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Unbirth TG

by lillylittle

Chapter 1

We raced by the sparkling, clear pool, our bare feet slapping against the moist concrete. The happy sounds of children splashing and playing filled the warm, summer air as we rushed around the outside of the changing rooms. There, in the tall bushes behind the women’s side of the locker room, was our destination.

The hole hadn’t been hidden very well. Some sloppy maintenance guy had half-heartedly patched it a while ago, but with quite a bit of effort, we had made it big enough to see through. For a solid week we had chipped away at the patching mortar with a hammer that we swiped from Danny’s garage when his dad wasn’t home. We’d crouched behind the bushes behind locker room for hours on end, hands trembling as we scraped at the concrete. All for one thing, the big prize: naked girls.

Danny had suggested we just look up porn on the internet instead of going to all this work to peep on women, but I pointed out that Katie Jennings didn’t have nude videos on the internet. He didn’t really have a response to that except to say that I’m obsessed with Katie, which isn’t really true. I mean, she is the hottest girl in school with the biggest boobs, but that doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with her. To be honest, I just really want to see her naked!  

“She’s here today,” Danny said softly, his eye pressed to the small hole in the rough concrete wall.

“Seriously? Fucking move!” I hissed as loudly as I dared. This was the first time Katie had been to the pool since we’d made the hole, and there was no way Danny was going to make me miss that rack. 

“She’s taking her bra off now,” Danny said. “She’s…oh…her boobs aren’t really that big. I think…”

“MOVE!” I practically yelled, shoving him out of the way. There Katie Jennings was, standing there stuffing her bra into a locker. The only thing she was wearing was a pair of white panties that were stretched tightly over her thin hips. Much as I hated to admit it, Danny was right. Her boobs weren’t really as big as I’d thought. They sat high and firm on her chest like oranges, and not even really generously sized oranges. I was finding it hard to be disappointed though.

“God, I wish I could touch those.” I said dreamily.

“Tell me about it,” Danny said. “I just want to be in that room. To be surrounded by all that pussy…”

“I don’t think you boys should be back here.” The feminine voice shot out of nowhere and made Danny and me dive into the bushes like we’d been shot.

“Game’s up, boys. Come on out.” Danny and I didn’t move a muscle. We furtively peeked out at the lifeguard as she stood with her hands on her hips, glaring straight at us.

“I can still see you!” She reached into the bush and pulled Danny out by the hair while he screamed bloody murder at the top of his lungs.

“You too, Fatty!” she yelled at me. I’ll admit that I really wanted to make a run for it, but I couldn’t leave Danny there with that crazy bitch, so I defiantly stepped out of the bush. A small group of kids had already gathered around to see what all the commotion was all about.

“So I see you two troublemakers found a new hobby. Peeping on the girls! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.” 

I looked over at Danny. His lower lip was trembling. “Look,” I said. “I’ve never seen you around before, but that’s not what we were doing.”

“Don’t try to deny it!” the lifeguard retorted, stomping her flip-flop clad foot on the cement. “You might be able to get away with lying to some of the lifeguards, but not me! I see right through you!”

“Whatever,” I waved her off and started to walk away towards the swimming pool. “C’mon, Danny, she’s crazy.”

“I wouldn’t walk away if I were you. Lest your perverted wishes should come true,” she called after us.

“What a creep,” I muttered to Danny. We walked over to the pool where all the kids were still splashing and playing, but I didn’t really hear them. The hot sun beat down oppressively, and I sort of wanted to jump into the pool and cool off, but Danny said he didn’t really feel like swimming. Instead, we sat down at the edge of the pool and swirled our legs aimlessly through the water.

I let my gaze wander around the pool, and as usual my eyes fell on Katie. During our little scrap with the lifeguard, she had finished changing, and now she was waiting in line for the diving board, whispering and giggling with her friends. I saw them sneak several glances in our direction, and I wondered if they’d heard about our peeping yet.

“She’s so smoking hot,” I said to Danny. “I mean, I think it was totally worth it to see her boobs. We could even go back and do it again sometime when that lifeguard’s not around.”

“I don’t know, man,” Danny said, fluttering his eyes oddly. He had a habit of doing that whenever he was thinking really hard. “What if the lifeguard tells our parents? She seemed really pissed. Katie’s sexy, but she’s not that sexy.”

