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Fishing Buddies

by ElSupremo

Chapter 1

                                        Fishing Buddies Part-1


Listening to hypnotic files has become my way of life. I tried many kinds of files and found a series of deepeners that really put me into a deep suggestive, submissive trance and it felt like I was an onion and it kept peeling back the layers of what was me. I started to go deep and make myself a clean sheet and then build from there. I like to masturbate and I worked on making myself a super masturbater. I also added the continuous cum producer files. I felt like my balls were growing and I was cumming with bigger loads. I took pills to cum more and I ate foods to give me the energy to produce more cum and I started to taste my cum. I found that the taste was nice and I didn’t mind tasting the precum, in fact I enjoyed the taste of precum. I would masturbate and play and tease my cock while tasting the precum, then I started listening to the file called the quickening.


I use a induction trance (deeper) and (accept your changes)



Feeling so deep and truly happy I only want you to feel more happy, more excitement, more deep relief through sex. From now on every time you get a boner, a hard cock the first thing you think and feel is just how nice its going to feel when you cum. Your desire to cum is all you will care about. The sooner you cum the sooner you will feel the explosive mind blowing pleasure of cumming. Your cock was made to cum, you are designed to cum and feel absolute pleasure when you cum. From now on the faster you cum and the faster you release your nectar the sooner you will feel the pleasure your cock was designed to give you. You will think of your cum as a snack and you will taste your cum. eating your cum will give you another shock of pleasure that will become so addictive that you will never cum and not eat your cum. If you masturbate you will enjoy the 3 to 5 seconds it takes to cum. 3 to 5 seconds means that you get to the mountain of pleasure faster and the faster the better. The faster you cum the sooner you will get your snack. The delicious nectar that you love so much and that which gives you such pleasure that you almost faint from the absolute wonderful earth shattering feelings when you get to taste your own cum. You will find yourself loving your cock and with each masturbation your cock will become more sensitive and your desire to cum quickly will increase. gone will be the days of trying to hold off cumming. Gone are the days of edging and teasing yourself by getting to the edge and then backing off only to go back to the edge until one time you go too far and your cock does exactly what its designed to do, cum. Now, when you get a hard cock you now know that the only way to treat your cock is to give it several good strokes and your desire is for it to explode its nectar so that you will get the marvelous feelings of cumming and you get to eat your cum sooner, after all sooner is always better then later.


You are going to practice every time your cock gets hard to cum just as fast as you can. The only thing important is cumming and snacking. You love the fast 3 to 5 seconds cumming and from now on every time will be a fast route to ejaculation. You will love all the feelings of cumming and it only gets better as time goes on. there will be no other ways to cum, several strokes and BAM you cum feeling all the mind blowing, muscle aching,toe curling pleasure, only to be made better by tasting and eating all your cum. Fast ejaculation and eating your cum is so addictive to you that its what you actually live for. Several strokes and slurping your delicious pleasurable cum is becoming your way of life and nothing else matters. Every morning you will wake up with a morning wood only to reach down knowing that you will cum extremely fast and you will get your morning treat. In fact you look forward to your morning strokes and cum treat, so much that if for some reason if you don’t get it you will be out of sync and will only think of how can you get through until you get some cum. You pull out your cock which will be ready for you and 3 to 5 seconds later you’ll have your morning fix. By this time you won’t even need anything to wipe and clean your cock. you will catch your cum, slurp in down with such pleasure and using your fingers you’ll eat every drop and the feelings and pleasure will be so great that you may even make loud pleasurable noises because you’ll be in your own world of pleasure while stroking, and cumming.


 You’re so deep, so happy, feeling so submissive, feeling so pleasurable, thinking about your cock and having it ejaculate so fast that you just can’t wait to stroke and cum again and again. you’re so hopelessly in love with your cock and it’s cum. forever going deeper and deeper and still your aching need to stroke and cum is quickly becoming the way you are and you’ll never tease your wonderful cock again. getting hard and then fast ejaculating is now the way you are. Whether masturbating or having your cock sucked or making love with a women it’s all the same for you now, get hard, 3-5 seconds of pumps and you cum. Eating your cum is your priority and cum in the hand or chest, cum in a pussy or ass is going to be eaten and no way are you going to let one drop go to waste. sucking cum from a cock is also going to be one of your favorite methods of getting a cum snack. eating cum out of a pussy is most enjoyable for you now, eating cum out of a asshole doesn’t phase you one bit. you’re never going to waste your cum again.


