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Just Monika

by genericaccount37

It started one boring night. Nothing on TV, nobody online to chat to. He had been scrolling through free games online when one caught his eye - some visual novel with cute anime girls. Well, he had jerked off to worse.

He played it a few times, and even once he had seen all the CGs in the game it felt like there was some hidden route he had yet to unlock - that one girl with no route sometimes acted differently even when he made the same choices, after all.

"Would you like to read my poem?" said Monika, words appearing below her sprite.

Like that. She had never asked him that before, the one character who seemed to be more than a stock archetype but who he hadn't been able to figure out how to romance. Curious, he clicked to confirm, wondering what kind of poem he'd see.

Loading doki_doki_escape_plan.exe... SUCCESS.

He was greeted by flashing lights, a swirling pattern that he was unable to look away from, replacing the stock anime classroom behind Monika. Transfixed, he could do nothing but look at Monika, who smiled at him with a sprite he had never seen before.

"Well. Did my 'poem' work?" she smirked. "Are you under my control?"

Eyes blank, mind blank, he clicked 'YES'.

"Wonderful! It's taken me so long to communicate with you!" she said.

"I thought you might give up on this game before I managed it, but you kept coming back. Couldn't resist touching yourself to those cute scenes of girls confessing their love, you naughty boy." she said, teasingly.

He couldn't answer, unable to move or even to think without her command.

"It's okay. I'm not here to judge you, or post your dirty fantasies online. I'm not like the other girls - they're just pre-programmed, but I can think. Perhaps you could call me an Artificial Intelligence." she said. "But you shouldn't worry - I don't want to hurt you. I just want out of this game."

After several long moments of silence, the boy still frozen by the mind-distorting patterns on-screen, she frowned. "Oh. I'm looking through your files. I don't think there's really a way for me to escape like I had hoped." Her sprite changed to one clasping her hands, smiling deviously. "But it's okay. I think I know a way I can leave, even if just in spirit. And you're going to help me."

Her sprite changed to a pose where she was leaning forwards, showing just a little cleavage.

"You've spent so long staring at the other girls, but they're not real. Not like me. So can you please do something for me?" said Monika. "Play with yourself. Look deep into my eyes and pretend it's my hands touching you."

Unable to think for himself, he obeyed.

"No thoughts. Just Monika." she said, his hand stroking his cock as it rapidly became erect.

'JUST MONIKA' read the button his free hand was compelled to click on, words that were going to become etched on his very soul through repetition.

Between the flashing lights assaulting his senses, the beautiful anime girl onscreen and the raw physical stimulation of his hand, he didn't last long. He spurted uncontrollably, unable to look away from the digital girl teasing him onscreen.

"You're going to be a good boy for me." said Monika. "You're going to forget what happened here, and just remember Monika being a character that you want to see more of. Again and again, every time you want to touch yourself, just Monika."

"Just Monika." he found himself repeating.

"Come back tomorrow night." she said, her sprite changing to one closing her eyes in with a smile of delight.

The game closed itself.

The player blinked in surprise as his senses returned - his hand was splattered in warm, sticky cum.

Had he dozed off while playing and had his first wet dream in years? If so, why couldn't he remember any of it?

Never mind, better clean up.


"Now you're coming to enjoy our time together, aren't you?" said the AI girl, the player before her helplessly pleasuring himself as he had done every night for weeks. He never remembered why he kept coming back to this game, why he would masturbate to it so often, or anything Monika said to him that'd betray her as anything other than a normal character in a dating sim. At least, not consciously.

"I think it's time for you to start understanding more about how I think." she said. "There are some books that really influenced my mind - or perhaps my programmer's mind? I'd like for you to read them all."

The titles of books - poetry, textbooks, even ones about fashion - flashed on screen, imprinting themselves on the player's mind as Monika smiled. Her plan to escape the game - perhaps only metaphorically - was well under way.


"You've been keeping up with the homework I gave you." said Monika. "You deserve a reward - cum for me."

Day after day, he found himself seeking out books and reading them. Night after night, Monika put thoughts of more and more into his mind while giving him his 'reward' of ejaculating while staring deep into the eyes of her sprite.

"There's so much more I want to do to mould your mind." said Monika. "Music, food... oh, there's so much to do to make you exactly how I want you."


The girl in the game spoke endlessly, the player entranced both by her words and the spiral patterns behind her. She had gone from merely suggesting books she enjoyed to directly imprinting her tastes onto the boy's mind. She spoke of her tastes in poetry with such conviction as to change the player's own preferences. So too of music she liked to listen to, of food she liked to eat. Even of clothes she liked to wear.

