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Big Baby on Board

by abyguy

Big Baby on Board

(a long-time favorite story from the defunct DPF adult baby site)

My new wife, Sue, and I boarded a southbound Greyhound Bus, leaving the "Motor Capitol Of The World", Detroit, after completing a full thirty day tour of cities and states that we had never visited, read or even heard much about. The trip was a most appreciated gift from relatives at our no-frills low key wedding which took place one week prior to our departure. It was the intention of our relatives that we should take this trip to see a bit of the world before settling down and getting serious about all the marital responsibilities that await all married couples. Therefore, we graciously accepted their offer and left on our 30 day journey which was now coming to a close.
Sue and I sat on the very last row of the coach which also served as the first row in the smoker's section beside the restroom. We'd been stalled for a one half hour delay by the driver who led all passengers to believe that he was waiting for permission to go.
Finally we were ready to get the show on the road, although after a day of walking around and taking in some of the sights, it did feel good to just sit and relax as we sat in silence patiently waiting to pull out and head home. As we shared a much needed cigarette, I looked over the length and width of the coach's interior to discover how many passengers were still on the bus, spread out over the forty three seats. I was amazed to see only ten remained, with the majority of them scattered behind the driver at the front. As I looked for familiar faces nearer the seats to us I saw something that struck a nerve, causing me to freeze, and filling me with envy, jealousy and desire, desire for something I had not had for the past 30 days.
As I stared transfixed at the scene before my eyes, I was filled with a longing so powerful I felt like crying. All I could see was one of the most gorgeous, pretty, young women I'd ever laid eye's on, with shoulder length black hair and a gentle, sweet face like an angel, with soft blue eyes like a crystal clear pool that made you feel like you could fall into them , and soft, cherry red lips that promised a thousand ecstasies. I could see the firm outline of her swollen breasts against the sweater she wore.
But that was not the real cause of my longing, my increasing need, my insatiable desires. No, what was driving me crazy with envy and jealousy was the sight of the nine month old infant draped across her shoulder with the soft, cloth diaper beneath his chin as she gently rocked and bounced him up and down in an attempt to put him to sleep for the night! She cooed the words only a mother can express to her baby, to shower him with love, warmth, and security. To let him know that he is HER little baby as she reassures him with, "Mommy wuves you, baby. Mommy make it all better. Go nighty Nite for Mommy. Go off to your dreams, little one. Mommy will be right here for you when you wake up! Shhhhhhhhh! It'll be ok! Do it for mommy". Her mother's magic worked like a charm not only for the baby but it must have sent the Daddy to sleep as well, as I could see him nestled against her arms too, out like a light.
It was becoming impossible for me to control the feelings running rampant inside me as I pictured myself being the one lying there on mommy's shoulder wearing one of those blue disposable infant diapers, with the soft cloth diaper tucked beneath my chin. I saw myself dressed in my blue terrycloth sleeper with the feet at the bottom to cover my baby feet to keep them nice and warm. I imagined myself as her son wearing my terry bib tied around my neck with the pictures of little Teddy bears or little Birdies, while I sucked on a tiny, weak, little thumb.
Oh God ! How I wished that were me !!!! "How could I be jealous of him?", I thought. "Jealous and selfish, yes!. But only born out of the frustration of wanting to feel exactly like him; wanting MY MOMMY to cuddle me and coo to me just as she was doing to him".
Sue knew of my baby desires and needs since I had told her of them a few days before the wedding when I had confessed to her on bended knee with tears in my eyes, as I poured out my overpowering need to have not only a wife, but a mommy who would accept my babyish needs and desires and be willing to help me become HER little baby boy. I had told her how I wanted to be her baby boy who would always do his very best to make her the happiest mommy in the world and who would always be a very good, obedient little baby but who would BE a baby in every way possible.
After I poured out my desires, Sue not only agreed to become my wife, but to be my MOMMY too. She confessed that she could not have children, so now I would become her little baby boy as soon as we returned from our honeymoon trip.
That was six hundred miles from now. It might as well be ten thousand miles. I couldn't wait. I wanted my mommy to baby me like that now, just like the little baby I knew I really was, or at least would be with the right mommy.
I leaned over to her and whispered in my best little boy voice, "Mommy I want to be treated like a baby by you like that one over there. I want a bobble, didies AND a pacifier toooooo! I can't help it mommy. I feel weft out by you because I never have been treated like that by you, mommy, and it's not fair?"
Sue was caught off guard by my request at such an inopportune time. Why, we were on a bus travelling home from Detroit, and besides she was worn out from all the traveling and had no tolerance for a whiney baby boy to test her patience.
"Yes, mommy ! I sorry. I only wanna be like dat little baby up there by his mommy toooo!" Sue kissed my forehead like all mommies do as she tucked me in for the night and spread the thick, white, soft, blanket over me as I lay against her shoulder and stuck my thumb in my mouth to suck on like a baby. I lay there for a long while in deep thought wondering, "If Sue could be that aggressive following my unexpected demands, would she REALLY follow through with her threats, and what did she mean by 'SUITABLE PUNISHMENT'? Should I put it to the test, and press on with my needs ??"
As I contemplated the possibilities, my desires grew stronger and stronger. Finally, I figured she would not be so bold as to carry out some sort of horrible or embarrassing punishment here and now, so I decided to press on. My first attack was to lean over to her ear and whisper "I wove you mommy". She then acknowledged me in the same way. Then I settled down for a minute, got perfectly calm and still and then whispered up in her ear in a whining whisper, "I trying real hard to mind you mommy, but I a baby too! Why does him get a bobble, pacifier, and a diaper to help him go to sleep but I can’t? I tink his mommy wove him more, and my mommy don't wove or want me for her wittle baby anyway !! So I really are weft out by my mommy and that not fair 'cause if him gets them now and me a baby then me should get them toooo!
All at once Sue came unglued and replied with an answer short and to the point. There were to be no more chances. She had warned me and now she would carry out her punishment. I had disobeyed her and had made her very, very mad? I heard her saying, not softly, "OH HIM DOES, DOES HE? YOU POOR, POOR THING. WELL, YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT, BAAAAAAABY BOY. You've been acting like a baby this whole trip, and I had planned to put you in your place as SOON AS WE GOT HOME, but NOW since you chose to disobey mommy, it's time to start you on your retraining to be a good little baby for mommy, not the spoiled brat you've become. YOU will be a REAL BABY soon enough, don't you worry. You will never do without the baby thing a good little baby NEEDS again.
She continued, "That means mommy feeds you, changes you, dresses you, bathes you, and takes total control of you at all times. I will do it all for my little baby because you are not old enough to do anything for yourself. You will act like a little helpless nine month old baby at all times, until you feel and become MY little helpless nine month old baby. You will obey all these rules or mommy is going to turn your bottom a fire engine red. Do YOU hear me this time little baby boy?"