Being able to cum so fast is for you so enjoyable, eating your cum is so good, just the taste of your cum makes you shiver with pleasure, trying hold off from cumming is not an option any more, only ejaculating and eating your cum matters and the faster the better. When you cum you feel so overwhelmed with pleasure that you slide down into a deep, deep, pleasurable state of complete satisfaction and the thought of pleasing a women doesn’t even enter your mind. only cumming and eating cum matters now. getting your cum back by eating out a pussy is necessary and if that gives her pleasure than she’s gets lots of pleasure because you’re going to get your cum back. Your male friends will learn that if they present a hard cock to you, you will do anything to get cum and you know that the absolute best way to get cum is to suck it out directly from the source, having a male friend that is willing to let you suck their cock is great, but they just too slow cumming and it will become your mission in life to get them to be fast ejaculators. By having them listen to your file they too will develop the 3 - 5 seconds method. The only problem is that they too will develop over whelming need to eat cum too. they will suck your cock for your cum and you will cum so fast and they will take your cum. you’ll suck their cock and take their cum. your cum addiction and their cum addiction will cause both of you to look for and seek new cocks to suck for cum. you’ll host parties and draw in all kinds of cock to your parties so that you can get the opportunities to suck cock and get more cum. your whole reason is to get more cum. never enough cum, you will be known and made fun of because you never last more then a few seconds before cumming and then eating your cum. Some of the ones laughing will except your challenge to listen to this file and they too will develop the same aching need to eat cum. your home will become a haven for fast cumming cock suckers all of which want the same thing, cum. Gone are the days of being laughed at, you and all of your new cum eaters will become premature ejaculators and everyone will enjoy the hunt for more cum. Thankfully there are so many cocks out there that it will be like a never ending supply of fresh cum. you are living for each and every new dose of cum. the incredible feelings and pleasure from cumming or eating cum hasn’t diminished in fact it’s only gotten stronger and better with time. You now love your life as a fast ejaculator and cum eater. it’s just the way it is.




It’s been months and I basically only have to stroke my cock several times and my cock will burst with cum and I find that is exactly what I want. I don’t care what my girl friend thinks and she doesn’t expect me fuck her for any length of time. she just says I’m one of those premature ejaculators, but because I eagerly eat her out and she always gets to cum and she likes our new way of loving.


I find that I only want to cum and eat it, the faster the better and my feeling of pleasure is unlike anything I have ever felt before. The pleasure is hard to explain and the pleasure I feel when tasting my cum gives me shivers from my curling toes to the end of my cock. cumming and eating my cum is everything.


I was invited to go fishing with an old friend and we were going to a lake that also has some old indian hot springs. Robert got us a room at the hot springs so we had unlimited access to the indivdual hot spring bathing room. We got there for the first night and we both very quickly went to the larger bathing room which could have a whole family at the same time and was lockable so it was completely private. Robert got in naked and boy was the water hot, I dropped my shorts and got in naked too. The water was so hot and full of minerals that you could only stay in the water for about 15 - 20 minutes. Robert said to be prepared to be so relaxed and to be able to go to sleep really fast.


We got back to the room and sure enough I got in the queen size bed and was asleep in an instant. I woke up around 0400 and was surprised that Robert was awake and I caught a glimpse of him going into the bathroom and he was naked, I was naked too and had a really hard morning boner. I stroked it and before I knew it I was blowing a huge wad that hit me in my face and chin and chest. I immediately started eating my cum to clean up my mess and was deeply into feeling the intense pleasure of having just cummed and the taste of eating my cum. I was making sounds like the campbell soup kids, umm, umm good and as I came back to my senses I noticed Robert standing there with a huge boner. I felt embarrassed, but just kept scraping and slurping up my cum. Robert said he never seen anyone react to eating their cum like I did.


I finished my cum breakfast and Robert asked if I wanted desert to go with my main course. I said I didn’t know because I had never had another’s cum. He just moved over to me and put his huge hard cock in my face and said “suck”, so for no reason at all I opened my mouth and started to lick and suck the head of his cock. I could taste his precum and it gave me shivers and loved it. I don’t remember too much of that first time sucking cock, but I must have gone into a trace and caressed his cock and sucked his cock. When he came I greedily I swallowed every drop, well I tried to, but he had such a huge load that I had cum squirting out the side of my mouth and I was trying to catch all the dripping in my hands and after I had sucked the last drop out and his cock shrank to it’s limp size I started licking and cleaning all the cum on my hands.


Robert said he could get used to having his cock sucked dry like that. I couldn’t believe I had just sucked my buddies cock. I was recovering from such an intense experience and then I realized what had happened and my buddy was okay with it and was smiling with a huge look of satisfaction on his face and then said it was time to put the boat in the water and get some fishing done. It was getting late so we stopped at a quikstop store and picked up a half dozen burritos to snack on.


We were out on the lake and up to now nothing was said about our little event that morning, in fact it was like nothing had happened at all. Robert had just caught a nice size fish and and was giggling to himself and I ask what was so funny and he just


looked at me and said that getting a blowjob was easier then catching a fish on this lake. I thought I had been hit between the eyes and then instead of making a stink about it i just kept my mouth shut. He asked if i was mad and I said, no. He asked how I had gotten into eating cum. I just said that I just didn’t want to waste any. He asked again and laughed at me and he promised that he wouldn’t ask again. So, while waiting for another fish to bite I told him about the hypnosis files and how i had listened to them for the excitement and through them I had learned that I really, really enjoyed tasting my cum. I guess that the files had really worked even if I didn’t think so. He was telling me that hypnosis only works if the individual wants it to work.


