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Hypno Footboy

by JDziewaltowski

The Hypnotist

I never go into detail when I make a promise to a worried parent, they probably wouldn’t agree to things if they knew what the solution to their problems would be.

Jeremy, 17, was bedding a different chick each night, staying out late, or not coming home for days on end. His mother had had it with his rebellious streak. All she wanted was for her little boy to be safe, spend some time at home, rather than with his delinquent friends and “whores” he seems so into.

I promised I’d keep him home safe, and cure his rampant turnstile libido. I never said how, just that I could do it, and that it’d be cheap. She signed the forms right then and there.

Well, 3 weeks of “therapy” and as you can see, he’s home safe in his room, right where dear ol’ mom wanted him to be. He doesn’t go out much anymore, and very rarely has a partner like before. Most of his friends find his new… hobby… a bit off-putting, and the girls he used to get with aren’t interested in his dank, musty smelling room. He isn’t so fond of them anyway, what with their feet not being huge, sweaty, smelly, and to him, deliciously arousing.

I couldn’t cure his libido as I’d promised, what can I say, the kid’s got the hormones of a bull! So, I gave mommy dearest a discount and rerouted all his interest into his, and typically, other guys feet. He hasn’t washed his feet in weeks, preferring to lick and suck every bit of sweat from them.

Refusing to wear socks with his shoes, his room quickly filled with the funk of teenage boy. It drives him so wild, most days he runs home from school, rushes through his homework, and proceeds to lick and suck at his sneakers until he’s sure he’s gotten every ounce of the day’s sweat from them, then laps at his toes and soles till they’re dripping in spit and no longer reek. Usually, this causes him to absolutely saturate his shorts in thick jets of spunk, but hey, at least there’s no danger of getting them pregnant!

Two of his closest friend did stick by his side though, getting used to his desperate needs took a while, but now, on weekends after they’ve gone to practice, or come back from a hike in the summer sun, they’ll head over to Jeremy’s house for a few hours of Grand Theft Auto, or Call of Duty, while he absolutely devours their feet.

Moaning like a slut, grinding his aching cock into the carpet while his tongue wraps around each toe, or takes long, desperate licks at the soles. On days when they aren’t particularly rank, he’ll groan in frustration, unable to get off fully, but still so insatiable that he slurps their feet clean anyway.

In all, I chalk this down in my long list of success cases. His mother got most of what she wanted. Off to the next distraught parent!


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