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A Long Ways from 20

by poopyboy423

Chapter 1: the Beginning

Adam stared at the computer screen. Was he really about to do this?

He had first discovered the ABDL community a few years back, as he was browsing yahoo answers looking for funny questions, and found a question asking if it was normal to want to wear diapers. He looked it up, found a site about Adult Baby diaper lovers, and instantly was hooked. He started spending all his free time reading Abdl stories and trying to make makeshift diapers for himself. Now he was nearly 20, living on his own, and it was time to try the real thing. He had found a website that catered to Abdls, and he found the thickest, most babyish diapers on the site. He had been saving up money for weeks, just for this moment. 

Yes, he really was about to do this. 

Adam clicked the "add to cart" button and bought a case of thick diapers with a pretty space design on them. The description and reviews all boasted  the diaper could hold even the biggest, stinkiest mess. He'd just have to see for himself. 

A few days later, Adam saw the mailman arrive with a large package. That had to be it! He waited for him to drop it at the door and leave, then ran outside, grabbed the parcel, and brought it in to his room. He ripped open the box, revealing 24 thick, soft, luxurious diapers. His heart skipped a beat. Finally, his deepest desires were coming true! 

He took one of the diapers and examined it. It was larger than he expected it to be, but it seemed like it would fit. It had a large area in back for big messes, and there was a trail of stars to indicate wetness. He took off his pants and slid on the diaper. It felt snug and comfy around his bottom. He sighed with relief and pure bliss. 

He had been drinking and eating all night, and holding in his pee and poop,  to make sure he was ready for this moment. Now, he was hit with an intense urge to go. He sat back, relaxed, and waited for the magic to happen. Soon, he felt the front of his diaper growing warmer and warmer and sagging as he flooded it and the stars faded completely. It was now all squishy and warm, and he could hardly contain himself. Then, he felt poop start to slide its way out of his rectum, filling the seat of his diaper with an audible toot and surrounding him in warm mush. This felt better than he could have ever imagined! But he still wanted more. He thought for a minute, then plopped himself down at his desk, feeling the mess spread around the diaper and up into his crotch as soon as his butt hit the chair. He logged onto an abdl chat room, and began to type. 

"Adam, boy, 19. Looking for a mommy or daddy to take care of me: feed me, change me, play with me, and treat me like the baby I am. Warning: I'm a big fan of messy diapers, and I don't hold back ;). Message me if interested."

He hit publish, sat back, and looked at his work. Now all he has to do was wait. 



It wasn't long before he got a response. 

"Hi Baby, Mommy Charlie here. I saw your post, and I'd be thrilled to be your mommy! Message me, and we can discuss this further."

Adam'a heart skipped a beat. An actually mommy! No more sitting in his apartment by himself indulging in these desires! Not that that was fun; he still got to pee and poop his nice comfy diapers. But something was missing. He didn't just want to have no control, he wanted to be a complete baby. He wanted someone to help him achieve this. Someone to change his wet and messy diapies, someone to play with him, someone to feed him milk. He wanted to be unable to talk, or walk, or do anything an adult could, and have that enforced by someone. He wanted a mommy. 

He hurriedly opened up a private message and started to write his response to Mommy Charlie. 

"Hi Mommy,

i would love to be babied by you!! My goal is to be a complete baby, all the time. This means that, if you become my Mommy, you would have to enforce this at all times. No walking. No talking except baby gibberish. Diapers 24/7, for both wetting and messing. Only milk or baby food. Only baby toys. Only baby movies. A crib. Everything that goes along with being a baby. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait! What are your rates? I don't have much money, but I'm willing to pay what I have.

Talk to you soon, 

your soon-to-be baby (hopefully)"


Charlie responded almost instantly. 

"Hi Baby!

Don't worry about the rates, It'd be my pleasure to take care of you. Besides, babies should have money, silly! That's what your mommy's for. I've got all the supplies here, but you're welcome to bring anything that you might want. And don't worry, I'll make sure that you live out your dream. Meet me at [address disclosed] at any time within the next week, I'll be waiting!!"

Adam nearly screamed with delight when he saw the last message. It was finally coming true! Sure, he didn't know anything about this person, but he didn't care. She said she'd cover the cost, right? As far as he cared, she could do whatever she liked. Visions of him, wearing nothing but a thick, soggy diaper, curled up next to his mommy while he suckled gently crossed his mind. HIS mommy! It was too good to be true! 

Adam started making arrangements to leave as soon as possible. Let's see... He thought. I'll bring the rest of these diapers, no sense in letting them go to waste... My friend Mark would probably rent out the apartment while I'm gone, and I can give him everything in it.. I can work out that details with that later..."

And with that, Adam started packing. 


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