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by Raziken

Chapter 1

this story is from the perspective of an anthropomorphic blaziken character. oviposition, growth, gender TF, denial, breast growth, and non con is much of what you'll see. turn back if any of these in extremes will disturb you. Also the format is messed up and I'm too tired to fix it. I just needed it out there. 




After a long day of chores, Raze approaches his apartment door to the sight of his mail box stuffed with a parcel. the wide paper letter seems to have been mistakenly sized to fit, but the person in charge of delivery just didnt want to head downstairs again to put it with the other packages. Raze scuffs and pulls it out. its an odd shape, feeling like a rubbery tool of some sort. With a flourish of his keys and a swift turn, he is let inside to grab the rest of the mail. a few things. junk as usual. and now onto the package. Setting the paper items aside he helps himself to ripping it at the top. the tear goes diagonally and the item inside flies out! a black shape and a bag around it, is just a blur as it tosses to the far end of the table and slides off onto the opposite seat. With a groan, he sits up and goes around to the other chair and picks it up. What happens next, catches him completely by surprise. he sees a black butt plug, and a blue capsule, with a paper back. Turning it, - he has it out of the bag, a glass of water at his side. wait. when did he do that? In a confused panic he stands up and - sits down on the rubbery plug, lubed with his copius licking. the water is gone from the glass, his clothes folded nicely on the table. he's naked! where is the capsule?! Raze rushes to stand up, only, his legs don't move. His cock however, stands at attention. His arms struggle to push - the send button on his message reading “i've been a good girl master!” to an unknown number. He is shaking. worried about the gaps in his memory. the phone buzzes. “mhmm! stay put! and tune it aaaaall out.” He closes his eyes tight. and when he opens them again, his phone is on the table, fading out from being idle. there's a lot more on it now! Tapping the screen to refresh it, he reads on. “master, my clit is pulsing!” “its okay, it'll be like you wanted it! did you take the pill?” “yes i did! and 5 cups of water like you said!” “good girl. you know what to do until the pill starts working.” “no cumming, no moving, just enjoy your gift!” Raze reads to that end. no reply yet. he feels nauceous. he is being refered to as a good girl, and aparently he is consenting this! he goes to type and finds that his thumbs can't touch the screen. a tingle in his crotch directs his attention... now what?! his eyes look down to where his 8 inch, generously thick cock is - was. he panicks and reaches down to touch. its there, just.. very small, and more vertically stretched across the region. his balls are gone, but they feel pent up. He can feel the tingle get worse. he wants to grab it, but he can't! with the tip of his fingers he can feel the strange sensation of his crotch inverting! his index finger moves to the top of it, and starts fiddling with some skin there. “thank you master!” comes out as a moan. in his head he was going to shout something in panic! why did he say that?! He goes to get up again, but the tingle in his crotch moves up into him. then, it branches off up to his chest. his nipples become hard, and hurt quite a lot! the dull ache becomes a heavy pain before he sees why. his pecs swell outwards and fill out into small perky breasts. “master, this is amazing!” he- now she, moans. her hand still rubbing her new clit. her other hand moves to her breasts to knead one and gently caress it as it swells out. Her mind is still in panic. her body feels like it is being tugged on in certain places. her stomach is turning still, she tilts - her head in the mirror. the phone is on the counter, and more messages are displayed. but her eyes are on the fully female body reflected back. her eyes glued to the bombshell she has become. Her nipples still ache, breasts swollen to at least double E cups. they're huge! Her body shakes and stares it over. she can still feel the plug inside her. The focus is brought back out by a ping on her phone. she reads what was next. “how is it?” “it's soooo good! my clit feels amazing!” “i have to admit. your fantasy turned me on so much that i just had to custom make it for you.” “i can't wait until it all kicks in!” “oh don't worry. it won't stop once it does. this is your life now!” She starts to panick, but also, her pussy pulses and her hand moves to cup it. Her fingers find their way in on their own! she isn't controlling her hands! the other moves up to weigh a breast and fondle it. “master is so kind!” she says aloud, shaking her head a bit to shake it off! thats not what she meant to say! Another ping occurs. “when you read thi-” her vision is suddenly looking at her front door. She is still naked! she grabs the door handle to get back in, but she is locked out! no matter what, her door won't open back up! pure panic sets in here! “no no no!” her words come out as her own for once.. that's a nice change! “master wanted me at the park!” her vision blurs again as she realizes her words chose their own path yet again. her view is of the elevator! she's almost to the bottom floor! oh no! the ding chimes and - the bright light of the sunny outdoors cascades down on her body, the sunset lighting is beautiful, but her mind is in chaos. Why is she in public?! going to turn around, she gets nervous and steps off the path to a bush. her stomach feels odd. her hand moves to it. maybe she ate all of her food at home or something? she feels full! Her hand rubs her stomach. it feels like its swelling! but unlike her breasts, this is a tighter, more firm swelling! her vision blurs, as she genuinely faints. a dark purple sight takes over as her brain shuts down to calm back down. upon waking however, she is on her feet again, walking. her right hand holdsthe underside of her swollen belly. looking down, it's already swollen to full term! “master wanted to see my first eggs and i fell asleep like a bad pet...” she says, mind rejecting what is being said yet again. she is approaching where couples feed the ducks at the pond! no. she has to stop. however, no matter how much she might wish it, her legs do not obey. her body moves on it's own. her breathing doesn't even feel like her own! “master forgive me!” she whines. her mind screaming stop, unable to cry in panic! her vision blurs again, however, and the next