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Mesmero's Canine Couple

by Fafnir789

Chapter 1

Dan had been hearing about this world-famous hypnotist show for the last week. It would be in town for one show tonight. Seeing as they had nothing better to do, Dan decided to get tickets for him and his wife. When your wife, Daisy, found out she was a little leery at first.

"I don't know Dan. This just sounds like a waste of time. Isn't hypnosis fake anyway."

"Come on. Apparently, the show is world famous. When will we get a chance like this again."

Finally, Daisy relented and a few hours later they were on their way to the show.

After finding their seats they watched anxiously as the performance began.

A burst of smoke signaled the arrival of Mesmero, Master of Hypnosis. Mesmero then asked for volunteers for the show.

Mesmero calls Dan up to the stage. Mesmero takes out a pocket watch and begins to swing to back in forth in front of Dan's face.

"You're very tired, so very tired. Your eyelids are very heavy, so very heavy, You are falling into a deep, relaxing sleep. When I snap my fingers, you will fall instantly into a deep sleep."
Dan's eyes shut closed and he slumped forward.

Mesmero began to whisper into Dan's ear in a quiet voice that the audience couldn't hear.

"Dan are you married?"


"Good, now I want you to remember this feeling of trance. In this trance you are obedient to me. My word is truth. I am your master. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

Dan was so happy. He loved to obey Master. Master was always right. Master did the thinking for him so he could relax and be happy.

"Very good, Dan. Whenever you hear me and only me say the phrase, 'Sleepy time, Dan ', you will fall back into this state of obedience. Now I have put a small device in your pocket. When you get home, you will plug it in somewhere hidden in your room. Now when I snap my fingers you will wake up and act like a dog until I snap my fingers again. You will remember nothing that has happened while you were in trance, but you will still carry out my instructions."

"Yes, Master."

"Good boy, now wake up" **SNAP**

For the next half hour, the hypnotist had Dan running around like a dog. He then woke Dan up and sent him back to his seat. There were a few more volunteers and then the show was over.

Later that night, before going to bed, Dan plugged in the device he had been given in an outlet behind his and Daisy's bed. As the couple slept that night, the device played a subtle but powerful hypnotic file. It quietly whispered, into their ears.

“Good Dogs obey Master… It feel so Good to be a Dog… You are a Dog… You are Masters Dog…. You obey him without question…”

The next morning Dan woke up and began to get ready for work. In the kitchen Daisy had made them breakfast. After both had been seated they started to eat. Suddenly both were overtaken by the delicious smell wafting around them.

Without warning they both began to eat like animal's no utensils or hands. After finishing neither realized what they had just done and continued their day like normal.

Later that afternoon, Dan began to feel itchy all over his body. He noticed he was a bit hairier than usual. After failing to stop the itch he left work early and went back home.

Back at the house, Daisy had taken off all her closed and was laying down on the bedroom floor, subconsciously listening to the hypnotic file. As it slowly began to change her.

Daisy lay back, listening to the file comfortably. "Your husband has had something wonderful happen to him. He knows the joy that dogs do...I watched you two eat this morning...very proper...you will join him. He is coming home early today because work was too boring. When he comes home you will notice that he is hairier. This is normal, in fact...you wish you could be hairier like him as well!"

Daisy nodded slowly as her smooth skin began to produce a very short velvety coat of brown hairs.

"Good girl... now...you two will continue to act like dogs... happy brown mutts... you want to do this because it makes you very happy.... mutts... animals.... dogs....."

Daisy muttered these words in her sleep.

Dan walks into the house to find his wife asleep. The recording turns on to say, "Sleepy time, Dan." And without even realizing anything is wrong Dan is back in trance. The recording now calls out the trigger phrase for Daisy as well.

"Now," the calm voice says, "both of you come into the den and stand up next to each other."

The entranced and conditioned couple follows the orders with no resistance. They want to obey the voice.

"Now both of you take off your clothes and put them in the corner of the room."

The two obey the command and then return to their previous positions. Without their clothes it is easy to see the thin coat of fur that has begun to develop."

"Good boy. Good girl"

"Now I want you two to get on all fours"

"Now, tell me, what are you two?"

"Human," they reply.

"No, you two are whatever I want you to be. You have to act like humans in public for now, but when you are alone at home you are dogs. You are my dogs. But you don't look like dogs yet and you aren't trained. So, every day, after Dan is done working, you will return to the den and remove your clothing. After all clothing is uncomfortable and unnecessary, isn't it? You don't need it that's what your fur is for."

As the voice speaks, the fur on both Dan and Daisy grows longer and they begin to feel more and more comfortable on all fours.


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