We had a long discussion about it and he seems really interested and kept asking questions and acted excited just to hear about it and wouldn’t let the subject be dropped. I asked if he wanted to try it and he didn’t say yes, but he squirmed around and just wanted me to give him more and more information. I asked what he would like hypnosis do for him and he didn’t have and idea so I teased him and said maybe he wanted to wear diapers all the time, he squirmed and said “no”, but I could see him getting a boner. I asked if he wanted to be a panty boy and he said “no”, I said maybe he too wanted to be taught to enjoy his cum too. He didn’t answer so I knew that it excited him to be so totally vulnerable so I proceeded to explain that in order to hypnotize him, he would have to listen to a deepener that would put him in a relaxed state and help him accept the suggestions. I was surprised he was so interested and wanted to start right away. I told him that when we got back to the room we could start.


Robert was so excited I said that he should sit down because people in the next county could see his boner. He laughed and said maybe he should give then something to look at and he dropped his shorts with his cock sticking straight out. He grabbed it and waved it at me and I just stared at him and licked my lips to which he once again put the head of his cock on my lips and I started to once again suck his cock while kneeling out in the open air. It was just as good as the morning experience was.


Robert said that he now had a cock sucker for a fishing buddy and fishing was never going to be the same again. He said that the fish weren’t biting and that we might as well go in and catch a nap and return late in the afternoon. It felt strange accepting that I was a cock sucker and didn’t even care. Did this mean I was gay? I don’t know, but I knew I would be sucking cock everytime I got a chance. I was comfortable with Robert and was happy he was okay with my sucking his cock.


We got back to the room and dropped clothes put on bathrobes and went straight to the hot spring and soaked for about 20 minutes until we couldn’t stand it any more. Back in the room I felt exhausted and Robert said he was tired and asked if playing the files and sleeping was okay. I said I didn’t know, but if he wanted me to run the files. I had him lie down and started the playing and he started to listen and he fell instantly asleep. We woke up about six hours later and Robert said we slept right through our window of opportunity to fish. oh well, we decided to grill the fish we had caught and drink some beer.


We sat up talking while it got dark and then we went to the hot bath for another 20 minutes and I ended up stroking his cock and then sucked him off. After I finish I turned around and then turned again only to catch him putting his finger up to his mouth. His eyes actually rolled up and he took a deep breath. I think he really liked his cum and figured the files were starting to work. Soon my fishing buddy was going to be my cock sucking buddy.


Back in our room Robert laid down and started listening to my files. I knew the morning would come fast so I laid down and closed my eyes. I woke up first and saw that Robert was asleep with a huge boner. I had a really nice morning wood, but I took hold of his cock and started the gently suck it. I wanted to let him sleep and play with my new toy. After a while I looked up and Robert was awake and looking at me and for no reason at all I told him it was his turn to suck my cock and he smiled and said “ok”. I rolled over and pulled him to my already swollen cock and as soon as he gave me about 2 sucks I exploded into his mouth and he really tried to swallow everything and like me he couldn’t and I was able to get some of my cum back. When he finished sucking me I immediately started to suck him and stroke him and in about 1 minute he came with a grunt and kept pumping his hips to fuck my face. I seemed to sense what he really was doing was helping himself to cum as fast and furious as he could and he was actually a little out of his mind. I don’t even think he knew he had sucked me off.


I went into the shower and when I came out he was licking his fingers. I said that I think someone found a new snack that they really like. He had a strange look on his face and I think he realized that the hypno files probably worked because he was enjoying cum, and was looking hard at my cock. I told him I didn’t think my cock had recovered enough to cum again so soon. He looked hurt and said that he could try if the wanted to. I laid down and he took hold of my cock and slowly started to stroke me and my cock actually started to respond and get hard. Once hard he gripped me harder and began to suck me and after about 30 seconds I cam into his mouth and he sucked me dry.

Once again we got a late start and went for burrito’s and had a big breakfast on the boat. I was a little put out because Robert had gotten my cum and all I got was a little dribble that had dripped from his mouth. Actually Robert was in a good mood and was humming and smiling all the time. I asked him why he was so happy and he said he didn’t know but was just overall happy. I made the remark that I guessed that he found something that he really liked. He gave me a funny look and said “I guess so” Thinking about everything that had happened this morning and the way Robert was acting I think that he wasn’t 100% sure of what had happened to him. He had slept and listened to the file several times and wasn’t aware that he now was eating cum and loving it, he had sucked cock and that seemed to okay with him. I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens from here out. I planned to have him playing the file and start suggesting he cum faster and faster. He seemed to like me encouraging him to cum. Only now I would try to get him to cum faster and faster so that by the time our week of fishing is over he would be a premature ejaculator like me.


 Fishing went well and we actually returned to our room a little earlier then we had been returning and Robert was excited to strip down and go to the hot bath. I stripped down and put on the fluffy robe and we went to the hot bath smiling and joking. We actually got about 20 minutes in the pool and returned to the room and before I knew it Robert was laying down naked and had the ear phones in and was starting to listen to the deepener saying he was going to resist falling into a deep trance and then about 30 seconds later his eyes were closed and I watched him take a deep breath. I put my file on and did the same thing. Here was two fishing buddies laying naked on a queen sized bed, both in a deep trance teaching ourselves to cum fast and eat cum. Believe it or not once again we both slept through our afternoon fishing time.


