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by enoudhay

Chapter 1

Hi. My name isn't important here. What i'm about to write is the story of how my curiosity leads me to several of my bests sexual experiences.


Mainly, I could say that I'm a straight boy. Always loved women, the skin, the body shapes, attitudes, sexiness. I'll be delighted to marry my future wife, and love her for the rest of my days. 

At the same time, I've always had some kind of kinky desires. The oldest one is probably my diaper fetish. I always loved the delicate sensation of the diapers, warm and cosy. Wetting or messing diapers is an absolute sensation of freedom and lust at the same time. Over the years, I think that what really make me horny is the sensation of fatality, be unable to resist to something stronger than my body. Pee or poop desperation had been the first to give me those kind of sensations.

But lately, I discover others kinks that could provide me the same thrills and huge amount of lust.

One thing leading to another, diapers are frequently associated with sissies. I'm not really into adult baby side, most diaper llover, but, with an open mind, I decide to search a little more about this sissy fantasy. And god, there is something to do with that...


It all began with some shemale porn, the "surprise, you didn't thought I had a dick" kind, because it was very close to the sensation of fatality and unexpected pleasure I like. 
Time after time, shemale and diapers began to make me horny for sissy porn. Plus, I was in some websites like abkingdom or other things like that and, if it's very difficult to meet some ABDL girls there, it's crowded by men. 

Some of them came to talk, and, like, I'm an open-minded guy, it's always good to share thoughts or things with others!

One of them, after some little talks, told me he was openly gay. No problem with that, I just had to tell him that I was not, but we could still be friends and maybe discover each others, diapered or not. We were living in the same city, easy to meet up, and we have some things in common. Kinks included ;)

We agreed that we could meet at a bar, take a beer or somthing, and we finally decided to go diapered. That was really exciting for me because I usually don't go outside diapered, nor meet up a gay diapered stranger. I was starting to feel tingly.

The meet up was very nice and funny. And we drank really, really too much beers. For our diapered butts, that wasn't a problem at first, our bladder quickly release a warm and arousing amount of pee. But we really drank too much. And it was no time to start to leak. I had the good idea to take a long sweat to hide any problem like that, but it was no longer possible to drink the next beer, because it would have been a total mess in public.

Since the bar wasn't too far from my flat, we decided to go there, in order to change our leaking wet diapers. On the way home, we were quite drunk, and I felt, a couple of times, his hand touching my leaking diapered butt. With so much alcohol in my blurry mind, that was making me really horny. I couldn't think straight, to be honest, but I really didn't care, that was a great evening so far, I was having much fun.

In the staircase, we were so drunk that it was hard to not miss a stair and fall. Helping ourselves with walls, we managed to get to my door. Now I had to open it and, God, that wasn't an easy job. Alcohol, first, but mostly his hands. He was still trying to lands his hands on me, trying to make it unnoticeable. I could feel that he was very aroused by the situation and I couldn't disagree with him.


Finally I've been able to open the damn door and we enter my flat. We took place on my sofa, picking a new beer in my fridge and continue our discussion a couple of minutes. 
Then I asked him if he wanted to get a fresh diaper. We agreed that we could change our diapers and he proposed, with a lucious smile, that we should change eachother.

Excited but quite nervous, my blurry head accepted that proposition and I took two fresh diapers in my wardrobe. I felt tingles with every move I was making : taking of his jeans, pulling off his pants, admiring his overloaded diaper which wasn't really good at hiding a very huge boner.

I surprised myself when I heard in my head : God, this thing looks so big and delicious.

I was no longer asking me if this was good or bad, gay or not, I was living the moment and savouring the overwhelming lust that I was feeling right now. 

He sat on my sofa an decide to take charge of the next minutes. I saw his hands grabbing mine, and ground it just on the boner that he was rising. My mind blanked for a second, a rush of ecstasy struck my body and I was totally hypnotized by his hands, his flooding diaper and most of all, his huge cock waiting under.

He made me softly rub his cock, from the top to the base, pressing the diaper (and making it leaked), with the sexiest moan of pleasure I had heard from a men. 

It was too much for me and my aroused mind. I decided to open his diaper, which dropped on the floor with a great splash. That moment when I had his cock just about one inch of my head was delicious. 

I was really nervous and excited at the same time. But I had to do it. I had to test it, try it, discover it, lick it. Suck it. Pure ecstasy was flooding in my veins, making my cock pulse so hard in my fully wet diaper.

He didn't let me that much of time to suck his cock, because he had something else in mind. It was my time to be undressed, to be naked in front of a nearly stranger, with the taste of his cock in my slutty mouth.

He went quickly on mine and started to tease it with so much experience. That was fucking frustating, I only had one desire at this moment, that he will eat it totally, give me the best blowjob I ever had in my life, making me cum like never.

But he didn't. He just kissed it a several times, lick it just enough to make me mad, then he stopped. I was at his mercy, and I couldn't think straight. I didn't know what we were doing, but I didn't care, I just wanted to feel more and more arousal. 

Then, in a surprisingly fast and strong move, he took my waist, lift me up until I was on my feet, pressed his strong hand against my throat and whispered me : "I think we're ready to spice up things".

I didn't know what he meant, I was between the shock of the move and the excitment of the situation. I was kinda paralysed by my lust. I was waiting him, waiting his next move. 
He took his bag he had carried all the evening and provoked another shock in me. 

He took some clothes out of his bag and threw them at me. I didn't know what I was supposed to do. When I looked at it, I recognized a frilly pair of panty and socket, pantyhose, bra and a wig. I was so confused and horny at the same time.

"Before I put you in a new fresh diaper, I think you should try thoses. Quickly"

Did he had planned this from the start?! Why would he--... no time to think. He made me sit myself and started to dress me. Petrified I let him made me into a sissy gurl. My cock was thrilled by pulses. 
Then, he didn't let me time to breath. Quickly I was pushed on my back and he was rising my legs in the air. I just had time to understand that he wanted to fuck me. I was afraid, things were going way to fast. But at the same time, I was totally dominated, and I was starting to feel thoses sensations I crave for; fatality, unexpected pleasure. 

He pressed his cock on my butt. Delicate but with a clear intention. Soon, he popped it in and my mind blanked. It only took several seconds for my hard cock to start dripping cum. I was in heaven, high, aroused, with a sored ass that he kept pounding for several minutes. I came twice more, just by feeling his long and thick cock throbbing inside my ass. 

That was one of the best night I had in many years. He made me discover my sissy inner side and my bicuriosity. 

I'm into girls, but this experience gave me a new fetish in my live that I'm glad to assume. In sexuality, you could be everything, at anytime. Sometimes straight, sometimes gay, sometimes dominant, sometimes sissy. This is this bliss of liberty that I'll cherish all my life.


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