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The Soft Sub

by devilsfucktoy

The Soft Sub

Day 1

They were partners like any other couple, both worked, shared activities and talked of goals equal in every way except one. The bedroom when it came to their sex lives; Avril a red head with cute girlish looks, large breasts and sensitive nipples was a insatiable submissive who loved to be tied up, teased and humiliated privately. Bobby was taller, thin and had long red/black hair and a large cock. He loved doing all the wicked things Avril loved till he drove her crazy with desire. Now they had a large collection of toys from simple oils and ropes to restraint outfits and a range of dildo's. Which all came out to play on a regular basis. Now I'm sure you can imagine all sorts of delights that I could write about though this story is not about what happens in their bedroom, well mostly not.

This story starts when Avril comes home one Saturday after lunch with the girls to find a letter on the door side table and as she put down her bag she sees the letter, slowly picks it up and starts to read. And this is what it said;-

My dearest Avril,

I believe we have come to a point in our sex lives where we are not doing anything different or adventurous and I know that is a part of your submissive nature to want to go deeper and feel the thrill of letting go. What I am going to propose takes our sex life out of the bedroom and into our lives. I am going to lay out some rules for you to follow, which if followed I know I can bring you into desire you have not even dreamed of. When finished reading the rules just let me know the answer by walking through the door following the first rule.


1. Whenever we are alone or you are by yourself in this house you must be naked.

2. You are not to wear underwear (bra/panties) at anytime unless I give them to you except when you are on your cycle.

3. You are never to stop me from touching you.

4. You're not to touch yourself unless I request it.

5. You are only to wear skirts and you need to check with me to see if I want to pick something for you.

6. You are not to say no to any sexual desire/activity.

7. If there is anything you are truly not enjoying your safe word is "white".

Now contemplate this and decide on the manner you wish to walk through the door. Love always and forever Bobby.

Avril was surprised, excited, nervous and most of all turned on by this and admittedly decided to submit to these rules. She practically fell out of her clothes, and in a instant was naked; while she was still holding the letter she walked through to her partner Bobby.

Bobby heard the door open and with baited breath waited to see Avril appear. As she rounded the bend Bobby's grin turned as wicked as Avril's was sweet. As she stepped up to him, he quickly grabbed her hands and twisted them behind her back and kissed her forcefully on the lips, which she returned with vigour. Then the oven timer went off and Bobby released her and pointed to a chair for her to sit in, and he went to serve tea. They both ate and watched TV; after dinner both moved to the lounge where Avril was quivering with excitement.

After a while of Bobby not paying attention to her she began to relax, and at that moment Bobby reached over and flicked her nipple; he kept his hand there, holding and squeezing her tit. He did this for 30 minutes swapping between tits, keeping Avril's nipples hard. Then he pushed her hands to the back of her hips and attached them to handcuffs that were already linked to the lounge.

This caused Avril's breathing to quicken and lust filled her eyes as she started to wiggle her hips as Bobby stood in front and unzipped his jeans to unleash his hard cock. Bobby just grinned at her and stated "I've not even started yet, so don't think you're going to get off anytime soon. I, on the other hand can!"

With that he thrusts his cock into her slightly parted lips forcing her to take him to the hilt. Avril gagged a bit but adjusted quickly and started deep throating Bobby eagerly with him holding the back of her head. It did not take long for him to cum pumping his hot seed down her throat. Once she had sucked him clean he smiled wickedly and stated "now we can start the fun!"

Bobby traced a line on Avril with his finger tip from nose, collarbone, belly button, circled around her pussy and drifted down the inside of her leg to under her big toe. Avril was quivering with anticipation as Bobby unlocked the cuffs and slid one wrist out and pulled the other so the cuff came off, and he led her to the bedroom by gripping a cuff in one hand and a nipple in the other.

Once at the bedroom he lay Avril down on her back and clicked all cuffs into place to have her spread eagle on the satin sheets. He then placed a black silk blindfold over her eyes. Then he positioned candles hanging from the bed over hang and he tilted them to drip just above her nipples and below her belly button. He lit the candles and walked out of the room.