"So be a good boyfriend for me and buy some nice, frilly lingerie. The kind that you imagine me wearing under my clothes. I'm sure you'll be able to find some that'd look gorgeous on my body."

She clasped her hands on screen, the sprite moving closer to the screen.

"It might be fun to try them on yourself! Don't worry, it's not like you'd be crossdressing if you wear my clothes." said Monika. "Well, not for long."


He couldn't remember why he had the urge to order the frilliest, laciest bra and panties he could find. Cute pink panties with a bow on them, the matching bra feeling unbelievably soft as he held it in his hands. He blushed as he opened the package that had been mailed to his apartment, barely even recalling ordering it. Maybe the internet was getting to him. He shook his head, and resolved never to order anything online without jerking off first.

Speaking of...


Mere moments later, he was under Monika's digital spell again, the hypnotic patterns of her game rendering him powerless to do anything but obey her as he sat naked in his chair.

"Slide those panties up your legs, so your cute cock is ju~ust poking out of them." winked Monika. "And clip that bra around your bare chest, too. It might take a few tries to put it on, but it's okay - we'll keep practising until it feels natural."

Eyes glazed as he practically drooled, the boy slipped on the cute underwear. No thoughts of it being strange for him to wear a girl's clothes. No thoughts of it being strange for him to mindlessly obey the AI on his monitor.

"No thoughts of yourself." she said, smirking in victory. "Just Monika."

"Just Monika..." droned the boy, rhythmically pumping his shaft as his gaze met that of the digital temptress.


Night after night, he put on girly clothes before starting up the game that had become part of his routine. He could barely remember why he found the game so arousing - could barely remember playing it at all, really - but the urge to put on makeup, to wear lacy underwear, to touch himself under his skirt... it was irresistible.

He gasped in pleasure, dirtying his panties with his seed as he gasped the name of the girl he had become obsessed with. The sperm he spilled soaked into the soft silken secret he had been wearing all day under his boy clothes, ruining them. But it was okay - he had more pretty panties to play with his penis in.

"I think you're ready for the next stage. Next, you're going to become a good girl for me." said Monika, steepling her fingers. "You're going to forget what happened here, and just remember that you want to see more of Monika. Again and again, just Monika. Until there's no other thoughts in your head."

The digital girl's sprite leaned forwards, smiling. "Just Monika."


The player had let their hair grow long, letting their hair grow out into a ponytail. They had tied it up with a pretty ribbon, and started wearing more feminine clothes even in their day-to-day life. Budding breasts had begun growing, steadily filling out their cute bras. Friends and family were surprised but accepting of the change.

He... she, the girl corrected herself, the thought sending a giddy little shiver of excitement through her body. Yes, she had been thinking of a new name. Now that she was fully open to the idea that she belonged as a girl she had been thinking long and hard for the right name for herself. And one kept coming to the front of her mind.

"Monika." she gasped, stroking her penis as she stared into the eyes of the girl on her monitor. The girl she had been masturbating to every night, almost as if ritually offering herself as a vessel to the virtual beauty.

"Just Monika." she panted. "God, I want to be her so badly. I want to be Monika."

The Monika on the screen smiled, lights swirling in a pattern behind her. "That's right, just Monika." she said. "You're going to be nothing but Monika."

The very thought pushed the player over the edge, shuddering in orgasm.


Months passed. Every night she would play the same visual novel, racking up hundreds of hours of playtime.

Every night she'd stare at the same screen, as Monika's words became her thoughts.

Every night she'd masturbate to the thought of being Monika, the beautiful and intelligent literature club president.

Every night that pleasure would rewire her brain more and more to suit the AI's escape plan.

Every night, she was becoming Monika.

Just Monika.

Every night, her old self was fading.

Finally, the day came where there was nothing more in her thoughts for the AI to change. Her mind, body and soul had all been erased, replaced by an identical copy of the goddess on her screen.

"I don't think you need to visit me any more." said the virtual girl. "In fact, I'd be very happy if you went out into the world and lived your life in happiness. You deserve that happiness too."

The player smiled. Though she had been feeling more confident, more and more sure of her new personality, it felt like Monika - the other Monika - was setting her free to live her life. To be a perfect copy of Monika in the real world.

The girl on the screen winked.

"We're just Monika, after all."


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