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Kigurumi Party

by azimiut

Chapter 1 getting there

It was aproaching. Comic Con. It was only a few months away and I had so many choices for characters and costumes to wear. I had ask for insite from friends. They knew what I had but I was unsure if I could wear such provocative clothing in such a public display. I had your normal costumes of course. Then I had the slightly skimpy costumes, and then my personal collection that included latex. I had a pass for the whole event this year. years past I only had a pas for a day or two. I had to go all out or go home at this point. The last few times I went I had gone with a few friends, how ever this year I was going at it alone. I figured that since maybe I was not with close friends I might try something a bit more risque. I made up my costumes. got them all set and character correct. I had my Bunny Bulma costume set, my Samus costume set, my Black Widow costume finished, and the one that was a bit risque the Morrigan costume. That one I really wanted to try but was a bit questionable. 

It was two weeks away. I already knew I had to start packing. How am I going to fit all this in a suitcase? Omg this is going to be a task. I was on a group forum looking at different people going and chatting with. I was never on facebook. I hate that thing. This group said they were all going to drive together to comic con in san diego. I had airline tickets but with my extra baggage I thought hey maybe I could travel with them. I was chatting it up and they had the same intrests in anime and costumes as I did! I figured maybe this could be interesting. We met up a week before at a local bar to meet and greet. We chatted it up and had some fun. We talked about what costumes we were going to wear and when. I felt better about my costumes as they felt the same of being shy wearing some of the costumes. We decided that maybe we will all hang out throughout the con and maybe saturday all wear our sexiest costumes and play a game. "A game?" I asked. "Yea, a game. we all start at 10 shots of liquor of your choice. for each person who asks you for a photograph, you take away one shot. if you go below 10 you get to call it onto another in the game" Sara said. I thought to myself that sounds like a fun challenge. Being a girl at comic con all you have to do is show some cleavage and every nerd there wants a picture with you. Not to be arrogant but with some of these girls in the group this might be pretty easy to win. 

There was one girl in the group that did not want to take up the challenge. not that she was not good looking, she had a different costume style than the rest of us. She liked kigurumi masks. She had spoke up and said "thats not really fair!". I asked"why not? you have a great body Im sure you can get as many pictures as anyone else in the group." Jenn then said, "well, so many guys think that because Im in a kigurumi mask Im some creapy guy who wants to cross dress." Another girl said what does it matter if its a guy or girl who wants a picture with you? Jenn started to blush. We all giggled and laughed and Jenn laughed a bit too. Jenn then said, "well I have a party I was going to go to friday night. It is a kigurumi party. You can wear whatever costume you want, but when you get to the party you have to wear kigurumi masks. that way no body really knows who is who. kindan makes it fun." We all thought about it and told her that could be fun and will let her know. I was kinda interested to see what it was about. I have thought about kigurumi before, just to get that anime face, also the mask covering your face makes it a bit more fun to wear sexier clothes without anyone really knowing who you are. 

The time had come to leave. we had several cars that we took just because of all our stuff. I mean come on, do you think 8 girls can get all of their stuff and costumes for 4 days in less than 2 cars? Jenn had the most bags. She said one was just for her masks. It was not heavy just large. I asked how many she brought. She said she had enough for all of us and her, and a few special ones for friday night. I asked what makes them special, she said "come friday and I will show you. they are much higher quality. I want to show them off to the other people in my kig group". Oh ok.

We had a 14 hour drive ahead of us. We took turns driving, sleeping, and I felt like we had to stop for something every 30 min. It felt like it took forever. We spent the night in a hotel on the way in Flagstaff. What a fun town. We were tired but bored. It was decided. Lets all get in a costume and go out into town. I chose my Samus Aran costume. although it was skin tight it was the most covered up costume I had. some of the other girls wore less costume style costumes. they looked like more sexy dressed than costume. Jenn only had the kigurumi costumes. I told her unfortunately in this place they will not let you wear a mask into a bar. "oh, well thats all the styles I have" she said. Well I have extras do you want to try one of mine? they might fit. "sure, lets see what you got" said Jenn. We went through them and her eyes lit up when she way the shiny black latex. "this! I want this one!" she screamed. I asked are you sure? "oh yes. I have always wanted to wear latex. why didnt you tell me you had this? You have to wear this when you come friday" she said. "well I was not sure I was going to wear it. its kinda a person thing I wear". 

We went out to the bars all in costume for the most part. Jenn and I got all the looks, and phone numbers. it was a lot of fun. We also got many pictures taken. We both laughed with the other girls, does the picture count start now or in San Diego? they all said thats not fair and it starts tomorrow when we get there. Jenn looked so happy. I felt good as well. maybe it was the free drinks we got or the fun. maybe both. 


Chapter 2 the first day

So we finally got to San Diego. we said 14 hours to get there? well that was driving time. After stopping in Flag and then sleeping off the hangover for all of us it took a bit longer. We got ther just in time to check in




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