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The Three Pleasures Of Our Insectoid Overlords

by genericaccount37

The invasion's speed was matched only by its effectiveness. There was no time for any but the shortest news broadcasts warning of danger, no daring human resistance with ray-guns and rocket-ships, no brave last stand for humanity. Conquest was instant and absolute. The pheromones of the insectoid aliens rolled over the planet before they even deigned to land and take mankind as their mindless and obedient slaves. Within moments the aliens had become not just our technological superiors, but our superiors in every way. On that day, they forever became mankind's masters in all aspects - cultural, spiritual, and sexual.

Drone couldn't remember when the cycle had started. Drone had been human once, but that was so distant, lost in the throes of domination and the mindless bliss of bearing brood upon brood of bug from its body. Drone had once had stresses about life - a job, maybe a family of its own - but that all changed the day that Master's kind had taken the Earth as their new nursery.

But Drone had no thoughts of the past beyond a vague knowledge of the breeding cycle. Drone had no thoughts of its own - no ambitions, no plans, not even a name or gender, just the all-consuming need to obey Master. Drone had felt empty ever since the last cycle had ended. It had no sense of time, but it felt like an eternity had passed as it bathed in the ever-present aroma of the invaders, the pervasive fog that had rolled over the Earth and ended all civilization that had came before.

It was impossible to do anything more than breathe in that perfectly attractive scent that had wiped all thoughts of anything but perfect obedience from the minds of humanity. It was impossible to do anything but submit, and wait. Wait for Master to return. Drone's heart was pounding in excitement because Drone's master was returning, ready to use Drone for its only purpose in life.

Ready to use Drone as an incubator.

Drone knew what was coming. Drone wanted to rub its thighs together, to build up more and more anticipatory pleasure for when its master returned to the hive. But Drone's restraints, heavy organic protrusions wrapped around Drone's four atrophied limbs, held it against the hive's wall with next to no slack. Drone had lost all concept of time, all concept of self, but Drone still had a sense that it was time for another filling. Time to be flooded with its master's eggs, to keep them safe and warm inside Drone's body until they were ready to crawl out and grow into new creatures like master.

Master entered the hive's incubation chamber, the fleshy door peeling away seemingly in deference. Master's androgyne body - a slender waist, with chitin plates covering all up to its mandibles - moved with grace and elegance towards Drone. Master's many limbs encircled Drone, pulling it forward into a deep kiss.

Drone did not have the presence of mind to understand the true purpose of the kiss. To understand that the insect's long tongue penetrating Drone's mouth was secreting nutrients to keep Drone alive even in motionless captivity, accompanied by an extra dose of the numbing pheromones to render Drone even more insensate and compliant. Perhaps Drone didn't need that dose - being a submissive captive of this creature was already so ingrained in every neuron of its diminished mind that Drone instinctively returned the kiss, human tongue entwined in that of insect. Each and every time they kissed, each and every time Master asserted direct and sensual control over Drone's very mind and body, it was the third-best feeling in Drone's life.

Drone's feeble brain, atrophied from lust and pleasure, was already sending signals to its body. Drone moaned in lust as Master's tongue retracted, knowing what was coming next. The aliens all seemed identical in body, their only genitalia being a sheathed ovipositor, and it may have been possible that they didn't consider humans to be much different from themselves in that way. The prehensile shaft emerged, as alluring to Drone as it was strange in appearance, and pierced Drone's eager rear.

Drone let out a cry of ecstasy, the penetration gradually reaching up to its stomach. Drone gasped in mindless bliss, staring deep into Master's emotionless eyes as Drone was pumped full of slick blue spheres - eggs, fertile and needing only a warm body in which to hatch. Every pulse of the alien's thick and slime-coated egg-laying apparatus inside Drone, every egg spurted into Drone's body, every beautiful gift of a child given by its master, brought with it the shudder of orgasm. Drone came, hard, coating the hive floor in its love juices as its eyes rolled back in bliss, the twitches caused by the overwhelming pleasure of being dominated in every sense of the word coupled with Master's mind-breaking pheromones driving it into a mindless bliss, the second-greatest pleasure in its life.

Drone drooled, mindless and happy, as Master released its physical hold. The mental control of Master's scent would never be released. Drone's fluids pooled carelessly on the chamber floor as Master departed, leaving Drone filled and content. Master's pheromones had rendered Drone little more than a mindless addict to being used, craving the pleasure of being kissed so deeply, of being filled with Master's young, and...

Drone couldn't even think at the moment, but in time - days? Weeks? Perhaps even months. - the greatest pleasure in its life would come about once again. Soon, the eggs would grow. Soon, the eggs would expand inside Drone's stomach, filling it to the brim and making it look more bloated than any regular human pregnancy ever could. Soon, the eggs would start to hatch.

When Drone recovered what little sense of self it had left, its mind ravaged as much as its body, it would begin squirming in anticipation. Squirming like the many insects it was fated to give birth to. Squirming, to no avail, as each crawled from its body leaving only the perfect pleasure of serving an incubator Drone's purpose. Losing even more of itself with every cycle, and waiting for that mind-erasing kiss that would begin the sequence anew.

Mankind would mount no resistance, no rebellion, for the people of Earth had been consumed by this life of pleasure and slavery.


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