sight she sees is a few scattered people looking on in shock! she is still moving quickly, breasts bouncing and showing their weight. they've been growing! her stomach has as well! just how big is it all going to get?! her wet pussy can feel the breeze, shaking the leaves above and making her hair flow to the side. that's when it truly kicks in. The hand at her stomach moves down and her legs stop, the sensation of something moving within her, an egg. it doesn't feel normal sized either! it feels like a whole smaller melon. her wrist feels it first through her skin above the pubic mound. the protrusion is large, but not nearly how it feels inside. a loud moan escapes her as the shell moves down to her finger tips. however, that's where it stops! her fingers push it back in the slightest amount, and she begins waddling forth. her face is pure pleasured bliss. despite what her mind wants, it does feel good! and as she proceeds, it rubs her walls as she walks. The trip is as pleasurable as it is embarassing. people offer help or ask what she is doing. she just waddles forth, holding that egg from escaping. Unfortunately, it gets worse for her mind, riding passenger during this. A second egg slides down, slowly, grinding her walls again. she can feel it at her wrist now, but it makes contact with the first, the rough edges brought together. This proves to torture her even more now! the rough grinding on each step makes their hard surfaces vibrate little by little. Another moan escapes her, higher in tone, her face is painted with how lost she is in her pleasure. Her entire body is on fire with pleasure and lust. her right hand soaked in her lubricant, dripping to the concrete path and her thighs. the pleasure is a dull ache, driving her into a haze as she continues. her vision focuses. another time lapse? her stomach shifts side to side. heavily swaying her wide gait. her tits swollen nearly to watermelons. the nipples ache again, but not quite like before. a few people are recording it on their phones. she wants to look, tell them to go away! but she just presses on. Her legs bring her to a white van, she knocks. “master, please!” she begs, and the door opens slightly. she climbs in, and is tossed to the floor as the door shuts. her body shifts and jiggles with all the weight. A groan leaves her as she looks up to see her master's face. “you attracted too much attention pet.” the wolf glares down at her, people banging on the doors. he is kneeling over her. “sleep.” her vision goes blurry and dark. upon waking, she feels a hard sensation around her hips. she is on her right side, pinning her arm under her head. her left moves to her hip, feeling a tough metal around her hips. her eyes spring open, looking down. her perky watermelon tits obscure most vision, but her hand moves up to feel her stomach. it's as big as a large truck tire! and not just a street type. the ones that are thick and meant for mudding! She squirms and looks around, struggling to get up. the eggs in her pussy are backed up and stuck against the metal device around her hips. It's some kind of chastity device! “freeze pet.” the male voice commands, and she falls to her side, limp. “i had to switch my plates and shake off some strangers because of you. so enjoy that chastity belt. it's the last thing you'll ever wear.” he says with a bite to his words. he sounds mad. “i'm so-” “silence.” he interrupts and her mouth closes as if it has nothing to say. her original mind is still watching from the passenger seat. the wolf sighs. “its hard to be mad at you. you make my cock so hard with all those mods you came up with.. im sorry that you still have that pesky voice in your head. you can forget his name.” her mind wanders. her true mind, the one before all this... she forgot her own name in all this.. how..? was it that comand? “i suppose you'll always have a friend watching you be a good egg laying birdy.” that last word, birdy, hikes her arousal, and brings her nearly to orgasm, but it never comes. “you can move again. but i need you to suck my cock. it's a long ride back home. and i've saved for this.” he says, and she shimmies over to the missing passenger seat. when she gets there, she can see it. 18 inches of knotted wolf cock, pulsing up against his chest. “now.” her legs and arms work to upright her on her stomach, leaning forward and grabbing it. her tip toes still push forth to hold herself up. her beak opens to welcome the thick shaft, licking along it to guide, then swallow it down. this new version of her, seems to know how to please a cock like this! her tongue glides up and down, flicks the tip, sliding the length along the roof of her beak, and using her avian tongue to press against it to simulate a hole. the wolf gasps, groaning already. his body shaking only after a few minutes. “oh its been nearly a day since i emptied... you'll love my cum.” he says with breathily moans. she rolls forward a bit, holding herself by her hands on his cock. her beak slides down on it, taking it nearly to the knot. his reaction is powerful, his right hand holds her head down as he releases his warm load of cum into her throat. she has no choice but to swallow while this deep. she just relaxes and takes it. eventually they both let go and she rolls back to her toes while the cum oozes from the tip. “ooohhh fuck... enjoy that heat..now get in back and freeze.” he commands. her struggling against the huge stomach continues. once there, she slides against the wall and her limbs go floppy, leaving her sitting against the driver side wall. she is left to think, two minds getting to know one another as her pussy tingles. her fluids kick up in production, her body is going into heat! “please. stop all this. this is MY body!” the old mind protests. “no. it is master's. he granted our wish! and we can leave that bad life behind! be thankful!” the new mind speaks with authority. “i didn't wish for anything!” “i came buckets thinking about it. you just don't remember because you're not the real me.” “no! IVE lived my life until now! i still have memories of everything!” “then what's your name?” the silence between them begins. the old mind crippled by this fact. they don't have a name. what role do they really play? what even led to all this...? her body screams to be mated, limp as she produces more eggs against the wall here. eventually taking up most of the van with her breasts and stomach. the road trip goes for a few hours, before the wolf decides to take care of the pressing issue growing in his van


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