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Vgs pt2

by vx45

Chapter 1

One day while Amber just finishing mow the front yard with the riding lawn mower (big front yard), she noticed the most peculiar rock with moss on it, when she picked it up is started to glow in her hand. 

Amber: What an odd looking stone and the moss on it is glowing strangely, is this a rare species, man why didn't I pay attention in Life Science class in the ninth grade. TT^TT

While she was sulking her dad told her to do the backyard and then she would be done with it, so she put the mossy stone in her pocket and went to do the back. After she was done she went inside the house and took her pokewalker, ipod, and the mysterious mossy stone out of her pocket and put on her nightstand. After cleaning up, she started to look at the stone again and this time it glowed even brighter, while it was glowing Amber accidentally dropped the stone on her carpeted floor. When the glowing stop, she noticed that her body began to shift and change, her hands became paws and changed to tree bark brown, her ears began to grow longer and she sprouted a tail. Before she could notice even more changes she started to feel dizzy she quickly climbed up onto her bed before she could knock out. While she was she trying to fight knocking out she noticed she stared to have a muzzle instead of a nose, and then her world went black. When she woke up minutes later, she wasn't in her house anymore.

Amber: Oh boy, Toto I don't think I'm in Tennessee anymore. 

While walking about she saw bumped into a Flareon that suddenly was curious about her. While it was looking at her she noticed a Jolteon and Umbreon come out of nowhere to be curious about their new arrival.

Jixa: Flare leave the poor girl alone she's frighten enough as it is without a fire type being nosey about her.

Flare: Sorry, but it's just that I never seen a Leafeon before, she's my first one, I just need to meet a Glaceon then my life will be complete. ^^

Bolt: Man, for a Flareon you are odd Flare.

Jinxa: Hey bolt do you think she can get that Vaporeon to talk?

Bolt: Yeah she probably could, Eric has more luck than his little sister Glacia.

Jinxa: (walks up beside her) Alright new girl listen to us, we want you to try to get the mysterious Vaporeon to talk, a Espeon named Eric can but we can't. So here's what you have to do, since it's almost mating season you have to get that Vapreon to talk so we can find him a perfect mate.

Amber: You want me to do what now? 0_0

Jinxa: Trust me when I saw this girlie you can do it.

Minutes later after the mischievous Umbreon known as Jinxa got Amber the Leafeon ready, she had a flower crown on her head and was feeling very stupid.

Amber: I feel stupid

Jinxa: Don't worry you can handle this. 

When Amber found the Vaporeon, he was sitting by the river, when she got close to him, she noticed his stare and blushing. Before she can even speak, a strange source of psychic energy came over Amber's mind and she felt like the Vaporeon's eyes were hypnotizing her. When the Vaporeon came close to her, he just smiled when he saw that this now psychic hypnotized Leafeon was now his slave to do with as he pleased.

pseudorider: Thanks for doing that for me Eric, too bad you can't do that to Jinxa, I would have a laugh about that.

Eric: Don't worry Pseu I know a way to do that, but for now, you and that girl have fun okay?

Pseudorider: Alright, let's go my pet

Amber: Yes master as you command.

This is a hypnotic induction file, with post hypnotic suggestions. Reading this file over time will give you a trigger you can use at any time you like, whenever you want to feel more obedient...

If you'd like to, feel free to preview the file, get comfortable with it, and once you've decided you want to be entranced, you've taken the first step into being hypnotized.

Settle yourself comfortably into your chair, or lie down on a bed, do what you need to do to be comfortable. We will now begin.

Get comfortable and relaxed. It doesn't matter if your sitting, standing or even lyng down, whatever makes you feel most comfortable. As you keep reading this , you may begin to find yourself growing more and more relaxed.

Maybe you even feel more relaxed already. A slight tingling feeling, or just a feeling of comfort.

Just keep reading my words and as you do, you may find that it is becoming so easy to relax. Each word seems so relaxing to read, and you may find that the more you read, the more relaxed and comfortable you feel.

You may start to feel your worries and your stress just slipping away as you read my words. 

It can be so relaxing to let go of those worries. You don't need to think about anything stressful, it is so much easier to just sit back and relax.

Continue to read my words, let them take you deeper and deeper, closer and closer to trance.


Nice deep and relaxed now. You don't need to make any effort, this deep relaxing feeling comes so naturally to you. It can feel so good to you as you simply relax more with each word you read and gradually fall deeper, closer to trance.

You might feel yourself going deeper, and then deeper still. Maybe you can feel that trance getting closer. 

You can feel yourself enjoying slipping away, and falling deepercan slip away. There's no need to think, it's much easier to relax and go deeper. 

Even deeper.

A little deeper..... and you can feel so relaxed. So wonderful.

You find yourself relaxing more and more, maybe feeling a little more complacent, a little more open to suggestion. You can just keep feeling more and more relaxed.


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