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Book induction

by mystic-wolf

Hello listener/reader, welcome to this file/script. I am here to guide you to relaxation and then to trance. That's why your here most likely, why else would you seek me out? I thought so, so let's begin now.



It all starts with a book, imagine it. It doesn't have any specific colors or cover. Neither a specific size or anything at all



Just imagine a book.



Now then, open it...



Now, normally a book contains information or a story. But this book contains only blank pages, nothing but white paper pages.



Now, you might think what the use of it is, but no need to overthink it. I will tell you exactly what it's for.



Go back to the first page, you see some words appearing. And what they are describing is a story, your story to be exact, starting with describing who you are.



Your personality, your likes and dislikes. Your hobbies and job. Your relationships, your family, your secrets and your fetishes. Your entire identity being described in the very first pages.



Literally all of the information that is part of what you are and what surrounds you.



What this book does is absorbing all of the information from your mind. And it's already starting to write down how you were born, the time you were a baby.



And let me tell you something else, the more information it absorbs from your mind. The weaker you become, the less you can resist. 



Your body becoming limp as your mind is slowly being emptied into the book.



Your time as a child until you finally hit puberty. Such a milestone in one's life, I bet you are already feeling powerless before the power of this book.



Without resistance, entering relaxation. Without resistance entering trance.



And there we go, the moment during puberty that you develop more... intimate feelings. Growing a bit older, it's a rather difficult time with all those hormones racing through your body.



You see the book absorbing what is in your mind, you can read it. but now you notice... You can't recall it without looking at the book. Indeed, it is absorbing all that you are to contain it.



Don't worry, after all is well and done, the book will give back what it has taken. This is just to make you nice and blank, trust me.



It's just to let go for a while, to be truly free from everything. To break the chains that bind you, in the end. You will still be you and no one else.



Oh look at that, your teens. Those hormones might still be racing through your body, but your a lot more developed as a person around these times, at this point there is a big possiblity you gained a fetish or two, which obviously includes hypnosis.



You might feel very relaxed and pretty deep in trance, your body limp and lazy as the book keeps absorbing what is in your mind. It's basically letting you take a break from yourself.



And there we go, finally your adulthood. At this point the book has absorbed all your memories and anything else from you. Even your inhibitions...



Now your a blank slate, an open door to absorb and recieve information as the next hypnosis file you listen to or the next script you read, everything in it will be completely absorbed into you.



Making it a part of you, completely. But before that, I need to make something sure. If the next hypnosis file gives a suggestion that you don't feel is safe, the book will immediately give back everything it contains from you.



So long as you feel safe, all the effects from this file/script will keep being in effect and the book will continue to do it's function until you have finished listening to the next hypnosis file or finished reading the next hypnosis script.



Have fun listener/reader


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