“What are you talking about, man? Look at her!” We watched Katie climb the steps to the top of the diving board, her soft, blond hair shining in the sun. The bright, pink bikini she was wearing had probably fit her last summer, but it clearly wasn’t up to the task of supporting her heavy tits anymore. She jiggled and bounced her way to the end of the diving board, and dove headfirst into the water. I was actually amazed that her top was still on when she rose to the surface.

“Well okay, she has great tits. But what does that even mean really? Great tits?” Danny asked.

I laughed. Danny was so weird sometimes. “They’re big obviously. And soft and squishy. That’s what makes them great.”

“Sure,” Danny acknowledged. “But what’s so great about soft and squishy? They’re really just big, floppy sacs of skin.”

I watched Katie’s boobs ripple and sway to and fro as she walked back towards the diving board. Droplets of water glistened in her cleavage, and it should have been really sexy, but I was starting to see Danny’s point. 

“Yeah, I guess. Boobs are really just like water balloons attached to your chest. Except instead of being full of water, they’re full of milk sometimes.”

Danny giggled at my joke. I stared at him for a second because he didn’t normally laugh like that. He stared back at me and giggled louder, a high titter that almost sounded like he’d just inhaled helium.

“Water balloons full of milk,” he cackled almost hysterically, doubling over with mirth. His hair fell into his eyes and he tossed his head to the side.

“Jesus man, it wasn’t that funny,” I said. Just then I felt a strange tickling feeling underneath my swimming suit like something was crawling on me. I quickly jumped to my feet and stuck my hand down my swimsuit to brush myself off, but there weren’t any insects on me or anything. Danny stopped laughing.

“What’s the matter?” His voice was all high and whiney.

“Stop talking like that,” I said, more than a little weirded out. My butt was starting to tingle and itch too. In fact, wherever my swimming trunks were touching me, I felt a strange creepy-crawly feeling.

Danny started giggling again. “My dick feels tingly,” he laughed and put both his hands down his pants.

That’s when I started panicking. My private parts tingling is really odd, but both of our private parts tingling at the same time? That’s horror movie shit. 

Danny seemed to think the whole thing was a riot. “Look,” he pointed at my stomach. I fought the urge to squirm around and sat very still as both Danny and I looked down at my swimming suit. I couldn’t be sure, but it almost looked like it was vibrating really fast. Jaws agape, we watched as my swimming suit slowly but surely began to rise over my belly button. It was as if the shorts were trying to wriggle their way up my body.

Danny’s swimming trunks seemed to be trying to do the same thing. They clung to him inexplicably and hugged his crotch so I could so the outline of his dick and balls through the cloth. I wanted to yell for help, but that stupid bitch of a lifeguard was still sitting there smiling smugly. No way was I going to ask her for help.

“We need to get these clothes off!” I said.

“Okay,” Danny said. I watched in horror as he started to pull down his shorts in front of the whole swimming pool.
“What the fuck, man?” I yelled, grabbing his arm. “Not here! In the locker room.”

Danny shook my arm off. “Sorry,” he said. “I wasn’t going to actually take them off. I was just fooling around.” He was still talking in that strangely high voice for no apparent reason.

“Now’s not a good time, dude.” I said. “Something really weird is going on.” We walked swiftly into the locker room and made our way to the third row of lockers where I remembered stowing our clothes.

“It was locker 338, right?” I asked Danny. I frantically scanned the room for my padlock.

“Yeah sure,” he said absently, picking at the fabric that was clinging tightly to his butt like plastic wrap.

“Our clothes aren’t here!” My heart was racing, and my breath was coming in gasps.

“Maybe it was a different locker. I dunno.”

“You dunno? Help me find our locker instead of staring around the room!”

Danny frowned. “Sorry, man. I’m having trouble concentating, and my swimsuit still feels funny.

“Well it looks funny too,” I said, and it did! Danny looked like someone had picked him up by his shorts and tried to pull them over his head. I giggled in spite of myself. I was supposed to be searching for our locker, but I just found the whole situation so silly.

Danny giggled too and covered his mouth with his hand. “Your swimsuit looks even funnier!”

When I looked down, I instantly stopped laughing. I felt goosebumps prick up on my arms as I watched my swimsuit very gradually shifting colors in front of my eyes! Somehow, the dark blue plaid had washed out into a solid purple. I grabbed fistfuls of the cloth as if I could squeeze the color out of it, but underneath my fingers, I could see my shorts lightening into a cheerful pink. It reminded me of a chameleon I’d seen in a nature movie at school. It looked cool when the chameleon changed colors, but swimsuits aren’t supposed to do that!