Avril felt Bobby leave the room; she knew there were candles lit above her as the first drop hit just above her right nipple she let out a gasp then a second drop at bellybutton level which made her tense further. These drops continued, and as the candle burnt the drops hit Avril lower and lower she was panting hard when they fell and hardened on her aroused nipples. It felt like her nipples were being softly but continually pinched.

Just then the first drop fell on the hood of her clit and rolled down to harden just around her nub, which made Avril rise her hips against the restraints. At that moment Bobby stepped up beside her and quickly licked her clit with his tongue. It was ice cold from the bit of ice in his mouth which he had softened the edges of, now and in one quick movement he pushed it deep into her quivering pussy.

Avril gave a long high pitched squeal as her body lifted and strained against the restraints. Then once she had quietened to heavy panting Bobby started to peel the harded wax off Avril's tits and belly, all the while lightly tickling and licking her where the smooth wax had left her very sensitive, then once all but one bit of wax was left (around her clit) Bobby walked to the end of the bed and turned a fan on low.

Avril could feel it on her damp tits and tummy, but most of all on her wet pussy which just inflamed her need to come. Just as she was calming down a little and got her breathing nearly under control Bobby leaned back down and attacked her clit with his tongue. As he did so he moved so his cock was right at her entrance, and he peeled off the ring of wax that was squeezing her clit and sucked her clit hard like a mini cock, and as she succumbed to the rising orgasm and was taken over by it, when she was right in the throes of passion Bobby thrusted his cock in to the hilt and came instantly, and came hard as they both came down from 3 hours of pure passion.

Bobby untied Avril and she stood up and opened her nightie drawer. Bobby just touched her arm and said "rule no. 1" and Avril smiled and lay down under the covers naked next to her love and they drifted into a deep sleep together.

Day 2

Avril awoke to find that Bobby was already up, and as she sat up a piece of paper moved in front on the covers. Just with a glance she recognises it as the rules from Bobby's letter, and suddenly everything from yesterday comes back with a rush that brings a tingle to her pussy which spreads throughout her body. Avril gets out of bed and walks to the kitchen to find Bobby making an omettle for them both. He reaches out and tugs on her nipple to bring her close, whispering "go lay on the table I want to taste Avril omlette."

With a giggle Avril lays out on the table. Bobby comes over and spreads a line of filling (bacon, chesse and some egg mix) in a line from collarbone to belly button. And with slow messy licks ate all the topping from belly button to collarbone, all the while tickling the inside of her thighs. This all made Avril gasp and squirm and she could feel the heat rising inside her. As he finished he told Avril to sit down and they ate breakfast together talking about the plans for their week getaway next month. As they finished Bobby told Avril they were going down town and to have a shower and put some clothes on.

Avril had a quick shower and came out with her towel drying herself off, and Bobby was laying back on the bed watching her. As normal Avril went to her underwear draw and opened it to find 80% of it missing, only her sexy undies and bras were left. Picking up a matching red set she turns to look at Bobby who just says "rule no.2" and glances at his feet were the rules lie. With a gasp Avril begins to understand the larger meaning of these words and turns around and places the underwear back and shuts the drawer. Then asks Bobby "is there something you would like me to wear today?"

Bobby grins as he knows exactly what Avril should wear. "The white layer skirt that comes to your knees and the tight red low cut strap top". Avril finds these items and gets dressed, admitting to herself Bobby has nice taste and she is a little relived as she was expecting him to pick something more slutty.

As they walk out the door there was a breeze and it lifted Avril dress up and out a few inches showing off her thighs. Avril gasped and looked up at Bobby about to say she will go back and change, realising with the gleam in his eye and that wicked smile she knew he had planned this. Bobby reached down and slipped his hand under the waist of her skirt to rest on her arse and turned and said " if you move to hold your skirt down before it has risen and is on its down woods fall, I will flick your hem down to my finger tips" which at that point were resting on the underside of her arse. Avril took a deep breath and started to walk down the path with Bobby matching her stride with his hand still under her hem.