I awoke to an incredible sensation in my cock. Robert had hold of me and was gently sucking me. As soon as I woke up I exploded a huge load into Robert’s mouth and he eagerly swallowed every drop and left me nothing. I was so disappointed and told him he was a pig and he agreed with me. I took hold of his cock and said I was going to make him cum an extra large load for me. He laughed and I went to work on him and after a while he was hard and cumming in my mouth. He laughed and I asked what was so funny and he said he didn’t think he had another load in him. We got up and went to the hot spring and while we soaked I told him that it wasn’t fair if he didn’t share. He shrugged his shoulders and said that he would try to be better in the future. Back at the room we started the BBQ grill and started having a couple beers out on the pouch and the guy next door came out and acted like he was interested in our fish.


We grilled the fish and offered him a beer and instantly we had a friend for life. As it turned out he was from the same place we were from, but he was on the other side of the mountain. We still had our bath robes on and while Robert was working the grill his cock peeked out and I told him he had better be careful or he would burn his dick. Robert laughed at me and said that he didn’t have no dick, and he had a real man sized cock as he took a handful and shook it. The other guy whose name was Willie took a big drink of his beer and acted like he was going to choke on it when Robert started shaking his semi hard cock. We all laughed and I went inside to get 3 more beers. We ate the fish and Willie said that this was the best fish he had ever had and was glad he had come out to say hello. Robert being the aggressive guy that he is told Willie he was welcome to join us in the hot spring and surprising me he said he was getting tired of soaking all by himself. We all had another beer and Robert said that he was going to the spring so he would be completely relaxed to go to bed. Willie agreed and got up to change and came back wearing only his robe. The grill was almost burned out and we walked across the little parking lot to the hot spring and soon we were in the water naked and talking about how much we liked and thought the springs made us feel better and how we were benefiting from the bath.


Robert started talking about sex and things and the subject ended up on the hypno files and Willie was mesmerized with Robert and the thought of being hypnotized, especially being put into a trace and accepting the suggestion to eat ones own cum. I was embarrassed and Robert just ignored me and kept at Willie and before I knew it we had been in the bath for over a half hour and we ready to go to bed and get my sleep. Willie had agreed to go fishing in the morning with us and he absolutely wanted to listen to the hypno files too. We went back to the room and Robert set up Willies phone with the files and he went off to his room to listen to them.


I woke to the alarm going off and went to take a quick shower and when i came out Robert was waking up with a boner and I told him that he slept too long and we had to go fishing. He half heartily reached for my cock and I waved him off saying get dressed because it was getting late. I banged on Willies door and he actually was up and acting a little weird when I told him we were going fishing. He blinked and said okay and said he’d be ready in a couple of minutes. Robert was actually ready when I got back and I said I hoped he hadn’t been selfish and played with himself and he said he had thought about it, but wanted to save himself for the lake. About that time Willie knocked on the door and we all climbed into Roberts pickup went to get burritos.


Once we were out on the lake we eating the burritos and laughing about who would catch the first fish or the largest fish and good ole Robert said we needed a punishment for who either got no fish or the smallest fish. I thought that just having the worst luck was bad enough and Willie said that he would go along with whatever we came up with. Robert ask each of us for and idea and neither of us would say anything so he said that the loser would have to suck the other two cocks. I was in shock that he would say something like that and Willie said that it was enough to motivate us to get serious about fishing.


Robert caught the first fish and it was a whopper and he bragged and bragged saying over and over that either Willie or I was going to be cock sucker for the day. Willie had a slightly worried look and I could see he was thinking what the hell had he gotten into. Willie caught a medium size fish and and Robert kept saying I was in trouble because it was getting late in the morning and the fish would stop biting soon. Both of them had big smiles and kept reminding me of the bet and Robert said he was owed something for having caught the first fish. We laughed at him and said that the reward for first fish should have been stated before we started fishing, not after he had caught the fish. For me I was getting more and more concerned as the time went by and finally Robert said it was 10 o’clock so to be fair the 10:30 was the drop dead time. He set the alarm and they started to laugh and laugh saying if I hadn’t caught a fish yet I probably wasn’t going to and I would be the official cock sucker for the day. I looked at my lifeless fishing line and started to pick up my pole. Robert stopped me and said that it would have to stay there the way it was and either I caught a fish or not. For some reason I wasn’t thinking and just sat back down and Willie handed me a beer saying he was never this close to a cock sucker before, Robert burst out laughing and said that on this trip there had been a lot of surprises. Then he asked Willie if he had listened to the file last night and Willie said he put it on, but as soon as he heard the word deeper he thinks he fell asleep or maybe that was a trance and he didn’t really know. Robert asked him if he played with his cock this morning and a Willie said he didn’t have a chance because someone knocked on the door so early. We laughed and said that he was going to enjoy having cum for snacks.


Roberts alarm went off and he said I was now the official fishing cock sucker for the day and the day started now or until we fished again tomorrow. I quickly dropped my shorts and jumped into the water and said swim time. Willie threw in a floating seat and jumped in along with Robert. We horsed around and had a great time. While resting by holding the seat Willie came over and held the seat too. Robert came over and grabbed the seat and their we were three naked guys in the middle of large lake. I could feel a cock rub on my thigh and then another cock rubbed my other side and I was trapped between these two horney guys and Robert was asking if I could feel something good. Willie seemed to be in complete agreement and they continued to bob in the water having their cocks rubbing my thighs and if I turned one way or the other my cock would rub one of their cocks. I said i was tired and got back on the boat. You would would think that we would learn to bring bigger towels to dry off with, but we only had those tiny wash cloth size towels that didn’t cover much up at all.