"Yes mommy, I do!!"
I agreed in fear of the unknown. I hadn't expected such a firm, strong parent, and especially such a strong verbal outburst here on the bus. Sue looked around for a minute, then got up out of her seat next to the window and, with revenge in her eyes, hopped over my legs and turned toward me as she placed one hand behind my trembling head. With the other below my right arm she pushed me against the window's metal frame and propped me up with a coat and with my back against the wall to make sure that 'baby' should remain there and not move.
"You'd better stay right there, BABY, and better not talk to strangers either!!", she admonished as she walked toward the front of the bus. She reassured me she would be keeping an eye on me in case someone tried to bother me and added, "Be good for mommy now baby, I'm not going too go far", as she walked up the aisle.
I peeked above the seats in front of me to watch mommy walk up to the front of the bus and talk to the driver for a few minutes. Then she walked back and took a seat next to the other mommy who was now rocking her baby across her lap like a homemade cradle. My mommy seemed very casual and coy as she eased into a conversation with 'mommy two' in a respectable whisper to prevent awakening the little tyke on her lap. The engines loud roaring whine prevented me from clearly understanding the entire discussion, but it was audible enough to hear the gist of it. The two appeared to be hitting it off rather sociably and friendly with a few laughs and shared chuckles. Soon they were chatting amiable like two long lost friends sharing much in common. Sue continued on with the small talk for a while, then seemed to zero in on the purpose of her 'visit'. She began, "Please, I hope you won’t think I'm crazy or weird on anything, but my husband and I have only been married for five weeks, and spent the last four weeks, like you and your family, travelling on the bus tour. For the past two weeks he's been acting like a demanding, spoiled brat, or more like a demanding, cranky baby. In fact, he got so engrossed in the amusements at the last stop that we almost missed the bus because he wet his pants and had to change. Last week, I threatened to treat him like a baby if he continued to act like one, just like my parents did with us when we were little kids, but he just got worse. Now he's even been wetting his pants like a spoiled brat who just wants to play and expects mommy to look after him."
Instead of looking shocked, the other mommy looked interested and nodded her head to Sue telling her, "Go on, how can I help??"
"Would you be willing to help me really teach him a lesson, one he will not soon forget, or outgrow. I need some baby things until we get to the next stop at the big mall where I can get some proper things for such a big baby. Would you sell me a couple of your son's diapers until then. I've got five bucks here to cover the cost, if you'd be willing.
'Mommy two' burst out laughing. She couldn't help it. This caught her so by surprise and seemed so outrageous she couldn't help laughing at the picture of a grown man being put in baby diapers. When she had some kind of control, all she could ask was, "ARE YOU SERIOUS ?" When Sue indicated she was "Dead Serious", she resumed laughing until she calmed down and started snickering between saying, "I know exactly what you mean. Men are all such big babies. No matter how we wives look at it, when we get married we just inherit babies from their mommies and become instant mommies with big babies to look after until we get 'little' babies like Mikey here to look after as well. Do you honestly think he's going to let you get away with this kind of treatment here and now on this bus?"
Sue replied, "Honey, all you have to do is show them who's the boss. Show them who's in charge and take control. After all, their mommies don't let them get away with anything, so why should we. In fact, I'll bet most boys would stay in diapers and play-suits if the first MACHO ass hole husband hadn't found a wife willing to play mommy to a spoiled little boy without knowing she'd been duped into the role. If you really take a look at the roles of wifes and mothers you'll see they are really almost the same, except most husbands can change their own diapers with enough training."
This was loud enough for everyone, especially me, to hear, and I could see them both laughing hilariously, and could see most of the other women on the bus chuckling quietly to themselves. Sue continued on, "In fact, why don't you and your husband come back later once I get him ready and see what HE really is. Then we can both LET HIM HAVE IT FOR ACTING LIKE SUCH A BABY ! MAYBE IT WILL STRAIGHTEN HIM UP! If you don't mind, I'll give you this bill if you would sit for me when I go to the mall at the rest stop to get some of the big baby things I will need."
Mommy two replied, "I'll have to wait ''til my baby settles down but it could be fun. Now that you mention it, my husband acts more like a one year old than our son does but I'd never be able to punish him the way you are punishing yours, though he deserves it as much as your husband if not more ! Don't get me wrong! This is the best idea I've heard of yet. I mean it's brilliant. A lesson for the two of them. In fact, now that I think of it, I can probably put some of my experience as a hypnotist to use in this situation. It might work out with my husband too.
The two put there heads together and must have been whispering until 'mommy two' said, "Tell you what I'm going to do. Here are three diapers. If you can get these on him back there, if you really succeed in this, then they're your's free of charge. "
My mommy took the diapers with thanks and replied simply, "Don't worry, it'll work like a charm !!" 'Mommy two' said, "As soon as I get junior here settled, and hubby wakes up, I'll ask him if he would like to visit or not. Don't worry, if you can pull this off I'll gladly sit for you at the rest store ! And if you can stick to your guns and treat him like this until our destination, I'll do it free for you 'til we get to our final stop. Ask me anytime and I'll do it gladly. This will be very interesting to see the final outcome? I'M REAL CURIOUS to see step one, and then maybe some hypnosis would work some magic too".
Seconds later my mommy towered over me holding the diapers in her left hand, which she then placed on the seat in front of us. She quickly bent down, put her hands beneath the blanket, grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled them down to my knees. Next she grabbed my underwear by the waistband and again pulled firmly down until her hand stopped at my pants. In seconds, she had my pants and underwear off my legs and hanging over the seat back, leaving my bum lying against the cold vinyl seat. Then she began talking to me in baby talk while she waved the diaper in an air of defiance in front of her once big boy.
"Oh, oh. Lookie here. Mommy's big boy wet his pant. Just like a little baby. I guess mommy's big boy is still just a widdle baby. Poor widdle baby. Does him need a nice, thirsty didee to soak his widdle wettums. Here you go baby. A nice little baby didie for you. Poor weft out widdle baby. Mommy didn't put his baby didies on him before his nappy time, so he wetted his pants. I'm so sorry, baby. Mommy forget all about him needing didees now. What kind of mommy am I. I promise it will never ever happen again. It's a good thing he told mommy all about it by crying or he would have a big wet spot on his pants and chair too and get a bad didies rash. Well I'm going to make it all better for my teeny tiny widdle baby boy now. Here we go. Mommy puts the nice diaper on her widdle baby. First mommy take's the baby didies and folds it out big and wide like so. Then she spreads his widdle wegs out real wide for mommy so mommy can get the best fit so it wont week that much. I'm not sure if he's a heavy wetter or not. I'll have to wait and see if him needs two didees."
