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Hypno Trigger Family

by carl9853

Chapter 1

I often watched erotic hypnosis videos, I found it exciting and started fantasized about the fact that we use them

on me .

One day my father discovered that I looked but did not tell me about it, he discovered the secret file that I kept

on my computer with all my hypnotic triggers.

One afternoon when I was alone with my father in the living room, we fell asleep because I wanted a new one.

telephone, the tone quickly rose.

-You won't buy yourself a new phone! Said my father

-But I need it!

-I do not care

- Fuck you asshole!

-Oh, you're going to change your attitude believe me

-What are you going to do ?

- "Spank Time" * Snap *

In two seconds I turned around I leaned forward and I dropped my pants and my pants.

Leaving my bare cu exposed to my father, I understood then that my father had found my secret file is that by

therefore he knew my triggers.

-I will not correct you but you will "Spank" * Snap *

I put a big spanking right in the left buttock which made me scream in pain.


My father continued to make me spank for 15 min is stopped.

-I gave your triggers to your mother, she will come see you tonight she a surprise for you.

I left the lounge the red buttocks is painful after all the spanking that I had inflicted on myself.



My brother was in boarding school so I was alone at home with my parents.

The meal was rather quiet apart from some inappropriate look from my mother, the evening after getting out of the shower

my mother entered my room.

-Hello my dear, I have a gift for you.

-ah good I say suspiciously, what is it?

- "Spank Time" * snap *

I got up from my bed grabbed my pants and lowered it to my knees.

-Too sweet, said my mother, my father and I thought that since we now have total control over you the best

things would make you more obedient.

My mother out of a small bag, an anal plug and a pink cotton panties of a woman, I was afraid my I was excited.

-There is no lubricant, say I have my mother.

-No, I'm going to use your mouth.

Is without the slightest time my mother shoved the plug in the back of my mouth is bluntly shoved it deep into my

anus still tight.

I screamed in pain as the plug was so cold.

- As for the panties ... said my mother, put on there!

-No I refuse it is a woman's panties I will not put on her.

-Is that so ? "Dirty Talk" * snap *

-My cock is very hard because of the big plug I have in my bullet hole, I just want to put on these pants

of dirty woman I am a big slut.

Shocked by what I had just said I put my hand over my mouth.

-Well you see when you want, go put on there!

I took the pants in my hands, took off my pants and put on the pants.

-You're so sexy with her, actually the last thing I didn't tell you with your plug.

My mother took out a remote control is pressed on a button suddenly the plug started to vibrate in my buttocks.

From today it will be like her every night.


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