As they walked down the street the wind varied from time to time, and suddenly one big gust came and blew Avril's skirt right up to the hem; Avril blushed and glanced about but there was no one in site, though she could tell a slight bulge in Bobby pants, it was no rival to the heat she was feeling. Bobby looked down at her and squeezed her arse and smiled.

Avril slowly smoothed her dress down as they headed around the bend. Here was the small shopping centre of their suburb which they visited sometimes to grab some takeaway. Bobby turned Avril around so she had her back to a wall and began passionatly kissing her, while bringing his hands up to tease her nipples which soon had Avril twisting slightly in his grasp. He broke away and wrapped his hand around her waist (just finger tips under her dress hem) and they walked into the sweet store.

Bobby walked Avril up and down the front counter untill the young boy noticed that Avril's nipples were clearly showing through her top, and as his eyes travelled down to Bobbys fingers under her skirt showing just a bit of hip and he immedlly realised what he was doing and looked up at Bobby a little nervously, who just smiled back showing that he was free to look and enjoy. As they picked some sweets he saw the boy try to take a few glances down her top which Avril did not shy from. Once Bobby pressed her lower back a tad and she leaned just a little lower to point to some sweets near the back. This made the boy lose his train of thought as he spotted the edge of her erect nipple and she had to repeat herself. With that they paid and walked out.

Once they got outside Avril let out a huge rush of air and smiled up at Bobby who feed her a gummi lolly while pressing himself agaist Avril at the side of the shops for another kiss. He grabbed a chocolate ball and slipped his hand under her hem and inserted the chocolate into her pussy. This made Avril's pussy

twitch and she grabbed his fingers slightly before he pulled them out and ended the kiss, and slowly licked his fingers. They slowly walked towards home again about half way they came across a little bunch of trees which Bobby lead them over to, and once inside the ring he kneeled down and slipped his head under Avril's skirt and begain licking up her thigh where the chocolate had run too, making his way to the chocolatly centre. As Avril begain to shake Bobby looked up and told her to grab the branch above her head. As she did that he grabbed her hips till her legs were around his waist and released his cock under her dress and plunged it into her wanting pussy. All he needed was a few stokes since he was not wanting Avril to get any release just yet. He let go pumping his seed to her dripping pussy so it mixed with the chocolate and her arousal, while pinching her nipple to make sure it did not put Avril over the edge. As he pulled out, they held each other until they gained their breath back. They finished the walk back home hand in hand, as Avril was wondering what Bobby could possiblly have planned for her next.

After they got home and Avril undressed at the door. She was directed to sit on the lounge and rest. As she sat down Bobby went to the bed room and came back with some ties and motioned for Avril to lay on her side. Firstly he placed a pillow so she could see the tv comfortably, then he tied her hands behind her back and put a couple pillows between her knees so she could not put any pressure on her pussy, and he tied her knees down to the lounge. He inserted a disc of her favorite tv show and went to leave the room but Avril called out "please i am so horny please let me cum, my pussy feels like its on fire as well as the rest of me. Let me fuck you!" Bobby grinned and said, "in a while my love, in a while." Every once in a while Bobby would come past and squeeze her tits or finger her pussy or tickle her where ever he felt like it at the time. This taunting kept her enough on edge to start begging nearly every time he turned to go out of the room, although the response was always the same "in a while my love, in a while."

After the disc had finished Bobby came out and helped Avril sit up and sat down beside her. He moved the pillows and began the slow caresses again but did not pull away this time, and seeing the total lust in Avril's eyes he swung her down beneath him and released his pulsing cock and placed it just infront of her pulsing pussy as she rose up trying to met it in vain. Bobby smiled at her wickedly while she stared at him trying not to wimper in need.

Then he lowers down and fucks her slowly and starts to speed up as Avril's moaning gets louder and as he starts to feel himself getting close he starts fingering Avrils clit which makes her scream out loud as they both cum together.

By this time it was 5pm and Bobby announced they had plans for this evening, which now it was time to get ready for. They both showered togther and after Avril was dry she stood in front of Bobby waiting for him to tell her what to wear. When he pulled out one of her evening gowns a long red shimmering halter neck with a plunging gathered/loose neck line. Avril's first throught was "my... where are we going" and secondly "somewhere this classy least my body may get a chance to come down off this high" but oh was she ever wrong.