I was stunned. She was talking to me in a normal, LOUD voice just as a new mommy might talk in public, showing off her concern for her baby. I wanted to crawl away, but was held by the wall of the bus at my back and Sue's strong hands trying to lift up my bum. Finally, she gave me a smack on my ass and sternly said "Be a good baby and lie still. We don't want you peeing on the seat now do we???"
I reluctantly complied although I didn't want to, knowing that everyone must have heard the way she spoke to me, and all the other passengers knew we were newlyweds with no children on the trip. My face burned with embarrassment and shame as I turned my body and faced mommy with the baby diapers in her hand.
Mommy sat down on the edge of the seat and poked her head under the blanket and laid the diaper against my private baby parts. We soon realized the newborn infant sized diaper would not come close to fitting properly around this five foot nine, one hundred sixty-six pound frame. As she continued her baby talk to me she said, "Mommy covers baby as snug as she can, but him's a bigger baby than most babies. I know what we can do. We'll have to use your baby pants to hold them in place for this widdle tiny baby boy. Doodness drascious, him's all wet now. Mommy will just have to leave the wet didies in place 'til mommy gets more didees for her big baby. OK, baby".
As mommy pulled my underwear in place over the baby diapers I could feel indeed that I was wet. Unbeknownst to me, Sue had spilled some warm water into the front of the diaper to look like I'd wet my diapers, and to make me think I had wet them. As the baby diaper decorated in cute infantile blue patterns was locked firmly in place with my briefs, mommy refused to give me back my pants and stated loudly, "No, no baby. We don't want you wetting you pants again do we?? It's Ok for a widdle baby to go around in a shirt and diaper like this. All little babies go around dressed like this so their mommies can see when they're all wet and need their little baby didees changed again. Now my baby's all happy. Tim's not weft out or feeling unwanted no more cause now him's got his mommy and a nice pretty didies on too!
As Sue settled in beside me and pulled my head against her chest and began rocking me, I found it impossible to resist the feelings welling up inside me and the temptation to stick my thumb in my mouth and suck on it like the infant I really was. But, soon a different raging inferno of desire and arousal raced beneath my diaper and sent my baby pee pee from it's normal four inches up to a manly eight inches of length. Despite my predicament at lying cuddled in my wife's arms and dressed in just my T shirt and a wet baby diaper while she cooed to me like I was her infant son rather than her sex mad husband, my cock would not be denied, and soon the pressure of the warm wet diaper and the tight underwear brought me to an insatiable need for relief.
As she saw how I suffered the need to be relieved she said, "No, No baby. Mommies and their little babies don't play those types of games", and she began to play kitchy kitchy coo under my chin with her long, peach nails. As she tormented me verbally, her soft green grey eyes seemed to bore into mine, telling me she was in charge. She had TOTAL control of all my needs, my pleasures, my every action. I'd asked for this, and NOW I was going to get the full treatment. I was the baby, and SHE was the mommy in charge. As I understood her thoughts, I seemed to melt into a helpless, bundle of jelly. I couldn't resist. She was in charge. She was mommy. I had to do what she said, since I was her helpless little baby. As though she sensed my submission, she gently lifted up her soft, melon colored sweater and exposed the nipple of her ample breast saying soothingly, "Mommy knows what baby needs. Widdle babies like you get to suck on mommy's titties. Would baby like that?? Here you go baby. Suckle at mommy's breast like a good widdle newborn infant."
I tried to resist, but as the nipple touched my cheek, it seemed to burn its way to my mouth, and soon I was hungrily suckling at her ample breast. Not mouthing or tonguing the nipple like a man trying to arouse his partner, but suckling loudly, hungrily like an infant wanting to be fed. Only she had no milk for this baby, and soon my hungry suckling turned into the contented sucking of an infant sucking on his soother as he drifts off to sleep.
A while later I woke up to feel the strong urge for relief again in my diaper area. I needed relief, and mommy had slipped over closer to the aisle while I slept, having replaced her ample nipple with my thumb. The pressure was burning down below and making me feel like I was going to explode with pee or cum if I did not take charge and seek some form of relief in a hurry. I glanced over at mommy who was about to nod off to take a cat nap for a while. I eased my hand down to grab my hard member. A hand job was better than nothing, since I was about to erupt one way or the other. I stretched out as far my legs would allow to retain a firm grip of my tool and begun to pump it in a steady, even rhythmic motion, taking care not to wake mommy or disturb her.
It must have been the frantic movement of my hand that told her what I'd been trying to do because she took hold of the hand and brought it out into the open and repeatedly smacked and smacked my wrist, "NOOO NOOO! NOOOO! NO! THAT IS A NO! NO! BABIES DON'T DO THAT. BAD BABY PLAYING IN YOUR DIDEES."
But I wasn't listening as I tried to continue getting relief for my aching, throbbing rod, which only got her madder until she reached into the front of the diaper and pinched my cock hard at the base with her long fingernails. That did it. The fire of desire was quickly replace by the pain of her sharp nails, and I chose to obey her every command because I feared next it would be this little baby boy's bottom that would be smarting if I pressed it again. Besides, it had shrunk and shriveled up like a prune anyway after the sharp interruption.
Moments later the bus driver's voice broke through on the intercom to announce that we were only five minutes away from the first scheduled stop and to remind us all that we had a forty five minute stop and to warn that not a minute more would be spent waiting for anyone, even those who "WET THEIR PANTS".
Something prompted me to look up over the seats in front of me to find that 'mommy two' and her hubby, who must have been awakened by the sudden announcement, were heavily engaged in a deep, animated conversation. From the way the husband kept looking back towards our seats, I knew the conversation had to be about me and my infantile ways. Every few seconds he would peek this way and smile and grin at me, which caused me to duck down each time we made eye contact. My head bobbed up and down like a little child playing peak a boo with an adult. All at once the three of them got up out of their seats and moved in our direction, as I buried my head quickly in mommy's arms to hide so I at least would not have to look at them while they talked with her.
I lay there propped up against mommy, trembling and quivering from shear panic at the thought of what their 'visit' might bring. " Mrs. .... uhhhh! Mrs.. ..... Excuse me but I never did get your name when you borrowed the things for your baby. I'm Jan, and this is my hubby, Phil, and this is Mikey, OUR little baby."
Sue was fully awake now and said, "Oh hi, I'm Sue, and this is baby Danny."
As I peeked out behind mommy's arm, I could see Jan's little baby fast asleep in his daddy's arms. Sue piped up cheerfully, "Hi there! Glad you decided to join my new baby and me. Have a look at him ! Isn't he a BIG baby ?
