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Master tries out a new trigger on his pet

by tulsi

Master tries out a new trigger on his pet

All my life, I had a fantasy of being controlled and taken. I would lie awake late at night, fingers exploring my body, imagining someone unseen and unknown brainwashing me. That when I came, it would sap the last of my energy and I would surrender my will. Of course, the longer I fought to hold off my impending orgams, the harder I eventually came. Nothing turned me on more than this fantasy, but I felt so wrong and dirty for thinking like this. Good girls didn't fantasize about being slaves! Oh, if only my younger self realized just what lengths good girls would go to do just that.

When I was on my own for the first time, I found a site of erotica. I am a passionate reader, and lost myself in the stories for hours. I stumbled upon an erotic meditation, using hypnosis to bring an orgasm while giving wonderful feelings of relaxation. I was shocked. Something existed for what I dreamt of? I wasn't alone? Before I knew it I was downloading files, talking on forums, learning everything I could. Few files worked, to my frustration. I wanted it so badly! I was consumed, even losing a boyfriend when I confessed my fetish. I recovered from that quickly, after all, the boy never liked that I was bisexual anyway.

I finally found a confusion file that worked wonders. Triggers given worked, I rarely remembered files, and I began to cum from commands alone. It was beyond my wildest dreams, and I couldn't get enough. I worked with several hypnotists online to deepen the effects, and grew to be a very responsive good girl. I wanted more, thou

My next boyfriend was turned on by my fetish, and quickly tied it into his own love of bondage and having a Pet. I swear, I would go into trance just looking at him, I was so eager to please. We discovered by accident that the barest of touches of fingertips down my face, over my eyelids, all the way to my chin, sent me straight into a nice deep trance. Sometimes I remembered what happened while under for him. Sometimes it was but a dream.

We were on his bed, fooling around, when he did his trick with his magic fingers. The feather light touch gave me a thrill of pleasure as I felt myself slip away for my Master. I came back into awareness naked, ontop of him, poised over his cock. The grin he wore made my heart skip a beat and I wasted no time in pleasing him. I no longer came on my own, even if I had wanted to, so I loved to focus on making him moan. I started with my mouth, licking and teasing his shaft, my pussy dripping wet.

Suddenly, he whispered, "Grow, my pet." I was shocked to feel a cock slide slowly inside me, growing larger with every moment, filling me. I gasped, knowing there was nothing there, no toy, no real cock. Just the sensation of one thrusting in me now. I stared into his smiling eyes, pleasure and shock on my face. "Good girl. Now Stay." The phantom cock stopped growing, but continued to pound away. I tried my best to concentrate on my original mission, moaning freely as I bobbed my head on his true cock.

He must have given me these new triggers earlier, I thought. How creative! I smiled inside, so thankful that I had a Master who understood what I craved most. I could hardly stand the sensations, my pussy dripping and my hips grinding anything I could reach. He was so close now, I could feel it. Maybe he'd let me cum too, but this felt so good that I didn't care either way. So many times before Master had left me horny, on the edge of orgasm, not allowed to cum. I had grown to love that.

Master lifted my head from his cock and I recognized the begining of one of his phrases that sent me down deep, then there was nothing for who knows how long. I woke on my knees, my large ass high in the air and legs spread wide. My phantom cock was still thrusting away, and I gasped as I realized Master had worked his cock inside my ass. He knew I found that part uncomfortable, and I was touched by him letting me skip that part, so to speak. One of his strong hands found a breast, pinching the nipple hard. The other sought out my clit, teasing it slowly. My senses were overloaded by the pleasure! Master in my tight ass, phantom cock sliding in and out, clit, nipples....I was sure I would explode, but of course I wouldn't. Not until told. Not until given the sweet release.

My soft moans and wimpers mixed with his grunts as I was taken, happier than I had ever been. My body was shaking from the intensity when Master leaned down and bit hard into the soft skin where my neck and shoulder meet. I couldn't restrain my scream, my body going rigid under his.

His voice growled in my ear, "Pet needs to cum, doesn't she?"

Somehow I managed a whimpered yes.

"Who do you belong to?"

I moaned and whispered "You, Master."

"Good girl, my petl" HIs words made my body quiver with pleasure.

Master twisted my nipple harder and bit my earlobe, pausing only long enough to utter the words I longed to hear.

"Cum, now. Cum NOW, hard for Master."

Oh, the feelings! I rode wave after wave of pleasure as I came, shaking violently with the strength of it. I was vaugely aware of Master's orgasam, the feeling of pride at pleasing him giving my pleasure a boost.


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