I went and got my fishing pole and reeled in the line and to my embarrassment the hook was bare and shiny. No wonder I didn’t catch anything or maybe I didn’t want to catch a fish. I put my pole away and Robert was telling me that he had something for me and I knew what it was. Just to go and suck a cock with another person watching is something I had never done before and I felt like I was being stamped with the cock sucker label. Now it wasn’t a private thing between Robert and me it was between me and the world. I got down and started to slowly stroke his cock and lick the head. I could taste his precum and feel his cock stiffen and responded by really stroking hard and sucking even harder. I want him to cum really fast and actually he came pretty fast. I slurped down the first spurt and Robert pushed me off his cock and he spurt up into the air onto his chest and immediately scooped up come cum with his fingers and ate it. Willie came over and put his finger in the cum and tasted it. I could tell he reacted to it and his eyes rolled up and he actually moaned out loud.


Robert push us away and told me to go suck Willie and I did, but this time it took longer for him to cum and I told him he would be faster the next time. He said that for some reason he wanted to cum sooner and that was a first for him because he normally would tease his cock for as long as possible. I said that he would get more pleasure the faster the was in cumming. Willie had great tasting cum, maybe better then Robert’s. Willie was actually trying to hog his cum and I let him have it. With Robert’s cock sucked clean and then Willie’s sucked clean I was left with a rock hard boner. Robert started to tell Willie just how fast I would cum. He took my cock and squeezed it and then gave me several strokes and I blew my wad straight up and it look like a fountain pumping cum all over the place and Robert then Willie started licking and scraping up my delicious cum. I managed to get some, but for the most part they both pigged out on me. Willie started to suck the remaining cum out of my cock and I was surprise he was actually sucking my cock.


Willie said he didn’t know what had happen, but it was an experience like no other for him and he was so happy he had met two crazy guys like us. While we were relaxing and having a after sex beer Willie said he like the fact that my cock was hairless. Robert said that a girl friend had shaved him once. I laughed and said that my girl friend had a laser thingy and she would laser me every week while we were together. We have been together for over 2 years and I haven’t had any hair in a long time and she goes over my pubics on Thursday nights like clockwork. I also lost my hair under my arms and have been hairless for so long it’s almost totally natural to be hairless. My chest and legs are next because as my girlfriend says ” it ain’t over till it’s over”.


Back at the hot spring we went for a 20 minute soak and retired to the comfort of our rooms and laid down to listen to the files. Once again we missed afternoon fishings and we found ourselves outside our room doors BBQ’ing our fish and laughing up a storm and drinking beer. While we were having a great time the young guy who seemed to do everything at the hot spring and motel came over to us. He introduced himself as Eddy and we told him our names. Eddy asked us how we were doing and if we needed anything for our rooms and we all said we were completely satisfied with the rooms. He smiled and said that was great because they put a lot of effort to make the rooms comfortable and clean and we all shook our heads saying even though the rooms were older then dirt they were really nice and clean and the ambiance was perfect. He then asked why we had never tried the free bottled water and we replied we weren’t big water drinkers. Eddy went on to explain that this hot spring was special and many people came not only for the hot bath, but for the mineral water. I asked what was so special about the water. He told us that people that drank the water who were sick would very quickly stop being sick and feel healthier then ever. I told him that I was blessed that I never get sick and infact hadn’t had the flu since the 1980’s and never got flu shots. He smiled and said that I was indeed blessed. He also said that he never got sick a day in his life and he was only 23 and his father had never had a sick day either. I said that then we had nothing to lose trying out the water and he smiled like he had secret. I went into the room and got 2 bottles and came out telling Willie he would have to get his own.


The water tasted pretty good in fact the more I drank the better it tasted. Eddy told us that it was full of minerals and Indians used the water like medicine for everything from a runny nose to a sex enhancer. I said I could use that for sure and all Eddy did was nod and said let me know tomorrow what I thought and he wandered away. We offered him some fish and he left he said he had already eaten, but thanks for the invite. We all agreed that we liked him and thought he was kinda nice for such a young kid. We sat a drank the water and joked around until Robert said he wanted to go for a soak and we agreed and off the hot spring we went. In the spring we all had really hard boners and Willie said jokingly that it must be the water and we laughed and said if it was working this good we were going to drop beer and drink only this spring water. We must have been in the water for over 30 minutes and even though it was hot we started to stroke and eat cum and licking each other clean. We were all cock suckers and the whole idea was to suck each others cock and try to steal as much cum as possible.


Back in the room we both drank another bottle of water and fell almost instantly asleep. Robert was awake when I woke up and he still had his ear plugs in, but he had an incredibly hard boner in his hand and I had a rock hard boner too. I rolled over to him and got his cock in my mouth and stated to suck like never before he exploded into my mouth like never before. He pull me off his cock and started to scoop up his cum and greedily slurping it down. I swallowed and turned my attention to my hard cock and just as I started to stroke Robert got his mouth on my cock and began sucking like he had never done before. He while sucking gave my cock a couple of strokes and I exploded into his mouth and he couldn’t hold it all in and leaked cum which i started to scoop up. He sucked and I scooped and I was so deep in a delicious self induced trance. He kept sucking and I kept cumming, it was so fantastic I didn’t know if I was in pain or pleasure, it was just freaking fantastic. Finally it was over and I got dressed and went to knock on Willy’s door and he opened the door almost instantly and pulled me in saying and asking if the water had worked for me too.