"Phil and I just had to see how you did with him", Jan replied. "He sure is big for a baby isn't he? Sue, I was just explaining our little discussion to Phil after he saw your baby, who was trying to hide behind you over there as he was playing peek a booo with him as we talked. WOW! He even acts like a baby too when he gets embarrassed. Making strange noises just like my little Mikey does."
To me she cooed, "Ah, look at the big baby lying there next to his mommy. Did mommy get baby's didies all nice and snug on him too. I just hate to see a wittle Baby who doesn't have his baby didees all nice and snug on him so he doesn't leak on his pants or the seat. Is baby all dry or does he need his didies changed now?? I'll bet he wooks real cute in a baby diaper too ! Poor baby, just holding onto mommy with all he's got. And you could have fooled us, you look like a such big boy, too. But I heard that you've been acting like a naughty little boy and mommy had to put back in diapers cause you just aren't old enough to go potty like a big boy does. Well now you don't have to worry 'cause now you can rely on your diaper to keep you all nice an dry like a happy little baby.
Immediately mommy ordered me to lift up and say "Thank You" to Jan for sharing her diapers with the big baby. I tried my best to ignore her as I glowed in shame, until mommy threatened to spank me if I did not comply with the demands she made. My eyes began to fill with tears from being humiliated, scolded and shamed for my actions and, intending to use a more grown up voice, heard myself say, "Sank you other mommy for the nice didees. Me wike dem. "
I felt even more ashamed at this babyish chatter, but felt better that it was over and done with and hoped they'd go away and leave me alone. No such luck!! Jan started in again, "Sue, he's just the darlingest baby." Then to me again, "Dat's better baby. Ain't him sweet! And such a good baby too! You're just so welcome little baby. Glad I could help you stay dry before you had a nasty old accident to get everything all soaking wet. Hope mommy come's better prepared next time traveling with her baby boy on such a long trip, especially when he does need his didees too."
As I continued to stare dumbfounded at her talking to me as though I were a tiny infant, she bent down and placed her right forefinger across my pinkish lips and said in her own style of mommy baby talk, much like that private little tune she had hummed to her son a few hour's ago," Tummmm onnnn baby, smile for me. Oh, tummm onnnnn, smile for this mommy. You can do it, baby. Such a sweet little baby. Won't you smile big and bright for me, huh. It's not so bad to be a baby. They have fun all the time, and they get to be loved and changed and cared for day and night and play with their toys and be woved constantly by their mommies and even their daddies sometimes too. Can't you dis smile for me once?"
I figured the only way I could get her to shut up and quit attracting attention was to give her the best smile I could under the circumstances.
"No good!! Oh, you tried but it wont work with me 'cause you're a lousy actor, and you're holding it back trying to play possum with me. I can see you trying your best to keep from giving in to this treatment, but you REALLY are just a baby. Oh, that's better. Lookie here!! That's a nicer, happier baby. Look at him smile now! Ohhhh this is such a cute, helpless widdle baaaaaby who is smiling at me now. Mommies know how to make babies smile, don't they ?"
I hated to admit it, but I couldn't con anyone. She was right of course.
I was lapping it up. My defenses were being destroyed by this sugary attack of a real bona fide mommy. Only a real female and mommy can home in on 'cons' and lousy acting by big boys who have always been nothing more than a baby hiding in an adult male body and who, at last, have been discovered and forced to reveal his true inner self. Now it was revealed before the entire bus, here in public, or so I assumed, not sure who was listening to my babbling or even heard her talking to me as though I were a tiny, helpless newborn baby.
But honestly, I did not care anymore. I loved it and craved it. To be accepted fully as a baby. To be treated as the baby I knew I really was. And not just by my wife/mommy, but by this stranger who had her own tiny newborn son, and who could recognize a baby for what he was. Someone who knew all the little tricks to bring out the happy smiling baby that had been buried deep inside me for so long.
Finally, she said, "Our bus Is rolling into the Truck Stop now and guess what, baby ? Mommy has to get you more baby things from the store and she said that I could babysit you while she went shopping. Are you going to be a good baby for Jan?", she asked.
I refused to answer this new question directly to her but said to MY MOMMY, "Mommy, mommy, pwease don't weave me alone. I'll be good for you, I promise. I afwaid you will go out the door and you won't ever come back. I scared, mommy ! Don't weave me ! I mind you now."
Sue simply said. "Oh stop that right now!! I'm not going to leave you for very long! I told you that you're my baby now, and mommies don't just abandon their little babies on a bus alone. Not real mommies anyway. I told you that since you acted like a real nine month old most of the time, I was going to treat you like one. So mommy has to have a baby sitter for a minute or two since it is much easier and quicker for mommy to shop for her baby if baby stays on board. Remember the rules. You're nine months old and can't walk yet so how can mommy carry all that stuff with you there with her too? Be a good boy for mommy and I'll bring you back a nice treat, ok"?
'Mommy two' broke in and put in her own two cents worth saying, "Oh don't be scared baby. There is nothing to worry about. You'll be fine with us. We know how to take care of tiny, little, helpless babies like our Mikey. If your mommy doesn't mind, and if you're that scared or miss mommy that bad, I'll even hold you and take away all your hurt and fears just like a mommy does for all her children. Here, look at this if you think you feel like crying because mommy has to leave you for a few minutes. I've got this brand new baby bottle filled with fresh milk you can have, to make it all go away. And if mommy approves, I'll hold you in my arms and maybe give you a special little baby treat. Ok, mommy ??"
I was strangely affected by the way she seemed to forget that I was a big boy and was treating me as though I was an actual baby. Inwardly I thought this was the first time I'd ever been fully treated like a baby.
Here on a bus full of people in a brightly lit truck stop my mommy was announcing she was going to get some "special baby things" for her big baby, while a REAL mommy was offering to bottle feed me and baby sit me.
My mommy got up from her seat and said, "If your 'special treat' is what I think it is, this should be VERY interesting. Feel free to do whatever you feel is necessary. After all, you have more experience than I do with little babies. Thanks for the list of 'baby necessaries'. I'd never have thought of half these things. Just hope I can find them all in the mall here. Do whatever you must to console him should he start in while I'm gone. Just treat him like you would any nine month old infant, but hopefully you and Phil agree that diapers and changing should be up to baby's real mommy to do."
To me she cooed, "Now you be good for and you had better mind her or you know what you can expect if you don't?"
Jan said, "Oh I'm sure we'll be just fine. I have a natural knack for babies, can't you tell? See how I got this big boy to smile like a little baby. Go on ahead and we'll take good care of him. Don't worry about us at all."
