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An Aggravating Problem


Chapter 1

Inside the eeveelution house, lived four siblings. Sylveon, Umbreon, Espeon, and Eevee. Four bedrooms, a guest room, a living room, a dining room and one bathroom. Everyone needed the bathroom at bad times, Eevee taking long baths, Espeon doing her fur and such like that. Then, Sylveon came up with a genius idea. "How about we all wear diapers and scrap the toilet?"
Espeon and Umbreon were shocked, but Eevee seemed to like the idea. "I'm all for it!" Eevee says, swishing his fluffy tail in excitement. Espeon shook her head. "No. There is no way I'm soiling something I wear."
Umbreon however, was very hesitant. "U-umm... I guess we can...?" He blushed lightly, thinking about it. Sylveon nodded as the decision was made. "Three to one in the favour of diapers. I'll go pick some up at the store later today, each of you your own pack." Espeon growled. "I'm not taking part in this." Sylveon chuckled in response. "You'll have to, we're getting rid of the toilet!"

The rest of the day went on like normal, Eevee watching tv, Umbreon playing video games, Espeon tending to the garden and Sylveon went out to buy diapers as promised.
She looked around the isles, first getting lots of powder, then grabbing thick, super absorbent and soft pink diapers for herself, purple psychic type proof diapers for Espeon, plain white diapers for Eevee, and glow in the dark blue diapers for Umbreon. She bade sure to buy all the same brand so nobody complained about how comfy or how poofy the other eeveelution's diapers were. They were also strong powder scented, so nobody could smell the messes they made in them. She checks out at surprisingly $41.00 exact, for four packs of 25. She bags everything and began her trip home.

Espeon was taking way too long in the bathroom like always, and Eevee needed to use the bathroom as well. "C-cmon! I need to pee!" Eevee whined. "I'm doing my fur!" Espeon replied, turning on the blow drier, unable to hear Eevee anymore. 
Sylveon soon came in the door, setting the bags down. "I'm hoooome!" Sylveon calls. Eevee came rushing over. "E-Espeon is taking way too long in the bathroom!" Eevee was shaking, near his limit. "Alright sweetie, lay down." 
Eevee did just that and watched as Sylveon opened up his pack of diapers, sliding the thick white poof under him. She gets some powder and generously sprinkles a lot, lifting it over in between his legs and getting the side tabs, pulling them over onto the front, nice and snug. 
"There we are! And you look adorable." She lifts him up onto his paws and gave his bottom a nice pat, a small puff of powder shooting out of the sides. This also caused Eevee to let go, beginning to wet his diaper and quite heavily. He blushed lightly and sighed in relief, as his diaper absorbed everything, safe from leaking or going onto the floor.

Eevee wagged his tail and pawed his diaper lightly, enjoying the sound of it crinkle and the fact that now he doesn't have to leave the living room couch to use the bathroom! He waddles over to the couch, climbing on and sitting down with a small squish.
Umbreon was up next, Sylveon opening up the pack and heading upstairs to his room. She hears his tv through the door and opens it, Umbreon too focused on the game to notice. She walks up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. Umbreon turned around and Sylveon showed the diaper. Umbreon blushed and shook his head. Sylveon rolled her eyes and pushed him onto his back to start the process.
She used her tendrils this time, using her paws to slide the diaper under him, the tendrils using lots of powder and then lifting the diaper in between the dark type's legs as her paws push it snuggly in place while the tendrils take the two taps and tightly tape it on, soft, secure and not coming off anytime soon.
Umbreon blushed immensely. 
Sylveon took some duct tape and taped over the tabs, so Umbreon can't take it off. "S-Sylveon, this is embarrassing!" He crossed his arms and lowered his ears. Sylveon patted his bottom like she did Eevee, another puff of powder coming out of Umbreon's diaper and he kicked his legs a little, squirming at the feeling. "D-don't do that!" He blushed more.
Sylveon chuckled. "Cute." She headed out to find Espeon, who was now working in the garden.

Once Sylveon left, Umbreon pawed at his diaper, purring softly to himself, feeling over it. "S-so soft..." He pulled it up slightly, gave his diaper a pat, rewarded with another puff of powder.

Espeon was working with the corn, picking the ripe ones and tossing them into a bucket. Sylveon snuck up on her with the purple diaper, pouncing on Espeon when she wouldn't drop anything or fall into the corn stalks. Espeon yelps in surprise as she is flipped onto her back, Sylveon swishing her tail.
"It's time!" She stated, holding Espeon down with her tendrils and paws, as her other two tendrils slide the thick purple diaper under her. 
"Sylveon, get off!" Espeon growled, wriggling and struggling as the bigger eeveelution held her down.
"No, you need your diapers!" Sylveon responded, sticking her tongue out as the tendrils powder her way too much, lifting the front over in between her legs and hold it in place, taking the two tabs and snugly sealing the diaper on the psychic type. She then takes duct tape and tapes up the tabs incase Espeon decides to be a little rebel.
Sylveon gets off, Espeon blushing like mad and trying to push and pull it off. The diaper will definitely interfere with her gardening, but it'll make her much cuter while she is. Sylveon trots off happily, leaving Espeon to struggle with the diaper, her waddle and her gardening.