I teased him and said I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. The look on his face was priceless and then I said “it was freaking fantastic”. He had a rock boner and had his hand on it and he started stroking while standing there. I couldn’t let him be in such a state and I pushed him back onto his bed and took the head of his cock into my mouth and gave him the best blowjob in my life and he exploded just Robert and I had, except I tried to keep any cum from leaking out. It leaked and he scooped and he pushed me off and said I had enough and the rest was his.


After he had settled down and could think straight he asked if I thought the water had done this to him. I asked him what had be done to him and I thought he was going to kill me. He said the crazy boners and I said that I hoped so because I didn’t think it was the fish. I took a bottle of his water from the frig and he almost got mad, but I told him he had plenty because he was by himself and I had to share with Robert. Damn this water was good and if it always made boners like this I was in heaven.


Robert met us as we came out and said some smartass thing about taking a long time. We filled up all our bottles at the water fawcet that said free to lodgers and took off for the Quikmart to get burritos for breakfast. Out on the lake we ate the burrito’s and kept our eyes on the water supply. Willy said why worry about the water when we could get as much as we wanted and Robert said he was going to bottle as much as he could to take home with him. Willy nodded that he too was going to take water with him. All I could think of was how great I felt and on top of that the fishing was the best ever. We caught our limits and took a skinny dip swim and was ready to leave when the Rangers boat pulled up beside us and started to ask questions.


He was a really nice guy and checked our permits and counted our fish and said he was happy that we were in compliance. We all shook hands and were smiling he asked where we were staying and we told him. He smiled and said that although small I liked that place the best. He asked if we knew Eddy and we told him that we had met him last night that we really like him. The ranger said that Eddy was doing a good job running the place for someone his age and we all agreed. He got back on his boat and as he was leaving we told him to drop by because we were having a fish BBQ and he smiled and said he just might do that.


 Back at the hot spring we went straight to our rooms and found that the refrigerator was full of water bottles the beds made up nice and net, the room was as clean as ever. Our biggest relief was the water bottles in the Frig. Willy and Robert went to the store to get stuff for fixing the fish and charcoal for the grill. I was cleaning and filleting the fish when they got back and they seemed so happy and joking. I said that I was going to the hot spring for my afternoon soak. Robert said he was going to pass on the hot spring and Willy said he had some phone calls to make. Oh well, I went to soak and on the way Eddy stopped me and asked how everything was going and I told him the room was great, the water is extra great and we had caught more fish than we could eat so we expected him to stop by. Then he asked where my buddies were a I just said the were busy. Eddy said that he was going to the bath and did I mind him joining me. I couldn’t say no so I smiled and said I would be honored to have him join me.


I was standing there in my fluffy white bathrobe naked underneath and I didn’t know what Eddy would think of me bathing naked, but I didn’t have an option. When we got to the bath he just took off his shirt, kicked off his sandals and dropped his pants. He wasn’t wearing underware and I could see why. He had the biggest, longest cock I had ever seen or imagined. This kid had a monster and he knew it. I was staring and he said off handily that he got that reaction a lot. I felt so small and inadequate when compared to him.


Eddy didn’t make me feel small he made me feel like we were best buddy’s and with a lot of small talk and dipping under the water we must have been in the bath for 45 minutes and I felt like a boiled crab, but in a good way. Eddy said that he would like to see me after Robert had gone to bed and we could have another great time in the bath. I automatically said yes and couldn’t wait for bed time. I got back to the room and Robert was gone and a few minutes later I heard Willy’s door squeak and slam shut. I acted like nothing had happen and asked if the grill was ready for the fish. Robert took the q and ready in 15 minutes and walked out the door. I knew he had been with Willy, those two had been acting funny all afternoon like they had a secret.


We were cooking and drinking water and for some reason we had forgotten the beer. Eddy came by just as the first round of fish came off the grill and helped himself to half of it stating that a growing boy needs his nourishment. I just kept throwing more fish on the grill and the ranger who’s name we found out is Bill and Bill and Eddy go way back. What a good time we all had and with full stomachs Robert said he was hitting the hay and Willy said he was too. I said I would clean up and be in later. Eddy and Bill were talking and slapping each other on the back and seems to be good buddy’s. I announced that the cleanup was done and Eddy gave me a high five with a huge smile and Ranger Bill said it was time for him to go because sunrise comes early in the morning around here. We all laughed Eddy asked Bill if he would like a quick dip in the hot spring. Bill seemed undecided and said that every time he soaked he would be late for sunrise. Then he said what the hell and said “let’s do this”. On the way to the bath I heard him say it had to be quick.