"Need anything from in there?", Sue asked my sitter, who had now taken mommy's seat and was gently lifting my head into her lap, placing her arm under my head, neck and shoulders while she readied a baby bottle of warm milk. Jan said "How about just some coffee for all of us so we can all stay back here and chat a while, if you don't mind the company ?" Sue laughed and replied, " Oh I don't mind at all. I'm sure I can learn lots from you about baby care, and maybe the children could play together while the grownups chat."
Again I begged and pleaded with my mommy to take me with her and not leave me with this strange mommy, but Jan simply held me tight and kissed my forehead saying, "Now, now baby. It'll be all right. Mommy will be back soon with your supplies, to make you a nice comfy little baby. Here you go, take your bottle and settle down. Don't be a fussy little baby!!"
Mommy disappeared out the front door and into the big shopping mall, and Jan gently stroked my face, kissed me lightly a second time and said, "Hush little baby. Hush, it's ok. Take this nice bottle and drink it all gone for me, and I'll show you what it's like to feel little and small just like a real baby." As Jan held me snugly and gently rocked me and sang a soft, cooing lullaby, I gently, tentatively began sucking on the nipple she was holding at my lips. As the warm, sweet milk rolled over my tongue and down my throat, I realized this wasn't just milk, but sweet, rich baby formula. As I suckled gently at the bottle, feeling the warm, sweet baby formula fill my tummy, I felt smaller, more helpless, more like a real little baby than I'd ever imagined possible. Here I was on a big bus, being cuddled by a strange mommy and fed a real baby bottle of warm baby formula, while she crooned a soft, hypnotic lullaby to me.
My reverie was softly broken by her saying, "That's better now, isn't it. You're just a helpless little baby boy now, drinking his baby formula all gone for mommy. Go seepy bye little one. It's Ok. This mommy woves you too". Her tone and the soothing lullaby seemed almost hypnotic and almost worked to put me to sleep, until mommy walked up beside her and said, "Wow. You really are great with babies. He's almost fast asleep in your arms now."
Jan replied furtively, "Of course. You remember what I told you about Phil, and how I help him to relax. Let's get baby Danny changed here and ready for beddy bye, then I'll finish feeding him and we can see how he takes to my 'special lullaby'. I think he'll do very well, and I can teach you how it works until we have to get off at our stop."
I didn't like the sound of her voice, but was was still half asleep with a half full tummy of warm baby formula. I felt her gently put my head down on the seat and she got up for a minute. The next thing I knew, a blanket was gently pulled up past my waist, and Jan and Sue were gently pulling down my underwear. Jan said, "I was pretty sure he'd wet himself while I was giving him the bottle. Most babies will wet while they're being fed. I know Mikey's a real little pisser when he gets his bottle. Better double diaper him to be safe."
With that, the two mommies lifted my bum up slightly, then I felt the thick padding of two big diapers being slid underneath me. Only these felt different. No rustling plastic like the little baby diapers. As I looked down, I could see some sort of big, thick fitted cloth diapers with little pictures on them, being fastened at the front of my diaper area. I heard my mommy saying, "The lady in the drug store said these are the latest in adult diapers. They've got six layers of cotton flannelette sewn together and fasten with velcro instead of pins. She'd got these from the manufacturer of the baby diapers, and apologized that they were such juvenile prints but the samples were made from baby print cloth they had left over. Aren't they adorable. Little teddy bears and toys. And look at the spares I got. Trucks and trains, and these ones are especially darling with rattles, soothies and pins on them. And look at these plastic panties. Nice and clear to show off baby's pretty didees. I got 10 diapers and 6 pair of panties, and all the other stuff you told me I'd need, except they didn't have any big baby bottles. The lady thought I was nuts when I asked her for that. I tried to tell her it was for a retarded brother who was still like a baby, but she said they don't condone that type of thing, whatever she meant by that."
In less than a minute Jan and Sue had the two thick diapers fastened on me, and were pulling up the plastic panties. The bulk between my legs was massive and I felt like a pillow had been strapped to me. Then I felt something being pulled up over my feet and legs, while Jan pulled off my T shirt. A few seconds later I felt the soft texture of a terry cloth sleeper against my stomach and chest as they pulled up the zipper. "I'll have to add snaps in the crotch when we get home to make diaper changes easier, but these looked darling. You were right about finding them in the K Mart. They had hundreds of sleepers for adults. They look just like baby sleepers except no snaps or baby appliques. I can fix that up easily at home", Sue chirped
Lastly a thick baby blue ribbon with a large, toddler sized soother was pinned to the front of my sleeper. Mommy handed me a big, soft, snow white teddy bear, with its own diaper and soother pinned on. Jan quickly slid underneath me and turned me around so I was facing the windows and then held me up to see my reflection in the window.
I couldn't believe what I saw. There, staring back at me, was a cute, BIG baby dressed in a light blue sleeper with very obvious bulky diapers around his diaper area, hugging his teddy bear and watching as mommy put his soother into his mouth. It was me. The REAL me. A tiny helpless baby being cuddled by his temporary mommy, while his real mommy watched attentively.

"Well, what do you think?? Doesn't he look just darling now? Just like a real baby, only a bit bigger. I've still got some formula left in the bottle. Think we should try my 'special lullaby' for him now?", Jan piped up.
Sue tentatively replied, "Wow. This is too incredible. My twenty-four year old husband has turned into a helpless nine month old infant in less than 3 hours. Wearing diapers, baby sleepers and sucking a baby pacifier, waiting to be bottle fed by his sitter. Do you really think your special lullaby will work with him . I mean he's never had it before. "
"Oh, don't worry, Sue. I'm sure it will work VERY well with this big baby. After all, he was almost asleep just with the bottle and my crooning to him. It may not work completely the first time, but we have lots of time to our final destination, so I can give him a few more special lullabies before we have to get off, and you can watch and I'll teach you how to do it."
Sue only said, "Well, sure. Give it a try. This I've got to see. He'll be my REAL baby once you've worked your mommy magic on him !!! This should be interesting." To me she said, "Be a good baby for Jan, and do what she tells you or you know what mommy will do. And I'll take your didees off before I spank you on your bare baby bottom. Understand ????"
"Yes mama," I whimpered through my soother. Jan gently took the soother out of my mouth and firmly placed the nipple of the bottle at my lips, coaxing me to start drinking again saying, "That's a good baby. He must be still hungwy. Dwink your baba baby. That's it. Suck like a good little baby."
As I again started sucking the warm, sweet formula, she began crooning to me like she'd done before. A simple, wordless tune that was almost hypnotic in its effect. As the bus pulled out, I felt myself being gently rocked by the motion of the bus and felt myself warmly drifting to sleep. Soon the bottle was empty but I wasn't full yet and wanted more. I kept sucking hungrily until Jan said, "Oh, oh, Baby's baba is all empty, and baby's still hungry. I guess I'll have to give baby a 'special treat' to fill his widdle tummy all up."