Sylveon goes into the house and puts the diapers away in the corresponding rooms, taking her pack up to her room. Her room was a compilation of light blue and pink. 
She hops onto her bed and gets her pack open, swishing her tail excitedly. She takes one diaper out and lays on her back, using her tail and tendrils to position herself on it, slipping her tail through the tail hole. She uses her paws to powder herself, using too much powder like she did with the rest, pulling it up with her paws and holding it, her tendrils snuggly securing it. She swishes her tail and stands up, adjusting it comfortably and looks at herself in the mirror. She poses and pats her diaper, with her own puff of powder. She smiles to herself and heads out into the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Umbreon lays on his bed, playing more games, before he feels the need to pee. He blushed lightly and paws his diaper. "You better work like you're supposed to..."
He began wetting his diaper, it absorbing everything he gives, the diaper expanding lightly as he continued to wet for the next fifteen second. He runs a paw down the front of the diaper and squished it softly. "There we go..." He goes back to his games, knowing that his diaper will last a while.

Eevee sat, watching tv while Sylveon cooked, only a room over. Espeon came inside, very grumpy, using a stick as leverage. "I did not agree with this!" She grumbled, glancing at Sylveon. 
"Well, you have to wear them, the toilets gone. Only a changing table and powder are left inside. If you need a change, grab a diaper out of your closet and come get me." Sylveon responded, cutting up a green pepper.
Espeon grunted in response, heading upstairs to her room.

After fifteen minutes, Sylveon rings the bell for everyone to come eat. Eevee hopped down from the couch and waddled over to the low table, allowing the feral eeveelutions to eat on. Umbreon waddled downstairs, helping Espeon down as well, her not being used to her legs being spread apart, forcing the waddle.
Once everyone was seated, Sylveon brought over two bottles and four plates with her tendrils and head, the meal being stir fry. 
She sets the two bottles in front of Eevee and Umbreon, both of them blushing. "Finish your bottles, then you get your food." Sylveon teased, setting the four plates down, moving Umbreon's and Eevee's plates away.
Espeon began eating and Sylveon watches over the two blushing brothers, Eevee picking the bottle up and putting it in his mouth, beginning to suckle. Sylveon used her tendrils to pick up Umbreon's bottle and pushed it into his mouth, where his cheeks glowed red in a blush as he began suckling too.
Once the bottles were empty, Sylveon gave the two their plates.

After lunch, Espeon needed to use the bathroom. She lowered her ears, going outside and trying to take the purple diaper off, but she had no way of doing so. 
She whined as she began to heavily mess and wet herself. It bulked up as she began filling it, her mess spreading from the back all the way to the front, as her wetting expanded the padding slightly, only finishing when her diaper was full of her mess. The diaper didn't sag what so ever, and stayed tightly snug. She blushed and pawed at it, as it squished in response. She will avoid sitting down as best as she can.

Night soon fell upon their house, Eevee sent to bed early like always, Sylveon making a late night snack as Umbreon and Espeon sat on the couch for their movie night. Espeon blushed as Sylveon would use her tendrils to push into her messy and wet diaper, causing her to squeak and growl at Sylveon, pushing at her to stop. While Espeon laid on her side to avoid more squishing from her messy diaper, Sylveon felt the need to use her own. 
Sylveon moved off to into the kitchen, where while she made popcorn, began to mess and wet. Umbreon noticed and chuckled to himself, watching as Sylveon's pink padding expand and bulk out. 
Sylveon waited while her mess filled her entire diaper, mushing out to the front as well, before using a tendril to squish her own diaper. "Another two good uses like that and I'll need a change."
She waddles back over with the bowl of popcorn, sitting down with a loud squish, not minding the feeling. The diaper waistbands and leg guards made sure no mess would seep out.

Meanwhile, Eevee dreamed wonderfully. He was snowboarding down a mountain, pulling off cool flips and tricks. Once he made it down to the end of his run, he felt the need to go. He would run into a bathroom, struggling to take off his snow suit, soon messing his suit. He blushed and let himself, feeling the mess spread quickly in his pants as he filled it.
While in reality, he was heavily messing his thick, white padding. His diaper made sure that it was snuggly keeping his mess against him, keeping his bottom warm through the night.

Umbreon needed to mess as well, but tried to hold it the best he could. He did like the diaper, but was shy on messing his blue padding. Sylveon put on a comedy movie, snacking on some popcorn. About halfway in, Sylvein decided to teasingly pat Umbreon's bottom, being rewarded a tiny puff of powder, and his diaper bulking up as Sylveon just blew the bridge.

Both Umbreon and Sylveon blushed, as like the rest, his mess would spread to the front, secure from gushing out. 
Sylveon then giggles and pressed her paw into his diaper, causing a yelp and squirming from Umbreon while Sylveon continued to tease the padded dark type. "Stop!" Umbreon giggled, rolling around while Sylveon squished and pressed into his diaper. Umbreon crawls away behind the couch, giggling and peeking over.
Sylveon grinned and pats his head, before pulling him back over and giving him one last pat on his bottom.

After the movie, everyone headed upstairs, but Sylveon grabbed something before she did. In a bag, was four pacifiers. Light blue, yellow, pink and purple ones. She headed upstairs after turning the lights up, sneaking into Eevee's room. She petted him softly and squished his diaper softly in her paw, checking it, before pushing the light blue pacifier into his mouth. He sucked on it contently and purred in his sleep.
Sylveon moved onto Umbreon, who was climbing into bed. "Here, I got you something." Sylveon said. Umbreon looked up at her while she popped the pacifier into his mouth. He blushed once again, sucking on it lightly. He covered his face with his paws shyly. "T-thank you..." She patted his head and moved on.
Espeon was already asleep, making this much easier. She silently waddled over and used a tendril, popping the pacifier into her mouth, Espeon rolled onto her side on her sleep, sucking on it. Sylveon smiled in satisfaction and headed to her own room.
She climbed into bed and lays down with a squish. She pulls out her own pacifier and places it into her mouth. She sucks on it lightly and purrs, closing her eyes, soon drifting off to sleep.


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