and reached to shake my hand. He winced when I gave it a good squeeze and thanked him for “goin’ easy on me”


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