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Diaper pokes

by funygman

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This includes ABDL content, and it's also very stupid.

"I'm sad," said Hope, a pink-haired adult baby.

"I can help," said her boyfriend, Michael, "I have the best solution for sad lil baby girls!"

"What is it?" asked Hope curiously.

"Diaper pokes," he replied bluntly, walked over to her and poked her diaper.

"Diaper pokes?" she asked.

"Diaper pokes," he said, and poked her again.

"Uhm," she began, but he interrupted her with a diaper poke.

"I don't think th-," she was interrupted again with a poke.



"I'm ser-"




"You're just being anno-"


"stoooooop," Hope giggled.

*pokidty poke poke*

"I'm serious, stop it!" she laughed.

"pokes pokes pokes*

"Okay, daddy! I'm happy now, just stop!"

"Diaper pokes?"

"No, no more please,"

"No more?"




"M'kay, hugs!" Michael smiled, and hugged her tightly, but then made a face and backed away.

"What's wrong?" Hope asked. Michael poked her diaper again, "I said no more diaper pokes!" she huffed. He took her hand and let her poke her diaper; it was soaked. He turned her around and took a look in her diaper.

"Stinky diaper poke," he laughed, and poked the back of her diaper, squishing the mess against her butt.

"How about a stinky diaper change, please?" she asked with puppy eyes; Michael laughed and carried her to the nursery, poking her diaper all the way.


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