I was wide awake now, and Jan softly pushed up her sweater and unfastened her bra at the front. As her breasts fell free, I could see they were full and that droplets of milk were forming at the nipples and starting to run down the underside of her breasts. I heard Sue's quick intake of breath as she said, "You're kidding. You're going to breast feed him like a newborn infant?"
Jan replied, "If it doesn't upset you having him suck at my titties. I have to do something or I'm gonna burst, and Mikey is all fed until morning. I should probably have stopped breast feeding him when he was 6 months old, but to be honest it feels so good having a hungry baby suck your teats, and besides even old Phil there enjoys a drink of mother's milk once in a while. Besides, I know it will help with this part of our plan for baby Danny here. There's nothing more infantile than being breast fed, especially by a wet nurse or nanny. Nothing sexual here, just a hungry baby sucking at a tittie. And I DO need the relief NOW!!"
Sue stuttered "Oh, no problem. I didn't think it was anything sexy. I was just surprised you'd want to breast feed him. I mean what if he bites you or something? After all, Mikey doesn't have a full set of teeth."
Jan laughed and said "Don't worry about that. The way he took the bottle, he suckles like a newborn. He may be a little strange to the breast at first, but he'll get onto it and soon will be sucking contentedly like a little, helpless newborn, while I give him my special lullaby treatment." She then gently lifted my head to her right breast and began tickling my lips with her nipple as she cooed, "There you go, baby. A special treat for such a little baby. Taste it if you want. Go ahead, you can lick the nipple."
My head was spinning as I saw my reflection in the window, being held by a strange lady who was encouraging me to suck her teats. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and lapped up the first few drops of milk that had seeped out. They were incredibly sweet, and as my head got closer to her breast I could smell the baby powder from where her little baby had been lying before. As I began licking her nipple more actively she gently pushed more and more of her breast into my face until the whole nipple was in my mouth and the flesh of her ample breasts was touching my face. Now my excited sucking was almost impossible to stop and with her encouraging, "That's it baby, you know what to do. Suck gently and get your tummy all full of mommy's sweet baby milk."
I began sucking as I'd done with the bottle. Soon I seemed to have a natural rhythm going as I sucked and swallowed, feeling and tasting the warm, sweet breast milk trickling into my mouth and into my tummy. As I suckled, she began rocking me gently and then started crooning softly to me again, only this time she was saying soft, gentle words like, "Close your little eyes and don't let anything bother you. Just let mommy put you to sleep. That's it, go sleepy byes for mommy. Mommy's happy little baby being breast fed and rocked to sleep by mommy. Just listen to mommy and go sleepy byes, baby."
It was only weeks later that I learned from Sue that she was putting me into a deep hypnotic trance, something she was quite an expert at. She sure knew what she was doing because in seconds I was fast asleep, and my dreams were filled with warm, happy baby pictures and feelings.
It was as if Jan's hypnotic words were creating the most pleasant or exciting images in my mind, and they all seemed so real. The soft, thick comfort of a fresh diaper, then feeling it get all nice and warm and wet as I wet helplessly, or getting all nice and squishy as I poopooed my didies. The sweet, pleasant smell of baby powder and baby lotion as mommy changed my wet or messy diapers and put a fresh, thick, soft diaper on me. And the soft texture of baby sleepers or play suits and little bonnets and booties. Mommy pushing me in the stroller to play with other babies, or toddling in the sand with mommy holding my little hand for balance. Being at work, and having mommy call me and whisper magic words to me, and I'd wet my diaper and feel all little and helpless again and know mommy would take care of me as soon as I got home. My mommy/wife taking good care of me and feeding me nice bottles or warm baby food and changing my diapers, and dressing me in pretty, soft baby clothes. If I was a good baby for mommy and made her happy, mommy would always love me as her baby and keep me as her tiny, helpless baby all the time. But if I was a bad boy mommy would take me out in my wet, messy diapers and show all my friends what a big baby I really was, wearing wet, messy diapers and crying from shame.
I was always free to feel and act like the little baby I was and wanted to be, and mommy would protect me and help me to feel like a happy baby.
As Jan continued to croon her soft lullaby to me, I felt her switch me to her other breast, and felt my diapers growing all warm and wet and I loved the warm, pleasant sensations of wetting my diapers AS A BABY. I wanted to wear diapers all the time, and to wet my diapers just like this ALL THE TIME. I never wanted to wear silly big boy clothes again. Soon my tummy was very full, and I felt my poopoo sliding helplessly into the seat of my diapers. It felt soooooo goooood. I was wetting and messing my diapers like a tiny, little baby, and feeling that mommy and Jan approved of my using my diapers. They were encouraging me to use my diapers all the time, just as the little baby I knew I really was.
Then my dreams changed to a mild nightmare, and I saw myself rubbing myself in my dirty diapers. It felt good and I wanted to keep doing it, but I knew only bad big boys rubbed themselves in dirty diapers, and they'd be ashamed at wearing dirty diapers like a little baby.
But then mommy said a magic word to me, and I couldn't stop wanting to 'play with my diapers'. I had to keep rubbing myself in my diapers until I felt myself wet my diapers again. It felt good to wet my diapers again, but I felt really ashamed and humiliated at playing in wet messy diapers like a little baby, when I was a big boy. Only little babies wear diapers and wet and mess in their diapers, and they cry when they need to be changed. Only naughty big boys who are being punished play in wet messy diapers. Then finally my dreams changed as I felt the nipple being gently removed from my lips and the soother being gently put in place of the nipple. Now, I was again a happy, helpless little baby, and mommy was putting me down for my nappy nap. I was to sleep for a little while and could have happy pleasant baby dreams while I slept contentedly in my warm, wet, messy diapers.
I woke up a little later to hear Jan saying, "Wow, he's incredibly good as a subject. He was under in just a few minutes and seemed to accept everything I suggested to him. Did you see how easily he let me change breasts, and then went down for his nap." I heard mommy ask, "Yeah. It's really strange. Where did you learn this stuff anyway, and would I be able to do it?" Jan sort of snorted a laugh and said, "With him I think Hitler could do it. He's an excellent subject, and has the most malleable mind I've seen in a long time. You remember I told you I worked for a shrink for a few years. Well he used to use hypnosis a lot to help with his patients. Whenever he had a female patient, he always had me sit in on the sessions so he couldn't be accused of raping them or anything while they were under. I learned how to hypnotize people from him, and he said I was quite good at it. Then I bought some books and learned some more. Even old Phil there goes under in a few minutes, and it really helps his headaches and, though he doesn't know it, REALLY helps our sex life. I can keep him 'up and ready' until I get my jollies, then give him the best big O he's ever had. I'll bet little Danny there is going to wake up feeling like a little baby and acting more like one than ever before. If I can get in a couple more sessions before we get off the bus and teach you what to say, you'll have him believing he's a complete infant by Baltimore, AND acting like one. Also, you'll have him completely under your control with the 'special punishments' I suggested to him."