“What the hell?” I yelled and peeled the tight, stretchy fabric off my body. It pooled innocently on the damp tile floor as I stood stark naked, clutching my arms to my chest in the chill of the locker room.

Danny stared at me, his brown eyes as big as saucers.

“What are you looking at?” I demanded. 

“Nothing,” he said quickly, but his eyelashes fluttered really fast, and his cheeks were flushed.

“Tell me!” I insisted, my voice going all high and whiny like Danny’s. I cleared my throat.

“Let’s just find our locker,” Danny mumbled.

“No dude! Not until you tell me what’s the matter!” Right then I felt a warm liquid splash onto my left foot, and I jumped back, startled.

“Eww, gross!” Danny shrieked shrilly. “You just peed!”

“No I didn’t!” I insisted just before the smell of urine assaulted my nostrils. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked down and saw yellow liquid streaming out of my willy and splattering onto the cement. The muscles in my crotch tried to clench, but they suddenly felt like they’d turned into warm jelly. Nothing I did could keep the pee inside my overflowing bladder.

“Stop peeing you sicko!” Danny yelled.

“I can’t!” I said, cackling and trying to spray him with the stream of piss. I guess I could have booked it for the urinal, but it was a little late for that. Already the flow of my urine was slowing. People were giving us a lot of dirty looks right about then. My hands were trembling, but I nonchalantly shook the last few drops of piss off my wiener. “Much better,” I said as calmly as possible. My voice was tight and unsteady like it wasn’t sure what octave it wanted to be in.

Danny wouldn’t meet my eyes. He looked like he wanted to vanish into thin air. The stench of urine surrounded us, and I was just about ready to vomit.

“This is really bad,” Danny said. His swimsuit had almost crept up to his pink nipples, but he seemed more concerned with the puddle of piss I’d just created on the floor.

“You think? We should call the cops or our moms or something.”

“My cell phone is in the locker with our clothes.” Danny’s eyes were riveted to the floor, but I saw them very quickly bounce up to check out my crotch and then flutter away again.

“Why are you checking out my wiener, man? That’s….holy cow!” I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it before, but my equipment was much, much smaller than it should have been.

“It’s just shrinkage,” I explained. “Because the locker room is so cold.”

Danny shrugged. “Uh-huh.” 

I stared down at my member, lying there like a tiny pink worm. “Look, let’s forget about my wiener for a second. We need to figure out what’s going on!” The sound of my own chipmunk-like voice made me wince. I tried to talk low and manly, but my vocal cords kept rebounding back into this high, squeaky, frankly girlish register. 

Suddenly it hit me. “Wait a second!” I said. “Look at your hair.”

Danny quizzically pulled a lock in front of his eyes and stared at it. “What’s wrong with my hair?”

“Isn’t it longer?” I asked. Danny’s black locks were always a bit wild and unkempt, but now they were lightly brushing the tops of his shoulders. 

Danny twirled a few strands around his finger absent-mindedly. “Maybe?” he said. “I dunno.”

“And what about this?” I said, grabbing the front of his swimsuit and yanking it up over his chest.

“Ouch!” he squeaked. “Wadya do that for?”

“Look,” I pointed at his groin where the swimsuit had pulled tight against him. The faint bulge of his genitals was barely visible. If anything, he looked like he had a bit of a camel-toe going on down there.

Danny turned a ruddy shade of red as he awkwardly adjusted the swimming suit so it wasn’t cutting into him. “That’s not very nice,” he said.

“Don’t you get it?” I asked him. “That crazy lifeguard is turning us into girls!”

Danny inhaled sharply and his eyelids started blinking really fast again. “That’s impossible,” he said, but he didn’t sound very sure.

“Listen to yourself!” I insisted. “Your voice sounds all girly.”

“But why would the lifeguard do that?”

“She must have heard us wishing to be in there with all those tits…”

“…And all that pussy,” Danny finished for me. He dropped heavily onto the bench behind us. “Poopy, what are we going to do?”

“Nothing!” I exclaimed. “This is perfect! Once we turn completely into girls, we can just walk right into the girl’s locker room. No one will even recognize us.”