We got in the bath and Eddy was naked in a flash and Bill followed right behind him. I still can’t get over how big Eddy’s cock is and Bill had a cock that was just as big. I didn’t know what to say with 2 of the biggest cocks I had ever seen slipping into the hot water. I stripped and was in the water pretty quick. Bill was asking if we were drinking the water and Eddy said “of course”. Bill took hold of his extra large cock and pointed it at me saying that if I kept drinking the water I would have a large cock too. I looked at Eddy and he nodded, imagine me having a huge cock too. I have been feeling really good and sexually active since last night so I wondered if my cock might be beginning grow some more. Eddy said if I had been drinking the water as a kid I would be like him. since I’m way too old I wouldn’t have the same results, but I’ll be surprised with a little growth and performance.


I was fascinated by the two large cocks and actually licked my lips, Eddy told Bill that it looked like I liked cocks. Bill stuck his cock in my face and I opened my mouth and started to lick and suck the head of his cock. I took hold of his cock and started to stroke it and between the sucking and stroking he grew and grew. His cock was so huge and long my mind had trouble accepting it could be so large. His precum also made me faint and gave me the incentive to really go after it. I sucked like a madman all the while stroking him. Bill was saying how I was probably the best cock sucker ever and then he exploded and my mouth was full, I had to stop sucking and he started to squirt me in the face all the while making strange noises of pleasure. I swallowed and then got another mouthful and then sucked him dry. I still had cum all over my face and started to use my fingers to scrape the cum up and lick if off my fingers. Bill was amazed and Eddy was just staring in wonderment that I was eating all the cum. I was just about done cleaning my face and Bill said thanks for the incredible blowjob and maybe he would see me on the lake.


Eddy had come out of the water and his cock was standing straight up and it had to be bigger then Bills. He just put my hand on it and I automatically started to stoke him and I lowered my head to him and started to suck. He wasn’t offended and just leaned back and said “make magic on my cock” I wanted him to have the best blowjob ever and I wanted both men to be talking about George’s blowjob’s for years to come. I really sucked and licked all the while stroking the incredible length of his cock. I even managed to get my mouth opened and let him jam his cock to the back of my mouth. But, he was just so large it was impossible to keep my mouth that open. I returned to licking his cock head and sucking so hard on it I thought it would be one large hickey and turn blue. I could taste his precum and it gave me shivers so I sucked even harder and squeezed and stroked harder. It was my mission in life to make him explode and explode he did. I could feel his cock get really hard and he grunted and I got a mouth full of cum and got my face hit with cum. I swallowed as fast as I could and then got another mouthful which I swallowed and then sucked Eddy dry and when he was soft I sucked more and more I wasn’t going to just stop, I could not give up this incredible cock, but eddy pushed me off and said “clean your face, it’s covered with cum”. I started to scrape the cum off and eat it thinking how lucky I was to two face fulls of supercock cum.


Eddy said I was special and I was standing there with an incredible boner of my own and Eddy reach over and grabbed it and that took me by surprise and I exploded with a load of my own. The first jet of cum hit Eddy in the belly button and I put my hand down to catch the next shot of cum. I got it and immediately brought it up to my lips to suck it down. I caught some more in my other hand and ate that too. I finished cumming and caught and slurped all the cum and then started licking the cum off Eddy’s stomach. Some of it had dribbled down to his cock area and I licked it clean and then started to suck his soft cock. he started to push me away and I could feel his cock grow. If I could just suck a little more I would have him, but he said “oh no” pushed me off. All I could think was “shit, shit, shit”.


I got back to the room and Robert wasn’t there, I was exhausted and as soon as I sucked down a cold bottle of water I put my head down and awoke at 0400. Robert wasn’t there so I got up and took a quick shower trying not to play with my achingly hard boner. I failed and got a really nice breakfast snack. I got dressed for fishing and went to knock on Willy’s door and saw Roberts truck was still here. I knocked and knocked and finally Willy stuck a red face out the door and said “sorry, I over slept” and heard Robert laughing and saying “yeah,right”. Oh well, I’ll find out later what happened, but I think I know, those two were snacking together most of the night. I couldn’t complain because I had snacked with Bill and Eddy and I think I got the best of the deal.


I started drinking some water and sat in the truck waiting to go fishing. Just as we were pulling out Eddy stopped us and asked if we had a minute because he needed to talk to us. As it turns out Willy’s room is rented for the several weeks by some guy from New York. Our room is available for another week and he wanted to know if he should rent it or if we wanted it for that week. I hadn’t thought of staying longer, Robert hadn’t and Willy hadn’t either. Eddy said that now that those who had used the water would usually want to stay the extra week so they could take advantage of the free water. I didn’t understand and Eddy said that he would need an answer this evening and would explain everything tonight.


we fished and had just about caught our limit when the ranger boat pulled up gave his horn a wup wup which shocked us and we saw Bill smiling. He said he didn’t have to check our licenses because he already knew we were licensed and he also knew we wouldn’t over fish. We laughed said we had enjoyed him being at our little BBQ last night. He asked what our plan was for tonight and we said “same old same old”. Bill said he had a friend in town and could they stop by, we said we were happy to have them swing by. Then he surprised us by giving us 3 cards that were ranger exemption from the fishing limits. We could double our limits with these cards and he said that he had to be at a ranger meeting and wasn’t going to be on the lake for the rest of the day so nobody would be around to check our limits. this was we could have plenty of fish for tonight. We thanked him and as he was leaving he pointed to a darker spot on the lake by the shore and said to try fishing there and he was gone.