Sue asked, "You mean when I phone him at work or just say 'Baby Time' to him somewhere or anywhere, he'll wet his diapers, start feeling like a baby and then acting like a little kid, AND he'll have to take off his trousers or whatever and expose his wet diapers for everyone to see."
Jan replied, "Oh yeah. Once he's had a few sessions with these suggestions, he'll wet automatically in response to 'Baby Time' and feel like a baby again, just as he does now. He'll start talking like a two or three year old and want to play with toys and baby things or games.
I thought you would like the idea of making him take of his trousers and exposeing his wet didees for all to see and that it would sufficiently humiliate and embarrass him to make sure he knows MOMMY is in complete control of him at all times, no matter where he is, or what he's doing. He won't be able to resist the compulsion to take of his trousers or pants or whatever, and he will KNOW that he's exposing his wet baby diapers to everyone who sees him, until he gets home, safe and snug to mommy. Once he's home, he'll fully become your little baby. If you're out together somewhere, he'll do the same thing except he'll still know he's an adult dressed as a baby and acting alike a baby for about an hour, then he'll become a full baby again.
I think he's fully awake from his little nap now. Let's see what happens."
She was right, I was now fully awake and dumbfounded and a little frightened at what I'd just heard as I was coming out of my baby sleep. I wanted out of there, and FAST. I started to push up, to try and get upright, but suddenly I felt my bladder empty helplessly into my already very wet diapers. Then, as I sat more upright I felt the soft mess in the seat of my diapers ooze up the front and back and felt like crying. In fact, I was crying. I wanted my didies changed. But didn't understand why couldn't I just say so, or get up and go into the little cubicle behind us to get away from this crazy mommy.
I couldn't seem to get my balance, and my legs were rubbery and uncontrollable. Jan easily pushed me back and laughingly said, "No, no baby. You mustn't get your pretty sleepers all messy. Baby has such a wet, messy diaper. Better let mommy change you, sweetie.," she said as she began turning me with my back against the windows again. Sue had a look of utter astonishment on her face as she listened to Jan's instructions to stick my soother in my mouth to stop my bawling, and to open the front of my sleepers and slip the changing pad under my panties and bottom and to draw off the wet, diaper. Sue was a little clumsy at first, but soon had the hang of it, and had the wet, messy diaper off, and was cleaning me up with some Didies Wipes she'd borrowed from Jan.
All the while she was changing me she kept cooing, "There, there baby. Mommy get you all cleaned up. Wouldn't a nice fresh didies feel good. That's a good baby. Settle down. Be a good widdle baby for mama. Here's baby's rattle."
As she gently shook the rattle in front of me, I was stunned to see myself instinctively reach for the silly, shiny thing. Soon I was shaking it and giggling at the funny noise, and then trying to stuff it in my mouth and suck on it."
"He must still be hungry, the way he's trying to suck that rattle. Maybe you'd better give him some of the solid food you bought," Jan suggested. Mommy propped me up against the window with a pillow at my back, after zipping up my sleepers over a thick, fresh diaper. Mommy tied on a white and blue terry cloth bib with pictures of a bunch of bee's about to attack a bear whose paws were dipped into a hive for the honey. Then mommy brought out three new jars of baby food and, with the aid of a plastic spoon, began to spoon feed me one spoonful at a time, wiping my mouth every now and then with the edge of the spoon and occasionally wiping my face with the terry bib.
Several hours had passed since our rest stop, and now several passengers going into the john passed right by us and stopped to tease, laugh and kid with mommy about the BIG BABY she was feeding. Some of the women even made jokes and offered to diaper me so they could help my mommy care for me properly. She politely and seriously thanked them and said she had everything under control, and hit them with an unexpected curve when she added, "Thanks for the offer, but I'm his mommy and I know just how to look after my little, helpless baby here."
As the traffic of passersby cleared up, and mommy finished feeding me, she held up a mirror for me to see myself and said, "Such a messy little baby. Look how you got baby food all over your little face and bib. Such a tiny helpless little baby. Mommy will have to really take care of such a tiny helpless little baby."
Indeed I did feel tiny and helpless. And almost full. I still needed something to drink and began sucking my fist trying to satisfy my need for a bottle. Jan said, "Oh, it looks like he needs another special feeding, and I'm just about ready to get him started. Let me slide in there and we'll put him down for another special nap."
Jan slide easily in place of mommy, and once again put my head to her breast and offered her nipple to my hungry lips. This time I had no trouble getting the right rhythm and soon was being gently rocked to sleep while she crooned that special lullaby to me. As I drifted of to dreamland, my dreams again were filled with special, happy baby dreams, and that short nightmare, until again I was a happy, content, good little baby, safe and secure in mommy's arms and finally in my little baby crib for my nap.
While I was napping, Phil and Jan excused themselves saying they had a conversation of their own they had to discuss, but would be close by should my mommy need their assistance again. She suggested mommy try the 'special lullaby' a little later after I woke up from my nap to see how it worked for her. "Just use a bottle of warm milk and start rocking and repeating the 'keywords' until he is in dreamland". She also sneeringly suggested mommy test the 'diaper play' after my nap, since she was sure I'd be prepared for it, after three bottles of baby food and about 20 ounces of milk.
When I woke up the sun was just coming out, and mommy felt me stirring in her arms. I vaguely remembered waking up a couple of times, then having mommy give me a warm bottle of milk, and crooning to me like Jan had done, but it was only a cloudy dream. I felt really tiny, and loved and cuddled. I loved mommy SOOOO much. Mommy would always take care of me and keep me as her happy little baby, if I was a good baby.
As mommy woke up from her little nap too, she began to gitchy goo me under the chin, and I giggled and chortled at her. She stuck a finger in the leg of my panties and said, "Oh my, baby is ALL WET. And dirty too. Such a heavy wetter. Him must like to have wet didees a lot." Instead of changing me then and there, she gave me a bottle of juice, and as I sucked hungrily at the nipple, feeling the warm apple juice draining down into my tummy, I could feel my warm peepee leaking out into my diaper again, and it felt sooooo very nice. I loved the warm, helpless feeling of wetting my diaper helplessly, like the little baby I was. Just then, Jan came back with Phil and Mikey, and said "Well, did you try it? Did you test him yet?"