Bobby left her with the dress and said to pick shoes and do her hair and makeup and pick some nice jewellery. After she was dressed she came out to Bobby and he told her to hike up her dress and to spread her legs. Then he bent down and inserted some round objects – 3 into her pussy and at the end were attached 2 fine cords which had a little plate that rested on her pussy. He wrapped the ties around her legs and said "thats to hold them in when you get horny". Avril throught these balls were a bit strange as she had never seen them before, but as she dropped her dress and walked to the door admittedly she realised to her horror that at every step they moved togther, and rubbed differently every step she took. She looked up at Bobby with a slightly pleading look he simply grinned and took her by the hand and led her to the car. Avril looked like she had walked out of a glamour magazine but inside she felt like like a slut, Avril smiled and sat down in the front seat.

Avril and Bobby chatted in the car when they went over a bump she could feel the balls shift inside her. When they pulled up she saw the sign "reading, dinner and dancing with Phillip Pullman" and her eyes lit up and gave Bobby a warm smile "I cant belive you got tickets to this," "all for you my love, with a little in it for me," Bobby breathed in her ear while reaching one hand up and under her dress to brush over her clit. Avril composed herself and got out of the car with Bobby taking her hand they walked inside together. With every step she could feel the balls moving which made her breath slightly shallow. They walked around the floor which held long tables around the outside with the small stage in the middle of the dance floor. As they walked and mingled Avril could not forget about the rolling balls as they drank. Avril knew she was getting close to the edge from the constant torment.

Just then the voiceover advised to take their places. Just before Avril was about to sit Bobby hit the power and put it to the 2nd level of vibrations. Just as well there was her chair beside her as she pretty much fell into it. Then she looked up at Bobby who was grinning at her. As Philip started all heads turned his way. Bobby turned down the vibration to the first setting which gave Avril hope she could control herself. On the next applause Bobby switched it up to next control setting, the pulse. Avril gave a sharp gasp but kept watching the talk. Bobby reached around and placed his hand on her hip while doing small circles around her hip bone. Just as he felt her start to twich he turned the balls movements off. Avril gave a sigh of relief with the realisation that this would just be the height of it and Bobby was not going to push her over the edge. Little did she realise this was only half the torment of the night.

Bobby let her body fully relax as they finished the talk and dinner was served. As the conversation expand to other people around the table and Phillip started to walk about having one on one chats. He flicked the balls to vibrate just as Phillip came up behind her which made her jump and blush. As she chatted with him while keeping herself composed Bobby turned it back up to pulse which made Avril give a quick intake of breath an a large fake smile to Phillip who praised her on her looks and moved on. Avril was slightly rocking in her chair as the music started and Bobby pulled her to her feet. As they danced Bobby hit the next level which was a uneven pulse. Which made her moan, "you are a devil, I am so close" in his ear. After 20 seconds he stopped it dead and they started swing dancing to music which made the balls roll and bang inside her which was enough to keep her on the edge.

As they passed off partners Bobby watched until Avril was with Phillip and flicked it back to pulse. This had her twitching and made her breath quicken but she still managed to keep dancing and stay in control of herself, Bobby made sure he was next in place and as Avril spun into his arm she held him tight and let go. She only made soft sounds reduced by biting and moaning into Bobby's neck. She was twitching and shaking but holding on to Bobby so tight no one else could tell (not that she realised, Avril body had taken over and she was past caring) then Bobby wrapped his arm around her waist and led her back to their seat and ordered her a pinapple and midori, which as soon as it arrived Avril drank without drawing a second breath.

Bobby wispered in her ear, "now I'm going to turn them back on we are going to walk out of here, go home and I'm going to fuck you senseless." Avril moaned with antisapation and her eyes deepened with need until Bobby added with a smirk " unless you cum before we reach home, in which case I will have to delay and torment you some more." As Avril felt the balls start to hum she took Bobby's hand and they walked out. Avril smilied not knowing which ending she was hoping for.


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