“Are you crazy? I don’t wanna be a girl. Girls are dumb. We gotta make that stupid lifeguard change us back.”

“Let’s at least wait until we’ve been into the girl’s locker room!” I said, but Danny wasn’t listening to me. Before I could react, he jumped up and rushed straight for the exit.

“You’re going to ruin everything!” I shouted, making a mad dash after him.

Just as I was about to tear out into the fresh air, I realized something. My swimsuit was still laying on the floor back in the locker room! As I quickly as I could, I rushed back and threw the dumb thing on. It was bright pink now, and somewhere along the way pretty yellow butterflies had fluttered their way onto the fabric. I begrudgingly stretched the spandex straps over my shoulders. At least the damn swimsuit would cover my nipples. They seemed to be getting softer and daintier with each passing second. I rubbed them appraisingly. I couldn’t wait to get boobies!

By the time I burst out of the locker room, squinting at the brightness of the sun, I had almost given up hope of being able to stop Danny. He was going to ruin our chances of ever getting into the girl’s locker room! My eyes darted around the crowded pool in search of him or the lifeguard, but I couldn’t see any sign of either of them.

After what must have been 5 minutes of walking around the pool, I spotted Danny’s little head just barely poking out of the water. His long hair floated around him like the tentacles of a jellyfish, and he was splashing happily. He looked very much unlike someone who had been a 14-year-old boy less than an hour ago.

“Where’s that stupid lifeguard? And where did you get water wings?” I asked.

Danny looked dumbly at the colorful inflatable cuffs around his forearms. “These are mine,” he said finally. “And there’s a guy lifeguard now. I dun think the girl one is here.” He splashed water in my direction. “Come play with me!”

“Okay!” I said happily and did a cannonball into the water. If the lifeguard wasn’t here, there was no one to stop us from completely transforming into girls and waltzing right into the girl’s locker room like we owned the place. That dumb lifeguard probably thought she was punishing us, but I couldn’t stop smiling!

I was a little worried about Danni to be honest. She was acting weirder and weirder, making little motorboat noises with her lips and spinning around in circles. 

“Danni, stop acting silly!” I told her, but she just splashed water in my face.

“Hey!” I shouted and splashed her back. Just like that we were both splashing each other as hard as we could. Torrents of cool water arced through the air and soaked our long hair. I turned around and grabbed the edge of the pool so I could kick water in Danni’s direction. We were both giggling so much and making such a ruckus that we didn’t notice that the guy lifeguard was shouting for us to stop. It wasn’t until he blew his high, piercing whistle that we looked up and saw him looming over us with a frown on his face. He was really big and tall, and he kind of scared me a little.

“Settle down!” he said, staring straight at me. I looked at Danni. She had stopped splashing and was fidgeting nervously.

“Okay?” he prompted.

“Yeah okay,” I said softly, unable to meet his gaze. That seemed to satisfy him and he walked back to his lifeguard tower thingy.  I paddled over to Danny.

“He’s a poopoohead,” I whispered in her ear, and stuck my tongue out at him when his back was turned. We both giggled because we were making fun of him, and he didn’t know.

We whispered naughty things about the lifeguard to each other for a while, but that got old pretty fast. The pool was kind of deep, and my arms were getting tired from treading water. I sort of wished I had water wings too, but I didn’t tell Danni that.

“Let’s go to the shallow end.” I suggested.

“Okay,” Danni said. We paddled across the pool until our feet touched the bottom. The water was warmer here, and it felt so good to let myself drop below the surface, my long hair floating lazily around me. I stayed down there for a while in the quietness, holding my breath for as long as I possibly could. My lungs were burning before I decided to crash up into the crisp air. Sparking water cascaded off my body and the sun shone warmly on my smooth skin.

“Steph,” Danni was saying. “Look, there’s Katie.” I pulled my hair back out of my face, and saw that sure enough, Katie and her ever-present group of friends was strolling by us. They were leaving I guess. The sun was starting to go down and the pool was clearing out.

“Do you think we’re going to get boobies that big?” Danni asked, looking up at the undersides of Katie’s gazongas with subdued awe.

“Maybe,” I said. “My mom has really big boobies, so I might grow big ones too.

“Do my boobies look bigger to you?” she asked hopefully, thrusting her little chest out.


Her eyelids started fluttering really fast. “Something’s wrong,” she said finally.

“Duh! We’re turning into girls!”
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