Sue replied, "Oh yeah, I gave him three special naps during the night, but I wasn't sure about testing his 'diaper play' command yet. And I added another suggestion of my own. When I say 'DANNY DO IT' sternly like a mommy with a naughty boy, he will do exactly what I tell him. Do you think it will work at home?"
Jan replied "I don't know. Sometimes it takes a few more sessions to implant a suggestion that will make him completely obedient, but if you keep it up it should work. Since Phil and I are here, why don't we test his 'bad boy' suggestions now. If you did them just like I told you, he should be fully ready to follow them." Sue twisted me around so my back was to the windows again and I was facing the aisle towards Jan and Phil. Then Sue said "Time to grow up Danny".
Suddenly I was no longer mommy's little baby. I was now a little boy. No I was a big boy. No, not really. I was a grown up 24 year old man. BuI wearing a baby sleeper, and it felt like I'd wet my pants. As I put my hand down to check I felt something VERY warm and thick and realized I wasn't wearing pants, but thick, cloth diapers like a little baby wears. And from the feel they were very wet and smelled like they were messy too. I knew that I wanted to be a baby, but felt terribly embarrassed to be in this condition on a bus with so many people around.
As I realized there were strangers standing in front of me, my face flushed red with shame. Jan, seeing my embarrassment, said, "What's the matter Danny boy. Embarrassed to be seen wearing wet, messy diapers like a big baby. After all, that's what you are, aren't you. A big baby who has to wear diapers like a little baby, because he can't control himself."
I was almost in tears at hearing this. I wanted to get away and hide my shame somewhere, anywhere. Then Sue said, "That's right Danny. You're just a big baby. Oh, you try to hide it with your grown up talk and street clothes, but deep down you know you're just a little baby who needs mommy to take care of him, for his BABY TIME."
It was like an explosion.
As soon as Sue said "Baby Time" I felt the explosive, uncontrolled emptying of my bladder. I couldn't help it. It was completely beyond my control. You could hear the hissing of the urine being uncontrollably forced out of my bladder, like air from a punctured tire. Phil and Jan started to laugh, and Jan sneered, "What's the matter baby Danny. Did him wet his didies wike a widdle baby. Let me see your wet baby didies, Danny."
That was the last thing I wanted to do. Show them my sopping, pee soaked diapers. But somehow I couldn't help myself. I HAD to take off my bottoms. Something uncontrollable was driving me to pull off the bottoms of my sleepers, only I had to take off the whole thing. As I pulled off the sleepers, the smell of my wet, messy diapers wafted up for everyone to notice, and both mommies said, "My oh my, Danny has dirty didees too. Just wike a widdle helpless baby. Danny wets and poopoos in his didees."
Then Sue snidely said, "I'll bet Danny likes to 'PLAY WITH HIS DIAPERS'."
Suddenly I knew what I was. I was a full grown, 24 year old, virile and REALLY HORNY man. My cock was swollen to proportions it had never known before, and I needed relief in the worst way. I heard myself saying in this strange, foreign voice, "Pweeze mommy, hep me. Make me bebba. Need go mommy."
Sue and Jan exchanged stunned looks, until Jan said, "Right, you said 'Baby Time' to him earlier, so he feels like a toddler and that's why he's speaking like that. As a toddler he doesn't know about sexual relief, but thinks his swollen cock means he has to pee. Give him a hand to start him, and he'll quickly learn what to do. The next time he'll know automatically what to do to get relief."
Sue gently pushed down on the front of my diapers, then pushed towards my belly button. She kept this up for a few seconds, then moved her hand all the way to the seat of my diaper and pushed harder toward the front, then pushed down again. I felt the sticky mess from the seat and crotch of my diapers spread over the front of my cock and diaper and knew what was happening. The smell, the feel and the knowledge of what was happening filled me with shame and humiliation like I'd never known. Then mommy told me to give her my hands, and she placed them at the seat of my diapers and gently pushed and guided them to put pressure from the seat towards the front and up to the top of my diapers, then back again until I had the rhythm naturally, easily, uncontrollably. In a few seconds I was masturbating uncontrollably, using the smelly mess in my diapers to lubricate my cock and rub it against the front of my diapers. Jan said, "Let's try something," and whispered in Sue's ear.
Then Sue said, "TIME TO GROW UP DANNY", and immediately I no longer felt like a baby or little boy. I knew I was a grown man and here I was in front of perfect strangers masturbating in messy diapers. I quickly put my hands at my sides and felt my cock shrink in disgust at what I'd just been doing. Then Sue said "It's Ok Danny. I know you want to PLAY WITH YOUR DIAPERS."
Again I couldn't help it. My hands were drawn to the front of my diaper like iron filings to a magnet. Soon I was frantically rubbing myself in my wet, messy diapers, while the two mommies said, "What a naughty boy. Playing with your pissy, messy baby diapers. Only little babies play with their diapers. Big boys shouldn't have to wear diapers like a little baby, and play with their diapers."
Despite the burning shame I felt, I couldn't stop. Finally, I felt the explosive relief as I 'wet' my diapers, then almost immediately as my once proud cock shriveled, felt my bladder empty helplessly again into my now soaked diapers. "Look what you've done you naughty widdle boy. You've made a sticky mess in your diapers. Reach into your diapers and get some sticky on your thumb then suck it like a baby," mommy said sternly. When I hesitated she said, "DANNY DO IT" sternly, and I sucking semen off my thumb, AND tasting the tears that were streaming down my shamed face.
Once I had humiliated myself to their satisfaction, I laid back down on the changing pad as instructed while Sue changed my wet messy diapers in front of Jan and Phil. Mommy said, "There, now that's better isn't it. Be a good baby for mommy and mommy will let it be your special 'Baby Time' always." Once again I wet my diapers, then began to feel little and helpless and soon was hungry for my bottle.
A little later I heard Jan say, "This is our stop. Where do you go from here?" Sue told her where we lived, and again Jan said, "No kidding. We're just a few blocks away on Herkimer St. Why we're practically neighbors. That means I can visit and give you 'mothering' advice, or sit for Danny any time you need, and maybe you could sit for little Mikey if I need."
As the other passengers were getting off the bus, the two women exchanged phone numbers and made plans to get together at our house later in the week. Sue said she needed advice in setting up a proper nursery for me, since she had so little experience. Soon it was time to leave. The passengers waiting to get their luggage from the bus driver were all treated to a VERY strange sight as a young, attractive 22 year old woman walked off the bus leading a VERY LARGE baby by the hand. A baby dressed in a light yellow terry sleeper, with thick, bulky diapers obviously bulging at the waist and bum, sucking on his soothie as he toddled along holding his white teddy bear. The passengers were stunned as they watched the big b


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