We moved to the area Bill had pointed out and thats when the fun started. We started to catch huge fish with almost every cast. It was glorious and we had a ball. We more then doubled our limit and was sad to have to stop. We stopped in the middle of the lake and jumped into the water and had a ball horsing around in the water. We got in the boat and Robert asked who the daily cock sucker was. I said it was impossible to figure who had the smallest fish and and Willie said who has the smallest dick. We all started to laugh and compare cocks. Thats when we notice another boat approaching and we scrambled to get our shorts on and we got them on just in time. The boat pulled up and asked where the fish were and we pointed to the wrong side of the lake.


 We got back to the hot spring room and decided a quick dip in the hot spring was in order. Once in the room and we were all naked Robert announced that I was still the groups cock sucker. I said Why, and he laughed and said because I had the smallest dick. He was right, my cock was maybe just under the average size, about 5.5 inches hard and their cocks were a little bigger then the average guy, maybe 7 inches hard. Robert was big and had his cock in his hand and gave it a couple strokes. I got down and let him put it in front of my mouth and I took it and started to suck on it thinking that he had a big cock and I have a little cock. I couldn’t get the idea of cock size out of my head. Both of them were laughing and were wondering how it was going through life with a tiny cock. I had never thought of me being tiny, I had always just thought I had a nice cock and that most guys had cocks a little bigger, now I was getting hung up on my cock size and I was embarrassed. Willy didn’t say much except he was glad he had a .Robert came and pushed me off his cock and Willy just stuck his cock in my face and said “here, suck on a real mans cock” I sucked and stroked him and he came a lot faster that earlier times and he also pushed me off his cock and started to catch his cum and slurp his cum down. I went to stroke my cock and they both stopped me and said they hadn’t given me permission to relieve myself.


I was rock hard and because they were talking about how small my dick was and it was hard. I looked down at my dick and they were right, it was smaller, even when hard. I was so embarrassed and this was the first time anyone had ever said I was just a small dick. My dick started to get soft and shrink even smaller. Robert and Willy laughed and pointed at my dick saying that it was so small and started to make small dick jokes. I got my robe on and left the hot spring.


Back in the room I started to clean the fish and was stuck thinking how mean Robert and Willy had been. When I was cleaning up Eddy came to the room and told me that both Robert and Willy were going to stay for another week. I said I didn’t think I would stay. He got a hurt look on his face and said that if I stayed another week I could get unlimited refills the mineral water. He had a deal where he had 4 5gal bottles full of water, the bottles cost about $25 and he would provide the bottles and clean and fill them with the water for a total of $50. I said that I liked the deal and wanted to stay the extra week for the refill benefit. Eddy smiled and said he was glad I was staying. He also said he had heard Robert and Willy talking about me and thought it was mean. I smiled and thanked him for his nice words. Then he said that since Willy’s room was rented Willy was moving into this room. I looked at him and he held up hand and said he had a solution. Since those two were being so mean he arranged for me to stay in another room with a guy who just came in and he knew I would like him. He said that Charlie has been coming here for years alone and didn’t mind sharing if Eddy gave his stamp of approval. He chatted with me for a while and I found myself a little excited to meet this new guy who Eddy liked so much.


The BBQ was a huge success and I met Charlie, he was a older man and I kinda liked him from the moment we met. He was from New York and had lived there to. In fact I knew his home town and he knew mine. Eddy and Bill invited me to the hot spring, Robert and Willy had disappeared into Willy’s room. I said I would love to soak for a while because I needed to unwind and a nice soak would do the job. As we were going the the spring we were joined by Charlie and Bill seemed happy because he knew Charlie too. In the hot spring we all soaked and welcomed Charlie back and he was so glad to be back and had really missed the spring and the mineral water. I was a little put out because I didn’t get to suck Bill’s cock. As we were getting out Both Eddy and Bill had put on their pants and were about to leave I actually had stalled getting out so Charlie wouldn’t see my small dick. Charlie had stalled because he was stuck with a boner and Bill knew it and told Charlie that I could take care of his problem and that I was really good at it. Charlie gave a meek smile and asked if I didn’t mind. I was touched and said I could now see he had a problem and would help him with it. I took hold of his cock and he too had a much bigger cock then me. As I stroked him he closed his eyes and gave out a really nice moan. I took a chance and started to suck on his cock head. I stroked slowly and sucked him slowly and wanted him to enjoy it. Actually, I think I was the enjoying the blowjob more then him. His precum as making me tingle all over and strangely my asshole was tingling too. I could feel him getting ready to cum and with an extra tight squeeze and stroke he came and came and I didn’t waste a drop.


Charlie finally came out of his stupor and thanked me. He noticed my boner and said we had to do something about my problem and he gently took my cock and guided it to his mouth and almost as soon as his tongue started to lick it I came. no I exploded into his mouth and he all of a sudden started a vigorous sucking and swallowing everything. I had never been sucked dry like that. I was so relieved, happy, exhausted it was an experience the like of which I had never had before. Wow, Charlie had skills and we were going to room together for a whole week.


end-part-1 fishing buddies







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